Fans The Callisto Protocol call the final of the Final Transmission additions “The end of the franchise”

DLC The Callisto Protocol, The Final Transmission, already here, and the fans want it to be sent back.

More and more players get a new portion of content for The Callisto Protocol. Reviews from gameplay vary from "doesn’t matter" before "Fine", But it was the ending that made everyone get together in the collective issue "what it was, damn?"

Naturally, some spoilers will follow, so use this chance if you want to know all this yourself.

So, as soon as you finish fighting with a rather terrible uniform of Dr. Kaitlin Mahler, you can go through an extended sequence of scenes if you get a secret ending. Fans are still trying to understand what all this means, although the most accurate information is reduced to the fact that all DLC was a hallucination, and the main character, whom people hoped to see alive, are dead.

"I did not like that they left Cliffhenger, forcing me to rejoice that I could play for Jacob again in the future, and they just killed him, and not only killed him, but killed the most stupid way", – says one of the fans.

The other says: "The plot DLC The Callisto Protocol was frankly shameful. The same boring cycle of battle, the lack of music for most of it, an extremely predictable plot turn, two real katsets and a terrible ending, which is felt as a rejection of IP. It is sad to see how the game I was waiting for so ended in this way".

Sensation "abandonment" – A popular feeling among fans, and many are afraid that the Callisto Protocol is all over.

Even before DLC, his potential narrative became the subject of constant disputes. Speaking with MP1ST about The Final Transmission, Boss Striking Distance Glen Scofield said that "In terms of storytelling, we had a rather strong vision, but we definitely accepted the reviews of the players to our hearts".

He continues: "I do not want to disclose anything, but we made some bold solutions in the plot, which, I hope, will like the community. I look forward to players’ reviews when the game is launched".