In the upcoming update for Battlefield 2042 will improve the gameplay of the shooter

For a multi -user shooter, Battlefield 2042 in the near future prepares for the release of another patch with editors from developers. The new update will mainly focus on improving the gameplay, as well as error corrections about which players complained. DICE studio has presented a complete list of changes and improvements in the upcoming patch.

Update 4.2.1 for Battlefield 2042 it did not work out as large -scale patches as the players would like, but enough changes were done in it. The developers made sure that the participants of the match did not appear outside Discarded and make several important corrections.

List of changes in patch 4.2.1:


  • Players will no longer appear outside the capture points D1 and D2 when resetting.
  • The problem was resolved, due to which an unintentional visual effect was superimposed on the weapon when it stood in heat sources/explosions of vehicles.

Improving the collection and settings

  • The problem was resolved, due to which improper attachment statistics for the fields of ammunition and rate of fire were displayed when installing the plus menu in the first slot.
  • The problem was resolved, due to which the incorrect investment was sometimes displayed when choosing a Plus Menu settings on the setting screen.
  • The problem was solved by which the “Replace” button overlapped the text of the class on the class settings screen.
  • The problem was solved by which hand-to-hand combat equipment for a specialist 2042 also equipped it for other specialists of the same class.

Improving the gameplay

  • The problem was solved, due to which the camera fell too much when landing, when it was directed down.
  • Air-Earth class missiles will now apply greater damage when shooting at the target indicated by the laser.
  • The problem was solved, due to which players were sometimes considered closed when they stood in front of smoke.
  • The reloading timer on the deployment screen is now the return countdown in real time.

The end of the round

  • The problem was solved by which the statistics of the “murder of the sniper” were incorrectly calculated on the screen “The end of the round”.

The portal of the battlefield

  • The characters of user experience are now correctly displayed in gray if they were limited in the framework of building the regime.


  • The problem was resolved, due to which the animation of recoil when firing from MTAR-21 on the consoles PlayStation® 4 and Xbox One was interrupted.


  • LCAA HOVERCRAFT engine damage is now correctly displayed by the damage indicator.
  • Explosive damage will now be caused by transport helicopters, along with shock damage of the shell.


  • The problem was solved, due to which the Doser could walk along the sky when descending the stairs. This is not the game!
  • A visual problem was solved, due to which grenades sometimes cut through the dosear shield.
  • The Cyber ​​Warfare Suite package from Rao will now transfer the appointed capture goals of friendly vehicles.

Recall that earlier the authors of the shooter Shared The first details of the next season that will bring with it a major update with many innovations.

Battlefield 2042 is available for playing PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. Update 4.2.1 with a number of corrections and improvements will become available tomorrow.

And when we were waiting for this game

as usual, a yellow title, but in fact a banal set of fixes. Sometimes I think that 2042 has become a platform for tests and trials for EA, in order not to bury the series.

Sounds like "do govno to do better", So -so idea.

The author write about her when it will be free, please inform us)))

where is it better then

The last good Battlefield was Battlefield 4. This is Battlefield 3, brought to mind.

Fortunately, no difference. Multiplayer games have outgrown.

I advise you to try Squad for those who missed, the battla of of course barsers, Batla is an action and a squad Simulator of War

This corpse is still kicking?

They initially had to focus on Portal, add cards, develop it. But alas, they turned the wrong way

Let’s play with dad

When the game came out there? in the 21st year. Well, at the end of the year ok. 23 years old on the nose! Two years they saw a sawing and not how they can’t finish)))))) with each update they coordinate the balance of the game))) old people "high levels from the opening" There are no more practical ones, some newcomers are novkeki, and the past bugs will not be felled, only new ones add. I play this **** from the exit of the game, waited, I waited to wait until they make a normal game, apparently it is not fate to continue to wait., Not a game but a disgrace! just the most disgusting part of all. If not for the f2p nups with the consoles, this game would have long for a long time. bug when you are dead and you can run, I hope I hope? the inability to use the knife, after technology, or just stupidly at a random moment, fixed. For those who did not play, do not even try my advice. Oh yes, the most important thing! Batla writes every new thing to the disk, the size of the game itself. T.E x2 of the game of the game) (150GB+) users with 250GB SSD like me, GGVP)) delete and download the whole game completely, that’s funny true?) All according to RM68 pink

When the keyboard and the mouse will already be delivered?

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They fixed shooting with a clamp? When you can just clamp the button and get at almost any distance? (well, lan, in the next 100 meters probably) no)? Then this is not an improvement in the gameplay.

You don’t understand, this is the future, there is no return

As if even in modernity, the return is not something that interferes hard. Modern weapons, especially with the right additions, can shoot almost without return.

And what is so shooting at 100 meters without recoil? You can tell me that I could go to lift myself?)

Yes, the point is not even so much in recoil, but in general in shooting, Battlefield was always different from Call of Duty adequate shooting, it was impossible to release the entire store with a clamp and kill someone if it is not at point, no matter how much or get out of it or get out of aiming, because the recoil was also a scatter at the weapon, so I had to shoot in different ways, in the far, on medium, a burst, close to automatic fire, and in Call of Duty Modern Warfare (2019) how this garbage went that you can simply pinch on any distance, and it went further, it can well be your own COD chip, but for some reason the new morons from Dice (which is already in my opinion), took it and added it to the Battlefield 2042 and you can only pinch, single at the beginning at all There was just gloom recoil, as if you were shooting from 12.7, and not from a machine gun, now it has become a bit better, but it was useless, but it was uselessBecause in principle, so you can simply hold anyone to kill anyone exactly within 100 meters, and then there is no sense in the point, because too far, well, the operators are infuriated by these all -time and wretchedly looking, as if they had come to the cosplay contest, I don’t know who, this is, this It can like it, but shooting, just the seams were and remained +- the same about 2 months ago when I played the last time with a friend.

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