Gollum bought for 29 rubles was taken from Steam users

On June 8, on the official website of The Lord of the Rings: Gollum PC version of the game for Steam instead of 2900 rubles, it was temporarily worth 29 rubles, later the error was corrected. Some users took advantage of this and purchased the novelty key from Daedalic Entertainment.

However, today, June 9, thus activated copies of Gollum were seized from accounts. Such a step caused indignation among users – they began to leave negative comments in reviews.

At the time of writing, the Lord of the Rings: Gollum in Steam has 284 reviews, of which 35% are positive.

And no need for free

Neighing, guano was seized from the shits, we went to erupt Call into reviews)

This game should be worth it.

Well, instead of raising online and the number of sales, the guys decided to stay with nothing. Apparently, they are quite happy with the user assessment and daily online at 50 players. = D

29 rubles The most fair price for such a game level 2003.

In general, normal companies if the error on their part does not select anything, but people did not bought keys and officials, buyers have every right to swear.

Well, duck bought Zano, they returned the money, but no two -faced ones ran to buy those mistakes and took advantage of the Baguisers with unknown bugs, take and buy now when the mistake is already strange

For errors you have to pay. They just plunged their reputation even more in Gomno! They would not have lost anything .If they left this feces to the few that they managed to buy, but for a small money they would at least slightly cleanse their reputation and honor, but they have nothing of this!

Said from passing this misunderstanding..

They themselves deliberately bought the game for 29 rubles

And the outfits deliberately saved users who went astray by buying this disconnect

Interesting, and if you have already launched the game, and it was taken? will throw out or there will be a game until you pass? Well, until the bug is sure)

If in offline mode there is an AKK constantly, you can pass

In fact, the alarming trend in the discharge of the bought games is loosened. First EGS, now Steam. Cancel the seller paid goods is a violation of the law on the protection of consumer rights. An error in the set price is no exception.

Steam began to select the games at the same time, when the exam, if not earlier.

The money was returned to you? They returned it, so they did not select but canceled the transaction committed during a technical error, please make a purchase by a new one when a technical error was eliminated

Kapets you blurted out, how else to end you at home.

Come on? Is there really a legendary failure again when prices in bucks were transferred without conversion to regional currencies?

EMNIP, actually in Steam I can recall only 2 similar points: with Valiant from UBASOFT and the original Dark Suls. Both times then ended up in the flight T_T. But as far as I know, they did not dispossess the lucky ones.

No, the site was 2900 rubles, apparently a couple of zeros were deleted.

This is called real greed for an unsuccessful game (a piece of d), they should have understood in conscience, but they did not have shame.

The developers should be satisfied that someone bought this parach for 29 shirts

yes it is so worth! Exactly 29 rubles, also as a gift, the video card should give

Only Gollum should go to the charm and no one else.))

Where did you find this charm?

There are so many toxics in the comments, I laugh

I thought so, it was expected. Therefore, he did not even try. I have any dubious actions on Akk, they will also give a plus according to Balda, and not just take the game (͡ ° ͜ʖ °)

And you can’t forbid the reviews from the received: XD: XD: XD

Why select? The best game of the year)

If there is no game on the account (and those who have not been recalled) – the review is not taken into account in the total percentage.

This is not their charm))

They considered that even 29 r are a lot of masterpieces for this and decided to repeat the phrase of Gandalf run the fools, it is not worth it. We want to keep your psyche

And the grandmothers returned?

Poor thing, did not allow to dry.

The one who still has not learned to delete reviews from those who do not have a game is to blame.

maybe people bought the game returned the money and wrote his pitch’s opinion. () Although it would be able to track some kind of purchases in Soria)

I mean that how in the normal world you can leave a review (or left it until the return) and then return the game and it will remain hanging?Anyone can be bought to put a game and withdraw.This is the fault precisely Steam that there is no banal script that would delete such reviews.This is time.And secondly, those who leave such reviews do not think a little that these are reviews to the game and not to developers and store.This is in the style of the game inaccessible in your region.If you want to cries and pour out the soul, then it is unnecessary to shit anywhere.PS according to statistics in the reviews in the stiman of this kind of reviews, so to speak, for some reason always in the same language.Even I do not see bombing and lowering the rating of the game from other languages ​​in the style of eruption of dumbasses that they did not sell me the game or in this style.

