Horror Stories: Harvest Hunt will appear in early access in late July

Horror Stories: Harvest Hunt, Stlax-Horror for one player from Villainous Games Studio Studio, is in early access to Steam July 26. Become a guard of the moon and fight with the shadows hanging over the damned village.

Horror Stories: Harvest Hunt develops a horror in a new direction, combining the reiglable of the pants with a tension characteristic of the entire genre. Enter the role of the appointed guard who is instructed to collect precious Ambrosia in an ominous, nonlinear environment to look for salvation. The guards are not alone in their search: the Eater wanders around the fields in search of the next victim. Guardians should take a deep breath and calm the heartbeat if they hope to see the dawn.

The hunt is constantly changing, so when a collision with the Eater, it is very important to make strategic decisions and adapt. Before each night of harvesting, guards must decide how much health they are ready to sacrifice in order to get profitable tools found on the agricultural land of Luna-Nova-Nova. Cards are played out to determine the fate of the guards before every night. Maps can give special abilities, a little desired good luck and modifiers that affect both the environment and the Devourer.

From frightening sound landscapes to a gloomy environment, Horror Stories: Harvest Hunt has a terrible atmosphere that guards can take. Pierce yourself in horror with a dense, hand -drawn environment to a chilling soul from composer Jeff Brodbent (Resident Evil, Assassin’s Creed). Get lost in the darkness, not suspecting that he lurks in the shadows, preparing to strike.

Look for salvation when Horror Stories: Harvest Hunt will appear in the early access of Steam July 26. Throughout the early access period, Villainous Games Studio seeks to involve players in a joint development process and create a warm, enthusiasm of a community that all share a love of horrors.