Lords of the Fallen is met by negative reviews on Steam

Lords of the Fallen came out just a few hours ago and in this short time managed to get many negative reviews from players in Steam. The new game from the HexWorks studio in the style of dark fantasy has been widely criticized for poor performance (many claim that it is poorly optimized), bugs, the inability to launch the game, and in some cases completely spontaneously flying out.

At the time of writing this news in the Steam service, Lords of the Fallen is a total of 2858 user reviews, while 1396 positive of them were positive, and 1462 were negative.

However, such a cold technique from the players did not so much affect the online game. At the moment, approximately 39,000 people play Lords of the Fallen, which is quite acceptable for a single game.

In addition to the technical problems with the PC version of the game, the problems also arose on Xbox, so the developers said that they were already working on a patch, which should bring the game in line with other platforms.

One can only guess whether the developers of Lords of the Fallen will be able to eliminate all the technical problems of the game.

Unreal Engine 5 Moment.

The lantern is certainly complete UG, these mechanics of it too, and the game itself.

I support, game vyser. I looked on the Scratchet Channel – Full UGE. The game flew out at the boot stage after creating the character. Black graphics, starting two thousandth. Even in the horseshoes Dark Souls 1 is not suitable. Not to mention the beautiful and stylish lies of p.

here) I was waiting for the game to fight with complex bosses and mobs, and not to shine and look for some kind of umbilical cord on the walls

You still look on the channel of the useful demon of Stream, then you don’t want to play at all then 😁

Hey-hey does not have to drive a demon, he has gorgeous streams. Such a burning fart of the streamer still needs to look.

If for you the streams of the demon is chic and his wretched obscenity of norms. Then I’m sorry for you.

The first part is much better, this one failed

XDDDD is better, these are generally 2 different games

The first is generally a non -granous piece of code

The first Lords of the Fallen is a non -convertible piece of code -And this is written by a person with a 20-year-old game experience!?

Already ashamed for you.

The first one of my favorite games, by the way, at that time the Souls was not particularly except Dark.

And what am I wrong?)

I will wait for normal optimization. There is still something to go out.

As usual, the scream was not indulgent, and at the exit it turned out to be complete .

The usual modern "release". Therefore, it makes no sense to play a release on any game.
There will probably be still DLS. In short, wait until they finish.

Releasing non -optimized games in our time is the norm, just update computers)

I think incoming in conspiracy with video cards manufacturers to buy new.

At the same time, no particularly revolutionary graphics is noticeable.

At 3060 on the ultra mix and high 1440r DLSS quality 60+ FPS

Anyone is better than Wo Long Fallen

I have reviewed the presence of the Ukrainian language in the game. In fact, it can be easier to translate from it and make normal Englishs.

So toooo on it did (already).

On the forum here click a pin Files And Russik or Google is already pouring to help from the Zonovites. as if yesterday I was born, you don’t know how to use a browser, we can’t even look for information already pancake -_-

What if he was born yesterday? Of course, everyone around you is required to know everyone. The community has become toxic.

Or stupid and lazy?

And I liked the game

Dropped, made up with unnecessary and uncomfortable mechanics.

Well, there’s nothing to play, there is no plot, the mechanics of the game are not very, constantly highlighting and turning on this lantern back and forth, too, is not an ice.

He looked at Stream.. Nuuu.. Somehow damp+stuffy game, it is immediately clear that the brains will be done on locations forcing the mechanics of the lantern and "supposedly" Another world.

The first part, although it was average, came to me, she had some kind of atmosphere, but looking at the 2nd, it somehow does not cause a desire to play in it. And it looks like an unsuccessful clone of Dark Souls.

How these incomprehensible sonboys got ! Computer then at least sometimes you need to upgrade or take a new one . This is not wretched to you your curling iron .

I felt it: control complete crap. It is completely fully copied from Dark Souls with his atypical buttons. Okay, the Japanese, they do not play on the keyboard at all. But the game was made by the Poles, what the hell had to copy the Shiza of the Asians with their dislike for the keyboard? In addition, Windows had to be updated, the game does not start if the operating system is not updated. Plus you can not rewind the rollers and change the language in the settings.

This is done so that the fans of the Souls feel at home.
Client -orientation, type.

I could not play the first Souls on the clave, went on a gamepad, since then I have not parted with it. But Niokh is still an example, there on the clave I don’t know how to play)) now I have only for jokes and isometric RPGs.

