Officially: Final Fantasy 16 will receive a translation into Russian

Square Enix updated the official website of the Final Fantasy 16 support, including the answer to the question of which languages ​​the upcoming role-playing game will be translated. The company published a consolidated table of all supported languages. Thus, it became officially known that Final Fantasy 16 will receive support for the English language in the form of a translation of subtitles and menu elements.

In addition to the English, Final Fantasy 16 will be translated into 12 more languages, of which English, French, Italian, German, Spanish (Spain) and Japanese will receive voice acting, and Arabic Chinese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil) and Spanish (Latin America) will acquire subtitles.

Final Fantasy XVI will be released on PS5 June 22, 2023. The six -month period of exclusivity will operate, after which the game may appear on other platforms.

Oh Lord – they descended to us, to the plebeians.

Well, how would they Russify new license plates from the 15th. It is also a pity that the 7ki remake and the coming second part of the remake were also not translated.

You already know about the translation of the second part of the seven?

After 15 there were no license plates yet) then there was generally an experiment, even the voice acting on a PC was screwed up for sophisticated popularity and promotion in this segment. But taking into account that the localization was again absent in the remake, plus (or rather minus) full departure from the market of the English Federation, where the main English -speaking audience, questions about the Sabs were.

What to know is obvious that it will not. The only plus is that the language in the finals is so simple that the dictionary is not needed from the word at all.

I don’t even know the simplest, you can localize?

Thank you anyway.

we can bow to their feet ? throw subtitles like a dog’s bone, and many are happy with what they have come to 🙁

FF almost everything was always without translation, so thank you that they made a translation of subtitles, but if you think differently, then apparently they only throw bones for you. Translation for large games is done almost always and this is the norm now, the English language is not the last in the world and they understand this, although in the current situation not everyone adds it because of pressure from the side.

No, they throw it to you, they taught you, and you are satisfied, but I don’t, and I don’t think so, while you are even happy with the bones in the form of subtitles and they will throw them, they want to show that English, which are more than more than more than more Italia and Japanese women are different, it is from some kind of third world country and they will come down, let them haw, they will also be grateful, accustomed like slaves, such as a slave should know what the owner says and understand him, well, rejoice at this.) Without voice acting strictly only from a torrent, if possible.

No, they throw it to you, they taught you, and you are satisfied, but I am not, and I think so, while you are even happy with the bones in the form of subtitles and they will throw them,

That is, you have a domestic PC, a telephone and all the devices of the house are produced in UK and there is nothing imported? Just if not, then according to your logic, you had to refuse them, since not a slave and you were not tamed, but I doubt it))). If not, then the whole house has already been boiled by the manufacturers, you sit on an imported device and make a tail, you present the money on a saucer and ask for additives on torrents in the form of a foreign d. And you let the drool at it when you look. You will still buy, download, watch and play in a foreign semblance of a bone, because even wrote about it yourself. No would say that at all to play this foreign g. I won’t have anything to have in common with them (I would have understood it then), but no, you are a slave who prefers to hail in a different form, you just have not yet understood this, but in fact you have been tamed for a long time))).

You have been mild with warm, and you won’t understand this unfortunately, I don’t go to kiss a cow and a pig in a hollow, cheese, or lard with a ham, and I won’t start to mumble and grunt to get it and use it as I want, I I buy this in the store, and here I have earned money and I buy what I do not have, but I want a quality product and I completely understandable to me.) Here are the French, Spaniards, Italians, Germans, Japanese, they respect the Japanese, they are almost always made voice acting and we are all talking and understand English, and there are many of them, no respect. Or the French, Spaniards, Italians, Germans, and the Japanese slaves of the Anglo -Saxons ? Although I think it is, they decided to make globalism. So do not laugh so loud at the end, you were messed up with a warm.)

Yes, alas without voice acting. But I think ours will do)

Hardly. The maximum will collect the money and write a couple of videos with progress. There are full of dialogs

Where have you divorced you, who think that high -quality voice acting per day is done, this is a very sophisticated and difficult job. From people like you is sickening.

And where he wrote that they will do it per day? The Jedi is the last example. Grandmas scored on Hogwartz in 3 days, they still collect and barely gained a million on the Jedi. Nobody will give so much money to the FF, this is not such a popular game in the CIS, many know it only by 7 and 15th

Judging by his comment, he generally believes that the voice acting will never come out. Read more closely, you have troubles with information processing.

Well, then you will not have to utter a miracles for a translation. Thanks to all the gods, if they exist, for the fact that my prayers about English official localization were heard. Praise to heaven!

In general, the English language is not only the English Federation and Belarus. The same Ukrainians and Kazakhs think they play on English? Not really. In English they play games. And in general, large publishers, if in a good way, should make a rule a priori support in all games the top 10 most common languages ​​of the planet. English is also included in this number. In principle, I do not understand situations when some TOP-10 languages ​​are absent in the top AAA Games from major publishers. Although, if quite in a good way, ideally, all the top 20 languages ​​of the planet a priori could maintain large publishers in their games.

There will be no English. News Fake. Go to the source there is no English.

And someone knows, in the Turkish ps stroke, it means there will be English? Or also you have to wait for confirmation?

To begin with, English will not be in it at all. The news is fake. In the source in the list of localization of English there is no and was not.

Just the game has been done for a long time, they decided to leave. In general, now this is a rarity and this will be less and less until the official translations are removed.

They did not make a translation. In the primary source of the English language in the lists is not.

But only in the original source there is just no English in the list of localization languages.

This was known in the winter of 2023

thank you no need, we will not buy your enemy feces ahaha

Lol Olololo. Yoke just, it’s just a joke! UK right now in Hype, so they made a translation! Well, you are the birdhouses just pi-pi.

And this second game will be, which they will officially translate. Yes, there were other official translations, but these games of the Dandy level, very old and after 20 years they were translated only. Just go nuts.

They did not make a translation primary source News look at the English.

Meanwhile, SE games are still inaccessible in Steam, if the regional is standing: D

Year of the thief at PC is waiting!

The translation is not needed. I know English normally. Release on the English without sub. Who does not know – let him teach.

What an interesting character you are, it’s right for you all the English -speaking community to drain. I think you didn’t scuff it with a big mind.

Nah. it is needed, it’s better then to play Korean or Japanese, it’s much more pleasant to play, I know them too. I’m wondering what you have in your head, if you have it, of course, you will always have a native language for people, in any works by many factor, but apparently it’s more convenient for you not your native language, but a stranger, although probably English is no longer English Native language all the same.

It is most pleasant to play in your native language.

Translation into English is not needed. I know Japanese normally. Release on _Yapanese without sub. Who does not know – let him teach.