For the PC version of The Last of US Part I, update 1.0.4 with improvement in graphics and performance

Naughty Dog and Iron Galaxy Studios, as promised, released a fresh update for the 3rd person of The Last of Us Part I. This update includes the optimization of the frequency of personnel, the accuracy of graphics and textures, correction of failures and much more. Developers will release additional improvements in the optimization of CPU, personnel frequency and accuracy of textures in the following patches.

  • The use of the processor and graphic processor throughout the game is optimized.
  • Improved texture accuracy and resolution with low and medium game settings.
  • The graphic accuracy in the pre -installation of the “low” graphics in the game, in particular, water surfaces no longer look black.
  • Fixed a failure that could arise during the construction of shaders.
  • Fixed a failure that could arise when going out to the main menu.
  • Fixed a failure that could occur at death after a fight.
  • Fixed a bug due to which players could wait longer at the first load.
  • Added the opportunity for players to simultaneously block and unlock performance statistics in the HUD menu (parameters > HUD).
  • The descriptions are added to the Graphic menu to better explain when some settings can affect others (parameters > Screen).
  • Added setting speed of streaming of texture (graphics > Texture settings).
  • Fixed a bug due to which the skill of rollers during a critical download could lead to a hanging of the game.
  • Fixed a bug due to which a warning about the loading of shaders did not appear when the game is restarted.
  • Updated a video memory strip for a more accurate display of the use of OS and applications.
  • Fixed a mistake due to which the reading tool from the screen read the values ​​for blocked settings, which could mean that the same blocked settings were active.
  • Fixed a mistake due to which aiming down when using the keyboard and mouse (KBM) could increase the sensitivity of the camera.
  • Improved processing of certain teams that assigned the same KBM key combination.
  • Fixed the Brazilian Portuguese, Croatian, Dutch, Finnish, French, Greek, Hungarian, Latin American Spanish, Spanish, Thai and traditional Chinese translation for several menu items.
  • [Super -fingered displays] Fixed the position of the pressure range for onions.
  • Fixed a failure that could occur on AMD processors with a binding limited to X3D nuclei.
  • Fixed a bug due to which textures could be displayed incorrectly on AMD graphic processors.
  • Fixed a mistake due to which the achievement of “this cannot be for nothing” did not work, despite receiving all other achievements.
  • Fixed the problem in Steam Deck, due to which the reset of the display settings on the default values ​​no longer turned on AMD FSR 2 (parameters > Display).

Well, how is it a sense?(Users of the 40th series and everything was fine before) – please do not disturb.

User 3090 Ti
The same lean, non -optimized x **** I was on the release.
Already the 7th reboot of the shaders in the account since the release)))

This is what I understand the comment on the case.

Even did not notice "Freshly cooled" Proce of workload of 80-90% damn..And I wanted 90%

On and how else? And this is despite the fact that I love the 1st part. Fuck knows how many times I went to the console. But this PC port is just a tryndets. Unopetemized piece of feces. And those who protect this – I refuse to understand such people. You were sold a frank piece of shit that you eat and smack, also on others who do not eat that they do not eat.
"Optimization" does not mean that I have to buy even more new iron because of one game. I have a computer literally everything, except for this non -optimized crap.
Take the recent failure of Cyberpunk 2077 – at that time I had 2080 Super.
I really was one of the lucky ones who were lucky to play without problems. Here is straight from the release, but I actually did not go to people who had problems, on the contrary, I tried to somehow help with problems. But then after the release of Patch 1.3 – I experienced all the bugs of which people reported. There was everything and t-puses, and random departures. Just all bugs.
Back to TLOU – whether bugs will correct in the near future? Don’t think. There are still work for a good half a year. And the reboot of the shaaders after each even small patches – already slightly, to put it mildly, z ****** o. From 4 hours "Played" I played only 30-40 minutes. The rest of the time loading the shaaders.

But what is there. Bezenny will yell that I have a weak computer, yeah. Three times.

Fuh. Sorry, buried.

Developers will release additional improvements in the optimization of CPU, personnel frequency and accuracy of textures in the following patches.-And the fuck, in general, was to release this update, if the most important thing is not again.They gathered to patry her all year, the creatures of the squint.