Personally, it turned out to be important to me in DS2 and 3, which the mouse is much faster to look around – it is better to navigate where it might fly from.Therefore, for yourself in the Seols only Klava/Mouse)

Well, probably everyone plays differently) I somehow did not have the need to spin especially on the sides)) and I also have a console, so I don’t even know what is dear to me, Joy or Klava)

I’ll wait for another year, by that time all patches will release.

In a year another, other games will be released, why play the old Call?

Now it seems in every 2 game a bad manufacturer

Only a rejection sitting on the post of a multimillion -dollar company for games, I could decide not to add English from a whim, a petty shakka is nothing more (some companies spit on someone’s requirements and make games for people. All, almost). So you don’t care about other languages ​​and the political guano what is happening, but I wanted to play the game. but as ? I do not understand Laura, or in the descriptions. That’s why I don’t need this garbage dump from the license. piracy with a translation collected on the knee is bad ? Yes, not I first started as it were !)

The first part did not go to me, but she looked stylishly brutal and pathetic, and this is some faded likeness Dark Souls 1. Removed after 10 minutes

Played a little, at the maximum soap soap. Control is terrible to jump you need to clamp 2 buttons during running, which practically breaks your hands. Optimization is bad but my computer takes out.

Some complain about UE5, so UE5 is an excellent engine, here is the case in the hands of developers. Look at the same robocop. So everything is normal with graphics and optimization.

Count in Robokop at the level of 2014-2015.

UE5 can be a great engine, but they obviously do not know how to work with it.

It is better to play in the old LOF, it is graphically even better))

For a couple of hours of the game I did not see anything interesting and cool, the usual average passage, lovers of Dark Souls may appreciate and appreciate. So play or not the choice is yours, but I will not play much yet, if the situation does not change, then most likely I will delete.

Do not hell to evaluate there, I will better put it and run again Elden ring than this piece of not optimized . The maximum that can be evaluated there, that a coope is working in a pirate and (like) the whole game can run with a friend, only for the sake of this it is still +- you can endure it, and it does not give positive emotions. She even walked and TOOOOO (despite his hat) at times Bodrey seemed.

Having played not a lot yet, in the end, I deleted this game.

Not even a lot, it turned out a lot ^_ ^

Yes, the norm is game "Souls" Real, but to fall off and fall off, optimization for no 4080 lags with this graphics

Hz what are you aching, such a normal quilslaik, I would not know what the Poles did, I would have thought that the game is from the Froms, everything looks like a mucus. Although he played about five hours from the strength, what’s next – xs, mb will be worse. Regarding optimization, in FullHD at my 1660S, i5 10400 and 32GB of RAM on medium fps do not fall below 75. I went more by gameplay than Lies of P, and optimization is clearly better than in Wu Long’s dull Wu Long.

The displeased gamer went. Everything is wrong to him, all this is not. It finds fault with everything. Previously, much kinder the player was. And now, either due to new technologies and the ultra of detailed games, or the fat is furious, or because of something, it has become forever dissatisfied. Personally, the game rolled me. Optimizon is excellent, graphonia for a hard five, an interesting gameplay. The only negative that the built -in soap was brought to the game, but I think this mini nuance will be corrected with patches, because there are always solids and Sweet FX that remove the soap. And so, the game is more worthy to be completely pass. IMHO.

But to the top of the legendary Octiro, of course, like to the moon! For that game about the greatest masters of the sword!

So the secto and not a typical saleslaik. It is stupid to compare them. And the new lords fell in quality closer to the NIO, and an order of magnitude higher than Mortal Shell, Immortal: Unchained and other Hellpointes.

Totally agree with you. Xs cho, all sorry to optimize it is not so dick (on my 3060s in 2k stable 80-90), graphone norms, even on medium, mechanics with a lantern rolled up, they didn’t go too far with him, only the implementation of such. One fat minus is for me, this spam nPS is sooooo a lot, but in some intervals of the game this is not observed, sometimes the breathless leaves. The study of the world is more or less interesting, the bosses are funny, super diverse and readable by blows, it is interesting to study them. KRCh hz cho all are so angry, I should go through it, despite her breathless and small minuses

Game Topchik. Obviously not for shkolota! I don’t understand why she was heit.

Fanboy BG3 proving that this game is feces compared to their great RPG in place?

