OWLCAT Games conduct a DLC survey for Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous to make them even better

OWLCAT Games regularly conduct polls among the community to make your games even better. This time, the developer invites you to take part in a survey on the structure of additions (DLC) and their integration in the main game.

The survey covers the previously considered areas, such as the availability of additions of additions as the game passes.

We thank you in advance for giving us your reviews. Your opinion will form the basis of our further plans to develop additions. We are looking forward to making our DLC even better with your help.

Follow the link to participate in the survey:

There is no English in English? Sovskotes are true to themselves. No relations with UK, no interview with English -speaking publications, no English language in polls. Very consistent.

Well, they became a company with Cyprus and they do not need extra problems

And they are obliged? As they want, they turn up a business. Their monastery, their charter, their set of rules.

So that Games Workshop does not provoke, they generally behave like broken Russophobes

I agree, have the right. Well, I also have the right to express everything that I think about them.

I just ignore all their crafts, and with the release of BG3 I will forget.

Release the final edition, damn it. This is not mMO, enough already.

As all DLC will release, so it will be final, this is not done at once or twice.

The game is already overwhelmed by content, all these DLS have a slight contribution, it is high time sitting down and playing.

Two years have already been done, and the ends and edges are still not visible.

They still release patches. And given that the final edition of the first part was not without bugs, I’ll better wait.

All the last patches are practical filler, the whole game has long been propagated by everything that is needed, and you can wait until the second coming of Christ.

They missed one moment from the very beginning.They do not perceive their creation as what they would play themselves, they took on the role of the masters of the dungeons and play with the players very dirty, although this is a certain charm "tough confrontation all things")))
But I doubt that they themselves liked some moments that they stuffed there in their own skin. Or they are masochists, and then they decided to ask Piplov, their ideas for torture ended.
I’m afraid for the result)))

They would have to patch bugs and accelerate "Samor-navelor 3000" called Crusade. (Gori he is all colors of hell!)

The campaign can be turned off if you don’t like it so much and bugs fell. Yes, and there is no such game to which they would not get bugs yet.

I just go through and there are enough bugs there. The corpses fly away or stand with open hands, two missions are definitely bag (in one script of a curve), many things (wings for example) are crookedly displayed, etc.D. and t.P. (I am silent about the wagon of unnecessary downloads. Well, and the complexity is higher than the average, 70% of magic does not work, and the neighbors swing according to a single template. There was no such heresy (on the last difficulties) since the first Baldur. Yes, there were jokes with breaking through the same Pillars, but there you did not fall into a similar insanity. But these are other topics and the problem of the system. Although in the base 3.5 everything was fine)

About the campaign, by the way, on the auto -management side and the studied relics will be? And how long a local boob beats the forts?

PS – again, this crutch is a quarter of the game, without it it is strange, but even worse with it)

They would need to be harvested and make a qualitative jerk and not for the little things exchanged. And then when the third gate comes out in their shadow can and will be lost.

So they quickly grow up that you imagine animated katsen and full voice acting under a jerk. Their games are not very bad and have their own audience. And by the way, it is genial to compare the games of different calibers.

Animation and voice acting would be great but not necessarily. Under a jerk, I’ll say more about a high-quality large DLC that added something really interesting and necessary to the game and not just a couple of things and useless skills. This is necessary that the audience is not just to grow but to grow and bring the money for development. Now there is growth since the ranger does not have almost a competitor in the genre. But the code will leave the BG 3 competitor and very strong. And as for the caliber of games, for new consumers it doesn’t matter. Plays more roles, genre and fame.

Too complicated (seriously, it would not hurt to make the game more casual, but it seems that they have already missed the moment of the gates of Baldur will rule the ball, of course, if it is also more friendly to new players

Who wanted to play the game, and now the BG3 will come out and is unlikely to remember it.

If they want to attract attention – they should make the next game approximately the level of the BG3, which means that they are not distracted and play, they look at how to do it

No, they already make excellent RPG games, not as beautiful as BG, but the content and freedom of action of the player, try not to deprive and often put the elections

But they would have to fasten dialogs and cat-scenes to this as in BG3

You hear yourself? how do you imagine this so that a small studio that has no means does not do the resources to do this?

The pasFainer seemed to be well sold, that’s the resources, if you don’t have everything, then you can

Lariani also made divinity stupidly isomeria on his knee, but when earned on them they made BG3

So, there would be a desire

They will remember how. Still, the second part of the really sign came out, no matter what. (But not to watch it there)

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