Ed Bun would not want to add “without blood” to Mortal Kombat 1

Do not expect Mortal Kombat 1 will restrain himself in terms of bloody cruelty, since the co -author of the ED Bun series is not sure that the game will be able to work in mode "Without blood". Buna’s comments sounded in response to the question of whether Mortal Kombat 1 could appear a mode for streamers, which will reduce the level of graphic violence and allow them not to worry about the fact that they may violate the conditions of the sites.

At Gamescom, Bun said that although he is not against such an idea, he also fears that she "deprive" Mortal Kombat is too much of what makes it special. He also said that he would not want this less cruel version of Mortal Kombat "The main performance" network games, because it would be pretty deceptive.

Suppose we have a mode in which all the blood is disabled or something else, or not fatalics, or something like that. Part of the identity of Mortal Kombat are just such things. And if you remove the whole layer, whether we really want this to be the main performance of the game on the Internet? This is not the whole presentation.

Bun hastened to add that the disconnection "decisive factor", And he is ready to consider such an opportunity. However, he would like to save "The spirit of the game", so that there is still a lot of cruelty in it.

This is not the first time that Mortal Kombat has to slow down. In the ports of original arcade games on home consoles, blood was sometimes cleaned or replaced by green. Fatals were also performed in a black and white version, and the regulators believed that this was enough to make them more acceptable. Of course, taking into account the graphics of the new generation, this is unlikely to be enough after so many years.

Given this, the only way out can be the complete removal of blood, as well as the disconnection. But even in this case "X -ray" The blows on which the bones are broken and deformed by inhuman ways will cause anxiety, so that this may not meet the conditions.

Nevertheless, Bun considers this idea, so that the striters can be lucky. Just do not expect that at the start the game will look like PG.