ASGARD’s WRETH 2 will provide 60+ hours of high-budget VR explosion on Meta Quest devices this winter

After the announcement of Meta Quest 3 and other games, such as Vampire: The Masquarade – Justice, the last announcement of yesterday Meta Quest Gaming Showcase was Asgard’s Wrath 2.

The newly designed by Sanzar Games (the famous Sly Cooper franchise, Facebook was purchased three years ago to become part of the Oculus Studios), it is a direct continuation of the sensational action of 2019.

In ASGARD’s WRETH 2, the space guard (the main character) is busy pursuing the tricster god Loki in Egypt, where players will have to defeat the Egyptian gods, monsters and warriors to prevent Loki’s goals from unraveling the fabric of the universe.

Sanzaru is trying to create a large-scale three-dimensional action-RPG in VR. According to the representatives of the studio, only more than 60 hours will be required to pass the main campaign. In addition, there are various types of side content, such as temples and caves, as well as a separate mode called The Uncharted Rift. This mode, inspired by Rogue-Lite games, will check the player’s ability to survive as long as possible as a procedurally generated dungeons. All types of loot mined to Uncharted Rift can then be transferred to the main campaign. In the mode, there are also elements of asynchronous online multiplayer, allowing players to send their character to the aid of other players or to interfere with them. In any case, participating in the asynchronous network mode The Uncharted Rift, you will receive additional prey.

AI of enemies was also improved. According to Sanzar, they have the opportunity to cause reinforcement, and some enemies can also treat their allies or increase their damage.

Fights – this is not all in Asgard’s Wrath 2. The developers promise a huge world for research, filled with interesting NPCs that you can talk with, and side activities, such as craft, cooking, fishing and mini-games.

The game will be available for Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest Pro and Meta Quest 3 in the winter of 2023.