In this case, the system of reviews, in principle, is a conceptual nonsense because – let’s say I ran into a game with some problems and the review will hang klya will no longer be valid. either in the game there were some problems there is my positive feedback or for some reason I decided. either the review is not informative or does not correspond to the subject or facts or I just did not like the game and I do not recommend it. or on the contrary, the game received a like. here, in general, the neural networks will not help.
Similarly, rob of bombing somewhere on Methacritic, a rather abstract thing too.
And it turns out that a store without a social part is better than a pek-pek

Yes, nothing in the first hours you can find out if there are critical bugs that do not let the game for example.But on Methacritics, you need to enter the connection of launches Alya Twitch to check the availability of the game for a long time.Well, again, you need to enter some kind of system of reports for non -informative reviews or something.Although who needs it.The main thing is to sell the game.

They just can do this and do it, this is their mistake then do not have the right to pick up if the disks were then to go home. The game and the truth is the real DRMO.

Epica delete certain games from ACKs at the request of copyright holders – "Fi, the one how they could, the most garbage platform."

Steam delete games from acks – "Yes this is the norm! And generally Gaben Holy Man, protects us from bad games."

It is one thing to do the cancellation of the transaction when the weeks of a month or more (this epic) have already passed the other thing when the transaction is canceled immediately during the day that was made during a technical error, you did not encounter how they happened to the puddles when paying or crossing money, they They hung somewhere in the system, and then you had to return them back, in fact there was those system mistakes and those who took this mistake immediately rolled back on the transaction back due to errors, now, after the error, buy a calm game, if there was a sale of something the material where to cancel the transaction is not possible OK, but here you can cancel it calmly, read the license agreement before fluffy and whine, there is no product here to provide access to the game,At any time, they can close the input for any reason for which, under the licensed agreement, they should not report to anyone, and the Dengi return the norms everything, so if they ban, do not say money, not the money is not a gale

At first they ached that the feces. but for 29r no longer feces))))))))) everything is clear with you. The child was taken away, he began to cry.
What a shame

Many are so double. they are whipped that I was ecupo the game and I took it away from me, and not what to bought it just when there was a technical mistake and you took advantage of it to get benefits, they returned the money, it was returned, which means they didn’t take it away, but canceled the transaction during the technical Mistakes, if they really wanted to recruit the game, then let them buy now when the technical error is eliminated, but they don’t want to buy a game and they are simple with a bug and those mistakes in their benefits are unfair, baguzers are banned, and they would like to ban them too These are their accounts so that Yen is a rampant to be engaged

Here you are the two -faced ones, you didn’t take it away at all, but canceled the purchase of a made -up of a technical error, but they returned your money, returned it, make a purchase of Zano, select it when you gave the money, but they didn’t give you the money, and they took the game, or they took it away, or когда прошло пару месяцев и покупку отменили и не вернули разницу в цене, а тут всё честно, была ошибка техническая по типу бага, и те кто воспользовались багом получается недобросовестные багоюзеры как и в играх таких банят, скажите спасибо что просто отменили покупку, моглибы и ban the AKK with your games for the tanker with the aim of monetary fraud in the real world, and not in games, this is at least a crime, it is like if you find gold but not to inform the government and hide and sell it yourself, and if you find out the criminal, or you see An open storage to the bank and went to take money, and then you say that they were taken from you and put them in the Turma,But if you can openly take money if you can’t take money in the bank, so do not replace the concepts, didn’t take it away, but they canceled the transaction due to a technical error, so you didn’t take the game for 2900r, and then you ran immediately for 29r when you realized that you realized that you realized that There was a technical failure, because if you really wanted to buy a game and do not use a bug, then it’s kind to buy a game now for 2900r when there is no longer a technical mistake, but there is no two -faced whiners