Language for 45kk native speakers, and for 260kk, the bearers were not entered. Hmm

was widely criticized for poor performance (many claim that it is poorly optimized), bugs

Well, of course. This is Unreal Engine 5 in all its glory. I won’t be surprised if in the future, new games on the Unreal Engine 5 engine is waiting for the same fate. Many complaints about eternal bad incurable optimization. Someone will say that the game engine has nothing to do with it, but crooked developers are to blame. For me, this is already a button accordion.

Tim Suini will say how Todd Howard: "How to solve a problem? You need to buy an expensive and powerful PC."

In short, on my system, there are departures only with the initial load, re -start and all the norms on RTX 4090 Flight normal.

Come on, I have 8090 on Ultra 888888888888888888888888FPS!

I took screenshots above the screenshots.

Of the bad only optimization there. This is now the norm in modern games. Maybe after a bunch of patches will be corrected

Gamers are baked or developers make bad games

All together, but usually the second

I give a hint. Collect a computer for 200k rubles on average for 5 years performance should definitely be enough) set the last drivers and play and do not wear))

2 years, the maximum judging by 2080 3090))) Seichkas even 4090 not all games pulls))))

I give a hint – let them optimize their games, not? Then they fly to the furnace.

2 years – no more! Well, people do not know that everyone is in collusion)) Rubs make games so that people would grab

and local natives drowned that the game would be a topchik)

So after all, everyone praises the game. Bad reviews due to optimization

Reread the post again

Here everything is usually shit.

Local homeless people like you are playing only from reviews

Haha a piece of shit!

The game is full. played 3 hours and deleted

What I think when in the comments they begin to argue again which one is a bucket better

Another without a plot sauce Avno 🙂

The faces of the characters like the bodies are just a trend

This is not a Baldur’s Gate III, but they could have done a little better, but we have what is.

Yes, in this regard and in the Seals, everything is quite sad – it is in terms of bodies and faces.

It seems to me that they decided to reduce ds1 in everything, including the visual style and quality of the graphics. On trailers, the game looked cooler

Briefly about the mobs of this game and about the game in general)))

There is no open world, a stupid lantern and its mechanics, absurd control and so on, failure.

generally not in defense of these Russophobes, but what, now games without an open world, this is a rifle?

Usually all open worlds are a complete failure, so boring and useless. Its absence in this case is more plus.

All? Fallout, scrolls, Gothic, Arma3 and even Odysseus and Valgalla became megahits and brought huge sales to their studios.

Damn, I went through an Orijin 100%, I really liked it, then I barely finished off the Odyssey, it’s the same, but Valgall, well, I can’t vacuum such a huge empty map for the third time, this is some kind of game))) well, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes Skyrim, Follych, this is rather an exception to the rules, well, the witcher, the rest is full of Herot.

Not necessarily, I just like such games more games

Just upgrade PC to 4090

But she doesn’t look so that for the sake of her to buy 4090. Feel like a game of the 4th curling, so it can be easier to buy a curling iron not to suffer garbage? So it will be cheaper than to run after a new card every day.

I agree to buy and play in 30 fps in 720p

And it’s better to finally buy a dandy to remember the classics

I (without sarcasm) know that the quality of the picture is not so hot, nooooo (but) you want to say that it hurts to play the games on the same PS5? Well, even I do not agree here. But eternal jokes with patches, lags, bugs, frizes and other garbage on the PC (although you have 13000k pancake at 4900 and 32 GB of RAM. It doesn’t seem to you that such a machine, in general, the word frieza should not understand. The whole problem is not in the gland, but in the optimization of the code, the programmers stupidly suffer (partially) garbage, without bringing work to mind because of which we are all the above on the PC and get. I am not Sonya’s fight and not at all that I had every new prefix in my life, I just look at the situation from the other side. And I will ask you not to offend dandy, many have grown on this -_-

Disgusting game. Like all the miserable similarities of Souls of the series. Disgusting levela design of location just spent a neural networks. that in 2014 that this, disgusting trash. And it is amazing that without Denuva, given that in 2014 this is almost the first game with this protection.

