Players harshly criticize Silent Hill: Ascension for the interface and monetization: “Everyone who is glad of this is not in their mind”

For more than ten years we have not had a full -fledged game on Silent Hill, but recently Konami has announced a number of new games that will appear in the near and remote future. One of these games will be Silent Hill: Ascension, a multiplayer interactive series similar to the games of Until Dawn and The Dark Pictures.

The new trailer for Silent Hill: Ascension, recently released to explain all the intricacies of the mechanics of the game and the seasonal subscription, the fans have already begun pouring with mud due to the clutter of the screen in key plot moments and levying fees for intra-game cosmetics.

While the user interface of the game is a lot of complaints, monetization is the aspect that most players are unhappy. Silent Hill: Ascension – a free game in which new episodes come out every day for several months, and players by voting decide what story the characters will go according to the plot path. However, it does not seem that the voice of each player has the same weight, since each voice is determined by the amount "IP" player.

This is the real screenshot Silent Hill Ascension. Everyone who "Rejoice" this is completely out of their mind or simply does not know what it is. Spend money on the vote for what weekly, an opened scene you will be shown on a streaming service. It’s disgusting.

IP can be earned by performing puzzles and participating in Live Expresses, as well as acquiring a seasonal game of game. Voting is completely free if you want it, but those who acquire a seasonal subscription will receive as a result more IP and will almost certainly have much more influence on their voice. If you want your voice to really make meaning, you will have to go into the game daily, perform optional puzzles and buy this wonderful seasonal subscription.

Some called the voting function "Pay to Win" and an example of the fact that Konami is too serious about the phrase "Vote wallet". Others are perplexed why this is not just a television show, if the choice made in each episode will be a canon, especially since the voting function seems to be the most unloved aspect of the whole concept.

It’s a shame, because this is not only the first new Silent Hill from Konami over the past decade, but also because the idea has been very good. Unfortunately, it seems that greed again prevailed over Konami, and this venture probably should have been abandoned even at the stage of verification of the concept.