Alan Wake 2 developers talked about problems when working with Xbox Series S

The release of Alan Wake 2 for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X / S is quickly approaching, and before launch the director of public relations Remedy Thomas Pukha talked with the IGN about what to expect from a performance mode at a speed of 60 frames per second, as well as about restrictions imposed specifically series S.

As for Series S, Pooh explained that there are two main problems that the developers face the console: a smaller volume of the graphic processor and memory compared to Xbox Series X.

“The processor has almost the same as in Series X in Series X, there is no particular difference. But the problem with the graphic processor. And then, the lack of memory is a rather big problem. They tell us, “Hey, you make computer games, you know how to optimize them?”. Well, the memory on the PC is not a problem “

Pooh further emphasized that it is much easier to optimize the Alan Wake 2 for PC (partly because the team has a lot of experience in this), but Remedy nevertheless made great efforts to guarantee that Alan Wake 2 would work well for Xbox Series S:

“It is obvious that there is a huge difference in power [between Xbox Series X and Series S], so optimizing the PC is much easier because of memory-and this does not mean that there is one super-PC and one weaker PC, there are about 300 PC configurations, and believe me, this is a huge problem, but we released a lot of games for PC, so that we have things to do a little better ”.

“We worked very hard to ensure that Series S worked at a stable frequency of 30 frames per second and try to maintain good visual quality, but if you want to see the game in the best form in the full form of the next generation, it would be better to do it on the device, which is hardware that allows you to do it “.

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“It is obvious that there is a huge difference in power [between Xbox Series X and Series S], therefore optimize on a PC is much easier because of memory-and this does not mean that there is one super-PC and one weaker PC, exists about 300 PC configurations, And believe me, this is a huge problem, but we released a lot of games for PC, so that we have things to do a little better. “.

And the type of vidihu has the same memory of the same volume and the proofs are the same too, both in frequency and other characteristics?! If it’s easier, what then constantly complain in recent years of optimization on a PC?!

anyway..same monk..In any way, somewhere something yes. Lost in a hurry for news.

Because the games are made primarily for pinegos, and therefore they are already porting to the PC, often not even the developers themselves, but the left studios are for cheap, which is why it turns out that it happened, especially in the latest releases, where the last pinegos barely 30 frames in 2k are issued With a wretched graphics and inconspes, all platforms are patched then immediately!

In fact, the Tsevo PC is a processor from intel or from AMD and video card from HB, AMD and intel. I think in reality no one is testing on many PCs. In fact, it is enough to optimize the appropriate on the top PC to know that some settings do not contain errors and monitor the monitoring of the recording of the game so that it does not go beyond the boundaries of the equipment, however, you can get something like a fading butman. Therefore, it would be nice to make sure that the game works minimally on the minimum setup for minimal system requirements.
Well, there are different approaches. Now, for example, there has been a problem of compilation of the shaaders, which I do not know how it is on the console because there is also a long way to be something like a graphic driver. but if it works on the principle of setting the firmware, then it may not be such a problem, then there is no.
In any case, the pitch in theory can solve the problem with its pitch with muscles if the compilation can work asynchronously and in principle, it will justify the processors under 24-48 nuclei in Peck because not all game logic and physics can be drummy into many flows and then so the occupation would be at Protzk. True, due to the fact that the percentage of the dynamic can throw it in an explosive heat and it will switch to a low frequency that will be accompanied by sneakers and all sorts of fences of the FPS

Apparently, as you wrote, the developers now have a basic config and the middle ground, this is top -end iron. For now there are so many configurations that the rods are already going on and are not bothering over the balance.

In the same PS5, a separate processor is generally engaged in compilation of shadeers, that is, not vidyuha and not central percentage. How all this is done on Huan. I don’t know.. On my computer as I understand it..Everything was hanged on the central processor?!

