According to rumors, Assassin’s Creed Red and Hexe are the two largest Ubisoft investments in the history of the company

Assassin’s Creed is one of the most famous franchises in the gaming industry. Covering the 13 main games, it was sold by a circulation of more than 200 million copies, and recently, in the game Mirage, it returned to the origins of the franchise.

To create a new part, worthy of such an extensive series, Ubisoft was reported, planned large investments. According to Jorraptor, Assassin’s Creed Red and Hexe are preparing for large -scale events, since these are the largest Ubisoft investments today.

Assassin’s Creed Red and Assassin’s Creed Hexe are two "The largest investments", which Ubisoft has ever made a company’s single-user games.

Since the Japanese setting suggested for so long, the developers seem to treat him with great attention and respect.

Recently, games such as Ghost of Tsushima installed a high bar for games based in Japan, increasing expectations. Although Ubisoft decided late to go to Japan, this decision can lead to the creation of the best game.

The series is also criticized for the fact that recently it has become a little safe and template, so that the studio can count on a serious evolution in the following two games, and in this case, larger investments make sense.

Assassin’s Creed Red action will take place in feudal Japan with two main characters: a samurai man and a shinobi woman. Ubisoft believes that the game will become the largest blockbuster of 2024, which further increases expectations.

However, Hexe can become the game that will take the industry storm. Little is known about her, but it is declared as the most gloomy game in the history of Assassin’s Creed, the action of which unfolds in the era of witch hunting in Europe of the 16th century. This game should follow Codename Red in two years as the next major project

I hope not empty.

After so many conveyor grindiles and the company’s exchange rate only for profit, not quality, I strongly doubt.

Every year fans of Jubisoft to hope for something, not tired? After all, they are cursed with each of their new project

This is all very cool (even from the first game in 2007, I’m waiting for a part about the adventure of the Assassins in Japan), but there are three very important ones – at least for me – the question:
1. Will there be a game in the style of the first games and Mirage or it will be ala Origins/Odyssey/Valhalla or something between (although I slightly imagine what the third option might look like)?
2. Will both heroes participate in the plot (and, accordingly, will we be free between them to switch/play part for one, then part for the other, etc.D.) or it will be the second Odyssey when they let the floor will be chosen, and the second hero will become either a partner or an enemy in the plot? And then, already in the next part, it suddenly suddenly turns out that "canon" – This is someone definite?
3. Will there be attractive heroine, and not so much externally as internally? Or we will get the next pumped gorilla with a square jaw and obscene jokes Ala Cassandra, which in the Japanese setting will look very embarrassing?

And so, in general, on the one hand, waiting is very high. All the same, what, but the anniversaries can delve into the archives and transmit life/architecture of that time. At the same time, I doubt that they will get a game even at the level of Ghost of Tsushima, not to mention something better, because they would not talk about there about "Reloading" And "Return to the roots", It’s easy to take and take a breakthrough – especially in relation to yourself – such a large and reward corporation is unlikely to be able, at least instantly. But if there is at least "Fine" (at least better than the same Walgall), then personally I will already be a minimum of glad and then I will definitely buy the game. But, again, you need to wait for at least the first trailer to try to draw at least some conclusions.

This is their last chance of survival, we believe in the best!

You yourself came up with survival?

1. Here’s what Ubisoft themselves wrote about the game (translation):

Assassin’s CREED CODENAME Red is developed by Ubisoft Quebec (creators of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and Assassin’s Creed Syndicate) led by Jonathan Dumont Creative Director. The game is the following stage of the evolution of Assassin’s Creed as an RPG with an open world and give players the long -awaited setting of feudal Japan.

2. According to the authoritative insider Tom Henderson, both protagonists will participate in the plot. Switching will probably be implemented as in the syndicate.

3. It all depends on the scriptwriters.

T.e poor sales Avatar, Mirage (compared to Valhalla), reduction of studios, they don’t tell you anything ? If their projects like star wars and a new assassin will not shoot, then what is your outcome for them?

They have intermediate sunglasses, like a mirage, horns and libertis have never fired, because the budget for them, including advertising. The studio has some problems, but in general, there are especially no reason for experiences, and the avatar was generally most likely ordered by allocating funds

She hasn’t returned anywhere, don’t go.

Well, I hope that there will be no worse than the past. With all sorts of bright ones and fairs.

Camon, these are anniversary, or even worse, or stupidly resin, the third is not given.

These will be the two largest jerks in the open world, with a million ? on the map

So that the points of interest are twice as much: D

I am waiting for this very

I like the unity and the other dachshund

Mirage, well, it will go if the plot would be better

The best asasin is the first

Excuse me, but where is it the best? Maybe in the absence of an adequate plot? Or in the same tasks? Or maybe in an empty world where there is nothing to do at all. As for me, the first part of the series is more likely techno -drama – a demonstration of the possibilities of that time, no more.

P.S. Despite the fact that the first part was passed more than once – I do not consider it worthy even to the top 3 among the games of the series.

I agree with you, the 1st part she, as a demonstration of opportunities, was what we can, but the 2nd part and additions to it I personally consider the best in the series, there only one music pulled half the game

Yes, this is heard before each new part! There was no such scale yet, there was no such plot and variations yet, and blah blah blah blah. Yes, nothing will be better than the original trilogy, Black Fle and Unity. The rest, the garbage dump, which has nothing to do with Assassin Creed.

This is, formally, the assassin ended with UNITI, the rest only indirectly has to do, especially the last trilogy, starting with the origins, which could show an interesting history of education and the formation of the Order of the invisible, but they could not.

And as usual, English voice acts will not be distorted.

Who is now surprised by this? Given the current technologies, even raw AI is already good, 10 years ago they would have been waiting for years, and if you have an overseas language at least at an average level, it will be still better

Investment in feces

Feudal Japan? 🤔🤗 If the new part will transmit the atmosphere of the legendary secero, then for me it will become the game of the year👍 Yesterday a mirage passed. Four game. The ending of something pumped up. Hoping for a more dramatic denouement in the final of the Mirage.

Goders, you are not tired of burying a series that lives longer than you🤦

Red is the last attempt, if it fails, then everything, the anniversary will cease to exist

yeah, it will be much more interesting to see how much the engine was pumped compared to Valgalla, whether the animations of everyone and everything will be very distinguished, and the animations of the persons in the cats are the same, or we will again observe the terrible wooden animations of persons and movements, this is above all.

Sincerely? Therefore, there will be a Negro Samurai or Sinobi?

The campaign then the game will not have at all

We will see with the release of the game)

xs Valgalla went perfectly. maybe, of course, after the god of war, it is so warm in it)))

Hit? Avvanposts? Grind of incredibly useless things?

will release the turkey as a new prince who is not about the prince

This is good news, I hope after this failure they will sell

So they want to sell for a long time. Just buying happiness with 16 thousand employees of suckers. Even the Saudis did not want.

Eh, I would like a shinobi male. and samurau-muzhik))
Okay, you can also be black)))

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