Farewell video Phantom Liberty “Bad City, Bad People”

Fans decided to give away such a steep end history by releasing a fan farewell video dedicated to the events of Phantom Liberty.

The video was very sad, emphasizing the most important events of the game

"Bad city, bad people" – The name of the farewell video history "V". DLC Phantom Liberty was the first and last DLC for Cyberpunk 2077. Now a fat point in history has been set "V"

All the stench and hat to the magnificent cyberpunk come from those who could not be iron. Vaughn, Deus ex mamkin sofa is already lifted with might and main to the rank of religious, although at the time of the exit, they were watered with slop. And about what a non -optimized piece of feces was this sofa. 1070 did not export it in principle, I was able to play normally only on 3080ti, how many years have passed since the release? So with cyberpanm. The game is already cult, but will become a legend, when fully, all sections of the population will be able to play with all the rays and buns in it. There are no offense here, not everyone can afford iron on the floor of Lyama, so that in some kind of game there is a play there, albeit a worthy.

Everyone meets with panama, in good resolution =)

Again a show -off cards. On 3070 and RX6900 XT passed and the game does not make anything straight. Of course, it is not a dispute, of course, it is beautiful – but gameplay is the average luter -player militant about the formation with well, an extremely unrefined story about the formation of a guy of the opposing large corporation.

Very meager mindset to write like that!

If you could not notice that only after 3+ years, the super developers were able to bring the expected project of millions of fans to a fifth state, and only now after large changes and large patches, the game has become worthy and fully, namely, that the CD PR itself to everyone They promised!

Yes, he pretended to be on the console (PS4 and Xone) who they are and for the hell to make optimization for them, they do not have powerful iron!

I see you only a fraud, about who and what can afford from iron, about which one who has a powerful vidyuha and the processor, that well, even if you are generally optimized and the amount of content, the main thing is iron, the founding iron that could be, yes to put on the optimization as a whole to whom it is nada, and the fact that the game is a funny piece of govna and the absence of most of the content on the release this does not make the game not finished or bad, the main thing is powerful – powerful 💪 iron.

P.S – in general, at all to steam about optimization, why is it needed, why do a finished project at all, why to release what they promised, why release a polished project on the release, why strain if they are already ganging up, because it is – CD PR, why This is all, why if Bratyuni has a powerful 💪💪💪 iron.