New Gangs of Sherwood trailers introduce the heroes: Robin Hood, Marian, Little John and Brother Tuku

Nacon and Appeal Studios shared new details about the four heroes of the Gangs of Sherwood adventure game in the new video described by Andrea Di Stefano, director of Appeal Studios.

In Gangs of Sherwood, you can choose between four characters: Robin, Marian, Little John and Brother Tuk, each of which has a completely unique and customizable style of the game to fight against the evil armies of the sheriff.


Robin from Loxley is a resistance leader and an archer who never misses. He has a wide range of skills and combinations with which he can defeat the most powerful enemies as soon as he reaches his maximum potential, and all this is at a distance.

With his special shots, Robin can hit several enemies at the same time, punch shields and throw enemies into the air, revealing his allies the opportunity to make a combo.


Marian is the notorious daughter of Sheriff Nottingham, and many deadly abilities are hidden behind her deadly elegance. She is a killer who can fight equally well both at a distance and close, using her retractable chain sword.

Regardless of whether you use her sword to destroy large groups of enemies, or aiming her daggers to more distant enemies, the Marian is extremely universal and can effectively inflict damage throughout the combat arena.

Brother Tuk

Brother TUK-a healer monk playing a key role in resistance. You will never see him without a pin and barrels with honey. TUK is a close -up specialist and an excellent protective tank for your team. Waving the macer to inflict huge damage in the square, and expand the giant shield to protect your allies from the most dangerous enemies.

Clock gameplay is to charge his attacks in order to increase their damage and give them destructive properties, such as the creation of shock waves or deadly fiery pillars. His smoker can also heal all the closest allies.

Little John

Little John, the former leader of the Sheriff Army, is the most experienced member of the gang. Its courage and power have no equal. He is a ferocious scandalist capable of applying quick destructive blows.

Its destructive steel fist inflies great damage in close combat and accumulates heat, which he then can release the “overheating” with a powerful attack. He inflicts heavy damage to his opponents, grabbing them or emitting powerful laser rays crossing the battlefield.

Each character has a wide range of special abilities. They can be customized using various fragments that can be found during the adventure. These fragments change the attacks of the characters in accordance with the preferred player’s battle style. When our heroes are faced with enemies-bosses, they can use their unique skills, called the “abstracts of the rebels”, or temporarily improve their skills using the special regime “Instinct of rebels”.

Gangs of Sherwood is a plot joint adventure game for 1-4 players with a dynamic gameplay and high reiglable in a rethought world based on the legend of Robin Hood. Using the power of philosophical stone, the Army of the Sheriff Nottingem gained innumerable power and depress the people of England more than ever. In the unique science fiction version of the legend of Robin Hood, explosive battles await you, impressive combo and a joint gaming process for fans of epic battles and tests in amazing conditions.

Gangs of Sherwood will be released on October 19 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S, Steam and Epic Games Store.