Hawken Reborn drowned in negative reviews for the intra-game P2W store, monotonous gameplay and error

Five years after the servers were withdrawn from the network, the Hawken fur-fingers series returned with a new part, but she is very hated for adding a Pay-to-Win store.

This is far from the only complaint about Hawken Reborn, judging by the reviews. Both critics and users of Steam are generally dissatisfied with the revival, and the most common complaints are numerous mistakes and performance problems, repeating gameplay and, of course, this damned store.

People hate Pay-to-Win shops, and not in vain. In the best case, these are places where you can spend real money on useless cosmetics, and at the worst, which happened to Hawken Reborn, they are designed to encourage you to pass the game, simply throwing your wallet into it. Reviewers also note that the price of one pack of premium boost is slightly less than the cost of buying furs, that is, you will have to buy two packs, and then you will have a bunch of money that you can use only to buy new things.

At the moment, out of 1042 reviews in Steam 814 are negative. "They killed Hawken, and then use his corpse to create a new game, which is actually not Hawken", – reads one of the reviews.

Another big problem that people with Hawken Reborn experience is that, at least in its current state in early access, this is only a single-user PVE game, while the series is really better known for PVP. This fact exacerbates the problem of microtransactions, since donate stores and microtransactions are usually found only in multi -user games.

"This is Hawken in the models of furs and only in the name", – reads another negative review in Steam. "The artistic style is completely different (and worse), the game with weapons and movement is completely different (and worse), and it already plans to extremely rest on monetization! She is smaller than a children’s pool in the middle of the desert".

To be just fair, Hawken Reborn is still a game in early access, and just left the furnace. There is still a lot of time to start to deal with the store and take into account other comments of the community, but this, of course, is not the best start for the long -awaited return of the series of games about furs.