Yes, Sony’s company is mocking the bakers, she hates the PC platform that is not clear, it is necessary that everyone plays on PS5 and PS4, they are already shaman in full there that simple games will not be pulled soon, these are the real nervous trains of time and the bokings that the dosihpor cannot leave PS3 platform alone and they throw up an update on it, greedy people what can be done and cunning, they want the whole world to be at their feet

And as a result, everything will be and on the contrary with an apology

So how to play the game on the usual 6 -nuclear proceed of 5 years ago on patch 1.2. In general, it is clearly weaker than the fact that in PS5) but everything is fine, nothing slows down and does not fly out, there is not even a load above 90%. It feels like people did not launch the game)) or want to optimize maximum settings for iron levels PS4)))

Especially, so that we bought a game on sale for 300-400 lire

No – this is not Sonya. This is specifically noti DOG and their porters, the famous Kryvoruki – Iron Galaxy. I have FX 8320E (yes old, yes, I understand about systems) and the same weak GTX 1050TI and DDR3 opera only 12 gigs (well, and the pumping machine gun), but at the same time I played and God of War 2022 with normal FPS and on medium days Gone – 45-60 FPS. And also 1080p. But ANCH 4 and Last (who, moreover, also port with PS5, not PS4 (there would be no problems on my old pro -regser and vidyuha – transfer them PS4, not PS5, GOD and Days – as exactly from PS4) so with anch 4 – it was a arctic fox, I had a sound lag and a sweetie, ITP fries at all settings (at the lowest and with FSR even on performance), and sometimes the FPS was still 40-60, but sometimes 30-35 and below and even slideshow, and frizes of sound, and frieza pictures. At the same time, Ancha 4 has a miracle of the port with the PS5, for some reason it is indicated in the systems of as much as the fermented 3,200 (this is that we have Rysen 3,200 more than my old, but 8-feminine FX-8320E)? So that it is not Sonya, this is specifically noti and Iron Galaxi. Other ports of Sony can also play on old computers completely weak even normally. And in Anchy 4 is right, the percent does not pull (TC reset the settings did not save at the very indigenous), although the fermented baked milk is 3 – the starter is straighter than my 8 8 nuclei, well, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Porters are bad.

FPS fell, got worse than in the last patce of Hah, they let patches there every time only for the worse chtoli?!

Until I update, there are no textures on high problems, I would like +10-20 FPSA increase, but it is unlikely that it will be done. Almost already passed the game in 40-60 FPS for 1070

FPS fell by 3-5 frames, worked well on raising FPS and loading memory))

Developers will release additional improvements in the optimization of CPU, personnel frequency. So this patch is then then

And not why, it also flies away with the mistake of the driver, not to play. Well, her.

We are waiting for the next patch … You can relax until the summer

if it crashes, then there is not enough RAM

All these quality of the textures, the conflict of FPS – this is all garbage. Make it so that there were no fucking fries and stutter.

There are no frizes on the map with 12 GB.

Well, of course, there will be no frizes ** on 12 GB, but what if 4 GB of video memory?

Accept everything as it is, for this is the way!)

And what should I do with RX 570?

Change the card or accept the fact that you can’t play modern games normally. 4 GB has long been not relevant, now 8 on the verge and is more likely.

As it flew out with the driver’s mistake and flies away, the compilation of 2 hours was. The nightmare is complete and not the port, I delete it.

Once passed and enough, the plot checked more the game is not needed.

I hope porting to the PC of the new god of war will be given the same who portended the first part, and not these curvature.

Patch did not personally change anything with me, it still turns out.

I was just thinking to the bucket to transfer.

You already have a bucket, from the release at all the game did not fly out with me, passed calmly

So you decide, trough or bucket. YouTube does not fly out to anyone 🙂

The compilation of the shaaders should be completely removed, as in Horizon Zero Dawn.

yeah, my pato was so boomed that I started it on the huts

So she, at the first launch, occurs or removed with subsequent patches?

and then cry the youngster that the game lags or the textures are loaded before your eyes

Better let the textures load before the eyes than the way, as it is now, the compilation is not needed.

Callisto Real Protocol and Gotham schoolchildren have not taught you anything?

Hellenica is not quite happy yet.

Nothing, it will be soon)

And after each update, shaders are optimized for an hour. Well, they released a hat and not a game.

Reading people, it looks like everything is left as it is . Well, not surprising.

Each patch is a bunch of changes. And the processor in the game as fried by 70-80 percent, and continues to fry. The first point is especially surprising: the use of the processor and the graphic processor throughout the game is optimized. In what place? Nothing changed(

Many say that it has become worse – so I do not advise updating. I have left the game at 1.0.3 versions so far. I am waiting for an adequate patch, if any!

And I play on patches, although it was normal, well, since I downloaded a new version, I will not change it to a more new one, I will not!

Yeah, I have with this last underput 1.3 also in compilation the percent for an hour fried. So also fly out the beginning more often after this patch. That there these crookedly donkeys were at all not clear) well, well, I only had laughter through tears. And now this 1.4 will not change anything radically sure. The curve and weak optimization is certainly unlikely to change.

Well, it depends on which processor. some loads up to 100% and some less than 50%

Nothing lays down to me, does not fly out, only a couple of freezes sometimes + 1 freezing in 20 hours of game.
Computer (3060 RTX + Ryzen 5 5600) 16GB RAM
Minimum FPS 40 (at Loka with rain at night)
Average 60-80 (on the ultra FHD settings)
Shaders at the first launch loaded in 30 minutes without departures and after playing