Belgian Embassy: Baldur’s Gate 3 sales in Steam exceeded 5 million copies

Even before the full exit of Baldur’s Gate 3, it became known that 2 2 early access was sold.5 million copies. Immediately after the release, the game became a major hit, but the new sales figures were not announced and yesterday the Belgian embassy in China reported that the total circulation of role -playing game, in Steam alone, exceeded 5.2 million copies.

According to this figure, it turns out that since the release, the game diverged with a circulation of 2.7 million copies. It should be noted that while Larian Studio has not given any comments about this information. So while this should be perceived as a kind of hearing.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is a large -scale role -playing game with the creators of the Divinity series: Original Sin. The game reached the PC on August 3 and turned out to be a big hit – players around the world praise it and developers. The version for PlayStation 5, meanwhile, is slightly delayed until September 6, and the versions for Xbox Series X and S are left without the release date (more about the delay of Baldur’s Gate 3 on Xbox here).

Glad for Larian, respect for such a game. As they say: "Good game good sales". And the game has no protection, a good game itself is sold.

I agree, I bought myself the game even a declux bought it), and the price of 2k is simply not really pleasing

During the pre -order, Deluxe would give

But who bought before the release received Deluxe.

Larias handsome) So you need to make games and not shove there a day))) Let’s continue to DLS in the Valley of Ice Winds))

Well, they gave everyone.

Update the calculation, +1 today from me, after 10h torrent Nosn, my internal parasite ordered to buy the game, I resisted as best I could and threw the cube of the inner toad, but a critical miss fell out

I can’t delve into. And step -by -step kills the gameplay. Well, purely for me

I’ll try to leave my review here (I rarely write about at all in the internet, I decided).

I also never loved the DND (there are such among friends, I have for the most part from this hobby for the most part), and Orijinal Sin Sin I went through – I didn’t go very much, the grind of the gloom of the dull, static parameters of the character like +5 to conviction. So the prepared player or fan of the series / genre cannot be called me.

In the BG3 there is no such jerk -shock with a shmot as in divinity + the narrative is magnificent.

The game is half dialogue, and here all the aspects of the absolute are erected – insanely high -quality Voice Acting from voice actors, excellent atmospheric music (honey in places, ominous in places very much), the characters of all the characters of the main ones are set, there are a lot of facials in the dialogs, the scene is set – well It is a pleasure in dialogues to participate and listen to them. In any case, in the original voice acting of the voice of the narrator and Astarion, this is candy, delight for the ears.

Add here the huge variability of the passage of most of the quests (well, that is, conditionally, you can force the quest reward from the Chelik without passing its quest, you can confuse some enemies to "suicide", deceive everyone around and t.D.) + The really great influence of your solutions \ way of passing quests on the general composition of the world (I found Shiny LEGA, decided to stifle – UPS, accidentally demolished half the location \\ The partner caught the uterine rabies in the quest and did the garbage – could not convince him – somewhere from -through your acts, a whole settlement with the NECCESS necessary for the plot died) and we get a very lively and responsive world, where it is nice to run and literally talk with every person he met.

A step -by -step fighter with cubes – yes, this is rather a tribute to the DNDSHIDS than a mass player, but surprisingly there was much more than a system from divinity. In DOS II, every 2 levets (and at the end each left -handed) should be shifted by the whole gear for each character, otherwise you are just anihilace mobs with dials. Here, there is no such stop on the dials, the Fights are more won by the mind, using the environment (like throwing heavy chandeliers or blocks on enemies), combining spells / attacks of team members, dialogues. You can steal his weapons in front of a fight from the boss and he will be kneaded with you naked with you)))

In general, the totality of variability, the living world and the beautiful in all aspects of the design of the design was fiercely bribed me.

! Yes, in the third act, the game is still cracking from bugs, but the guys work actively. If you start now and not play 8h per day, then until you get to the third act, then most likely there will be the first big patch where a lot of things are laying.
!! Yes, cubes are made a lot of random, but this only adds to the game of immersion. IMHO much more exciting is a system that increases your chances of success than a system from the divinity of the same "Well, I bit the belief on +5, now I can convince everyone to help me, yygygs". You still have a chance to crap with your conviction, it’s just scanty. But when this happens, it delivers real.
. The main thing is not to engage in such moments Sevskaming, just forget about him. It is clear that if you have unsuccessfully entered the file, then you should roll back 5 minutes ago and replay, but you should not twist the dialogs and decisions with saves – then the game does not lose its charm.