Yes, it was time already, the same calculations of physics in games to completely throw from the central mud to Vidyuhu, as it was before. Otherwise the central procedure will go crazy from the loads of the extra

Somehow I suppose)

I would also like a physicist on a graphic processor, although now I would probably no longer want to do the trace of tracing over. Physics is just that I understand it is poorly scaled for multi -flowers. Only some individual things without mutual and feedback, if in this case, the physics of particles has already been postponed by the GPU. still the physics of hair and fabric, but with this there are some problems.
And so, ideally, the navigation of ways for AI and the AI ​​itself at the GPU Pek-Pek
But for AI, in fact, it is probably better some kind of approach as in MMO games only so that the bots are taken over some virtual machines and so that neither every time is worked out regardless of the update of the game itself. If the processors are very multi -core, then you can plant on each nucleus on each nucleus and they will run independently and try to build a route and break the player
Somehow I suppose)

Beautiful reflections, but jars with often are tightly nailed to the table and chairs as concrete, armored glasses, etc.P. and t.D.. There is already something to anyone: to whom rays with reflections are classical, and to whom physics is at least like in a halfe 2nd. Tin. We still admire physics from the game, almost 20 years ago.

Meanwhile, one local monster was excited for me that everything is fine with the SS, but the switch (under which no one makes the game, but only spoils, and then, if there is nothing to do) – the scourge of the game industry!Well – good luck and continue to carry this nonsense and praise this stub from small ones;)

Well, nafig, they generally released this Series Ass?! She is like a crutch for developers. If you are such a homeless person, well, don’t play, buy yourself to eat and a little bed on what to sleep.

First of all, cheapness and accessibility. So here the problem is not in the console, but the lack of the necessary experience with the developers. The same Starfield, even on X-version, works with the subsidence of the personnel.

To compete with Sonya, INENEDEN. like the Virgin console to take and her park is very large.

Clear business that if there is little memory there is essentially almost so under another console to make a game if the goal is to squeeze out all the possibilities from the pitch and the senior console. So it can seriously slow down the industry.
Although I think that you can close the potato mode for Series S if the memory is common there. there are data that cannot be compressed about textures can be compressed and even throw out the cards of the normals in fact in order to reduce the requirements by 6GB or how much it is necessary. All the same, this console was not bought for graphics will be something at the level of Hbox 360 only with good suction.

The main thing is that the atmosphere is not spoiled. So that it is to the edge looks like the style of the first part and is characteristic of the psychological image of the protagonist of the first part. As for graphony, let it not be thrust into the horror, but in shooters, RPGs, races, strategies. For Don Grafonia is not subject to Horror. There we need an atmosphere of sadness, fear, inevitability, anger, hope, but not RTX rays and clear textures, a maximum of detailed soft shadows that take their origins from Fear. Personally, I have enough graphony in life. You wake up, RTX rays illuminate your room, bake, go washing and flowing over detailed drops of water from your hands, carry out the physics of putting clothes at maximum settings of graphony. But in the morning, in reality, the FPS is low, about 30 frames and there is no smoothness, even breakfast is a kind of energy DLSS does not always help. And when you go out and go to work, you can buy a little beer to warm up your internal processor and the acceleration of your body apparatus on ultras begins, the FPS rises to 70-80 frames, you see beautiful exact shadows, tones of real gaming, a large amount of income who, just like you go about your business and all this in the world of graphonia happens, and when it starts rain, Don Grafonius will have mercy on you and direct additional wind effects to your world of real gaming to the canon of more and more sound effects diluted your internal needs for new gaming colors😇 For this is a baking empire of the Holy Grafonia!

Xbox itself is a problem for pine is in fact a squalor.

Streaming was already invented for these fools, and they are all as before, that they don’t have enough memory, pull the fools to you and not so much memory should have been invented, so that the problem with the lack of memory to solve, take so many bicycles, do not take any bicycles, do not I will continue to scream that I do not have enough memory)))

But it is possible in more detail that it was exactly what they came up with to expand 10 GB. General physical memory and a wretched video card of level 6600XT

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