Here again, most of the same part shouts that for a good game you need a powerful game PC. but does it make this good game? Well, let’s say I will buy a gieber rocket, then what? The game will play sharply with paints? NO. She does not even look at half that to ask for such requirements. I can perfectly play high in RDR2 and enjoy (outdated -_-) with a picture, put 3 witches with a fan of mods and packs of pack from Hogan Hogan and twist everything into the ultra (even with physics) and it will suit me, I can unscrew the cyberpunk on High scaling at the FSR and it will suit me, I can play Baldurs on medium -high settings and it will suit me, but this game with a summer puts everything at a minimum and even a scaling has unscrewed at 50% you do not worthy to play our greatness -_- . At the same time, the game (as I said) and half of the resources of the PC do not eat. At the same time, he ran to, painted, shed, caught the hovering (with sound), II successfully realized that it was a sign and dropped this craft for nafig. Not real, about Pinokio Bodrey, Mortal walked Bodrey, it is better to return to Elden again, but this . Stupidly hand face, and now there were excuses that the office is small, that there was little experience, that people did everything in terrible conditions, well, as always shorter.. In simple terms, do not waste time, stupid compilation of the boss with a file with cutting rollers on YouTube and is enough for this.

After Pinocchio. This game, as if plunged into Lake Kala

I support. I have the same feelings. At first I thought Pinocchio? Are you seriously? But it turned out the game – top, the Koreans surprised. And the Poles – well, they probably have a dozen game there, the rest is shit, which Maddison looked up in the middle of the two thousandth.

Ordinary online games from the game pass, only it is in the game pass.

Played) to the boss and defeated the boss with cheats)), for a long time I am in such g. Full. I did not play! Tear off your hands who did all this and put it in g!

You played with cheats or the boss was with cheats?

Bos (Chiter), according to Chiter, gave pi..CHITER TRAINS, for Chiter (even with cheats), could not give pi..the buildings of the boss (who, as he decided, turned out to be a chiter), Che is not clear. ^_^

that.e you.o – insert the missing letters yourself

Normal game.Optimization is tolerable, on my PC with RX 470 it issues 35-60 FPS.FSR is included in quality.

Reviews in STAM have long turned into a placed book and a stream of postpology. If everything is ok, then the gamer passes the project, enjoys and, if desired, then thanks a good commentary. If there is some technical problem, then the first thing is in a hurry to complain exactly in the reviews, without waiting for an answer in the corresponding topic.

Of course, such a feedback is also needed, because the developers are increasingly putting a bolt on a release version. But it’s just interesting how many of these poor fellows pretended the game?! The other day was information, they say that the studio was satisfied with the number of those and they surpassed expectations. Does nothing teach anything from where a strong desire to part in advance with extra money and get a raw product for it, then to run, sparkling with heels, and write angry tiders.

If the outfits say that the sales of figs, then no one will buy it then, in marketing the main thing is to awaken the herd instinct, others buy it, then you need to)))

So in this case it makes no sense to cunning and I tend to believe them. In November, the financial report of CI Games is planned, you can’t hide the awl in the bag. The game all day 40k+ players, the best start for the company even with such problems. But this is a multi -platform.

T.e. In your Manya Mirochka, reviews exist only to leave a positive opinion about the game there? But the technical condition of the game cannot ruin the positive opinion about the game, yes? Singer to you.

I came, confirmed the words about the complaint book, and ask what I wanted? Or you are the same grief, coming over and over again on the same rake, and then looking for the same sufferers in the comments. In this case, it is necessary to condemn in this case not to me, but to buy a similar product either in advance, or at the start. Poprazing the classic, all you acquire happy in their own way, and are unhappy the same due to technical problems.

Who would have thought. At the same time, the publisher has already collected the cashier and by and large he is neither warm nor cold from these reviews. Moreover, those who complain is an order of magnitude smaller than those who bought, approximately also occurs in any gastronom. Well, then the advice here is simple if you don’t want to wait calmly patch, fixes and so on, so as not to cry the next time the developers did not work again, it is enough not to do pre -orders, or once at the sight of them you lose your will, then there is a button for a return button. Only there no one will see your moans and complaints.

Yes, just you. Once again condolences.

And what about performance? Or the buckets of the Stimov Army, used to sitting on a budget "Aries was faced with UE5, here you have the most Souls Like, suffer, you love.

Well, whiners are traditionally aching, in fact there are norms for 4000 episodes, with generation you can at 4K on maximum shots at 100 frames

Heh. By the way, here is UE5, yes, until many breeds have been very mastered. But on UE4 a good Mortal Shell was made with norms of the graphone and quite optimized, at the GTX 960 flying.