ChatGPT gave Blizzard a terrible advice on the following expansion of World of Warcraft

In a recent interview, Blizzard frankly joked about the possibility that the Chatgpt AI-Futt could help write or offer ideas for the next expansion of World of Warcraft. There is no need to say that Chatbot will not creatively manage future complements by World of Warcraft. Nevertheless, with the growth of the popularity of artificial intelligence, it does not seem stupid the question of whether the developers of games, such as Blizzard, are considered to be the possibility of using this technology to optimize some areas of creating content.

For those who are not familiar with ChatGPT and other similar programs, they can get a hint and give out a thoughtful text answer. The answers are created on the basis of a training model that uses text databases taken from the Internet, including electronic libraries of books, articles and even Wikipedia as the source material. ChatGPT is used "Fund by the remuneration", in which a person helps to debug answers, evaluating them in quality. However, it should be noted that ChatGPT and other chat bots with artificial intelligence, as you know, sometimes meet the actually incorrect information.

In an interview with the IGN, the director of the World of Warcraft, Ion Hazzikostas briefly spoke about funny interaction with ChatGPT. According to him, as soon as he first gained access to chatbot, he asked him a question related to work. He asked Bota what the next expansion of World of Warcraft should be. According to Hazzikostas, Chatgpt replied that the next extension should be "Return to Shadowlands".

Then he said that as a result, he feels that he had "Quite a good guarantee of employment", And that Chatgpt will not come to his work in the near future. The expansion of Shadowlands for World of Warcraft was criticized as one of the worst in MMO, which makes Hazzikostas the answer even more hilarious.

Although Hazzikostas makes fun of the growing popularity of chat bots, such as ChatGPT, he and Blizzard are obviously not alien to the use of AI in the development of games. He notes that some machine learning methods are used for "automation is really heavy, painful" artistic tasks. He mentions the adjustment of the helmets to the ears of the bloody elves and other similar tasks. This is a work that needs to be done, but Hazzikostas would prefer that the artists of World of Warcraft concentrate their time on other tasks.

The Blizzard team also does not evade the use of AI in the future. The Executive Producer of World of Warcraft Holly Longdale notes that "The evolution of AI, of course, will help us".