Replica of Mortal Kombat 1 characters confirm fan theories, and also mention non -anons of fighters

Gameplay personnel and introductory dialogs with the presentation of Mortal Kombat 1 to Summer Game Fest confirmed a number of fan theories regarding the plot of the game, including the personality of the sub-ziro, the status of Milina as a ruler and even the mention of several unconfirmed characters.

Mortal Kombat 1 produced a splash at Summer Game Fest at the beginning of this week, when we finally could see what the next part of the series would look like. However, this is not all, since the game was also available within the framework of Play Days, and many publications posted video recordings of the gameplay that give us the best idea of ​​the new mechanics. However, the most interesting are the interactions of the characters before the battle, which confirm numerous theories, talk about unsolved characters and can even dispute some plot points.

Let’s start with the most important thing – the personality of the Sab -Ziro. One of the introductory dialogs with Liu Kan confirms that this version of the Sab -Ziro is really bi khan, and not Kuai Lyan. This quickly becomes obvious from his remarks, since he clearly leans towards the role of the villain and even seems to have some complaints to Liu Kan, which hints at betrayal in the plot.

All the real fans of the Sab-Ziro are likely to mourn Kuai Lana, but it turns out that he is still alive in this universe, only not like a sub-ziro. During the battle with Liu Kan, Kensha will notice that Kuay Lyan told him to avoid a black dragon, with which Liu Kan would agree. The mention of the black dragon also confirms the idea that Cano can be not only an episodic character, since it is one of the main characters associated with the group.

If you go to China, its introductory dialogue confirms several fan theories about her relationship with Milina. Kitana notes that she is glad to serve her sister, which confirms that Milina either rules or next in line for the board. Sindel can really be seen in the background of the gameplay roller, but it is possible that Milina rules the outside world instead of her. Again, an introductory dialogue can portend some kind of betrayal, because Kenshi tells Kitan, oh "snake hissing in her ear".

One of the largest hints of all the introductory dialogs is the dialogue between Li Kan and China. After their collision, Li Kang says that Kitan needs "keep Countess Jade closer", because she is "Critically important" For her future. It can be just a link to Jade, as Kenshi mentions Kuay Lian and Branch, but given the character’s popularity and the fact that she has nothing to do with the temporary line, like Kuai Liang, it seems more likely that she will appear.