Fallout London will become a “cherry on the cake” for Fallout 4, studying on mistakes and disadvantages of the basic game

Fallout: London will correct and redo some aspects of the basic Fallout 4 that the players criticized to make the mod "Cherry on the cake" for Game.

Fallout: London is a large -scale modding project that will allow you to leave the Commonwealth and explore the ruins of the English capital. Work on it has been underway for several years, and the team standing behind it has repeatedly talked about interesting fractions and locations that will be presented in it.

In a recent interview, several members of the Modu team – project manager Dean "Prilladog" Carter and leading 2D artist Emily "Saffron-Rice" KAMP – talked about how Mod seeks to learn from some less popular aspects of Fallout 4 and offer their improvement. Adding some functions that people wanted to get, but did not receive in this game, Carter calls the mod "a kind of cherry on the Fallout 4 cake, unlike just to tear everything out with the root, and then do what we wanted".

Among the main changes are the refusal of the voice acting of the protagonist in favor of the soundless and the inclusion of more inspections of skills in conversations, which, undoubtedly, will appeal to fans of New Vegas and earlier games of the series. You can also expect a number of thinner, but very useful changes, such as the addition of animation from the NEher Modder, which will allow your character to climb the stairs and swim more realistic.

Carter also said that the team decided "a little more risk and do what people may not seem very interesting, but someone might like", When it comes to quests design, using freedom proposed by the lack of need to worry about restrictions, such as the peace of shareholders. Although the couple holds his tongue behind the teeth on the question of how it will affect Fallout: London, they still said that the couple of their favorite missions includes.

For example, Kemp spoke about the quest in which you have to solve a puzzle to open a bunker containing tips about the character "The man is a war", which seems to be inspired, at least partially, Harold from Fallout.

Meanwhile, Carter mentions a small funny quest that he developed using the mechanics of moving objects in the Creation Engine, paying tribute to the nameless quest Fallout New Vegas "The last chance for Esteban". Fortunately, this time, it seems, you will carry/move barrels, and not the remains of the deceased Ranger of the NKR.