They want to go back and do not buy home to throw money in the face and pick up the goods by force 🙂

Do not confuse the concept, there is no product, there is a service of access to the game non -material service, it is spelled out in the licensed agreement that you get in essence the rental of the game service, if you can take away at any time without any understandings, since the ban on the whole AKK for a shift for example a region or a purchase of an unfair, or something else, Nick Oen selected since there is nothing to select. The transaction that occurred during an error was simply canceled, when the money is in your bank when paying or someone when you throw it and do not come and do not come, then they are muddered to you, you don’t yell that you have taken something from you, if from the moment the game was purchased from the moment you buy I would have passed at least a month or a week Okay, but then the transaction was canceled at once within a day, that is, in fact, everything was done correctly, but there was no freebie from Ditishki and they ached

God, by what principle do Diza put on this site, I do not understand (

Check out the concept of the joystick, please)

Again, collectors of garbage express dissatisfaction.

I also thought about it. At first "This feces and nothing is in vain!", and then "oh the game was selected which I snapped for 29r! Scoundrels! Ugh! And the game is crap! This is not even needed for nothing!"
Hypocritical and stupid. But the publisher could really leave these keys to the bought, it would be better to raise the sales online. But most likely the whole point is that they bought "Englishs" Keys. 😄

Lol, it is obvious that there was a bug and a high probability that they would recall the key. Run to leave reviews that "Uhh s ** and the key was withdrawn to the office. Baga site as they could. " – Funny, clowns of course. They will make a refund, so what is it.

You need to understand the feelings of buyers. They didn’t deceive anyone.
Even in five are given at a price on a shelf. For a solid publisher, it should be ashamed to lead due to his own mistake. Even if the 99% discount turned out to be.

Listen, I myself wanted to buy, but I perfectly understood that it was a bug. It was clear to anyone, there are no 99% discounts on the output of the game and no matter what bad game was.

Run out of this situation leave reviews "oh the bad were selected, I bought a price because of a bug, and they selected!!" – that’s funny.

Apparently you are unfamiliar with the conditions of a public offer, which is understood to be the sale of goods precisely according to the price tag, so the claims of the people whom you called "clowns" Quite justified. This is equivalent to if you buy the goods on a sale of 75%at a discount, and the entire amount will be unexpectedly withdrawn from your card. In that case, you will also call the barnsador Shapito? So, in the framework of a free legal educational program, I propose to delete your low -intellectual commentary and apologize to the people of which you insulted, in order to be shameful, henceforth think seven times before expressing an opinion below zero below zero.

Apparently you are unfamiliar with the conditions of a public offer, which is understood to be the sale of goods precisely according to the price tag, so the claims of the people whom you called "clowns" Quite justified.

Oh, these wise men with public offers. Forget that the public offer is usually compiled by the seller and includes such points as "The seller has the right to unilaterally change the price for any position of the goods"

This is equivalent to if you buy the goods on a sale of 75%at a discount, and the entire amount will be unexpectedly withdrawn from your card. In that case, you will also call the barnsador Shapito? So, in the framework of a free legal educational program, I propose to delete your low -intellectual commentary and apologize to the people of which you insulted, in order to be shameful, henceforth think seven times before expressing an opinion below zero below zero.

No no tantamount lol. Because there is one discount, and the other is – a bug with valuable.

You are our low intellectual. Compare the bug and discount. I watch the supernight.

I’ll add it, if the seller cannot do as much as you say under the terms of the public offer, then how Valve selected the bought gta v for 5 rubles? How EGS took Detroit taken for free, but at the same time designed as a purchase for 0 rubles with a check. How?)