Running with Scissors laughed at Starfield developers: “People still protect 30 FPS in 2023?”

Running with Scissors, a recent Postal 4: No Regerts development studio, as well as the Postal series in general, wrote a strange message on Twitter to make fun of Starfield and choose Bethesda to release it at 30 FPS on Xbox Series X and S.

The message is quite clear and very direct:

Running with Scissors also indicated in later tweeting that Postal 4 works at 60 FPS on all platforms.

It is difficult to say what caused this caustic remark between the developers studios. According to some, the reason was a recent skirmish between Running with Scissors and Microsoft due to the refusal of the Redmond company to publish Postal 4 on Xbox.

Others note that this is not entirely in the good taste for the studio that created such a game as Postal 4, released in very unstable technical conditions and not quite loved by critics and the public, to attack such tremendous work as Starfield, due to technical problems, Yes, and give a reason to compare games, which is frankly absurd, given the huge differences between them.

Starfield will be released on September 6, 2023 on PC and Xbox Series X/S.

I am already used to 60 FPS, and I try to play even to the detriment of the schedule reducing the settings of the graphone, so they are right in something

And many are accustomed to 30, and even the bup for this fall off, and this is the main thing.

I’m already used to 20 FPS at low settings 😁

I had the first passage of Cyberpanka just on the old AMD Radeon HD 7950 just at 25-30 FPS, but sometimes it fell and right up to 20, and above 30 only in closed locations it rose, and nothing was comfortable then))

And on the contrary, I donate FPS, I put at least 40 – this is enough . Resident 4 in 4K at least 40 goes on my non -top card

It was just a dull excitement, it is stupid to say such a thing.

And what is he wrong?

What is the right developer of the worst game of 2022 according to Metacritic? Hm.

Running with Scissors also indicated in later tweeting that Postal 4 works at 60 FPS on all platforms.

Interestingly, minecraft developers also praise their game for 60 or more fps?

On the fact of what he said, you will answer or is not enough substance and the head? For 30 frames per second.

"Argument" damage in the dispute, you need to indicate "Problems" The critic)))

Metacritic of the pack of stupid degenerates))) Although 4 and the truth is the garbage.

Who is praising here, they issued the base, no one needs 30 fps on%No

Well, he says everything correctly.

Base, 30 fps Lock is a disgrace

It is very interesting for everyone to know the opinion of the Chuvaks, who have been picking a simple jester for 25 years and he is still the same shame))

Surely 60 FPS, the game is 22 years old))

What difference does it make who said it so? Moreover, more than yours, probably, people understand in this. What is the right comrade in fact? 30 FPS norms with this power of computers?

This is twice of the phakap, because it is to justify 30 FPS in 2023 Zashkvar)))

If I did such a slag, then on the 1st part I would shoot myself))

Listen to a dude who has been doing such crap for 25 years.. this is definitely a backbone)) but when there is no of his brains, then any bomzara is authority.. It’s clear)

Listen to a dude who has been doing such crap for 25 years.

And this is not important he says the truth, this is what the main thing ! And attempts to poke into the problems of the criticizing already weak position initially.

Yes, and only such outfits can criticize the rest of marketing so that rejoice in such comments, otherwise you would eat playing in 20FPS on PS5 without criticism.

Well, especially gifted won, they are excitements from the DF. Although now the LOK for 30 FPS is simply a sign of those. inept developers.

30 FPS in the game with the shooting component? They hit the head there completely?

The frequency of 60 FPS provides a much more “smooth” image. However, stable performance is more important. A tall frame of it, which from time to time unexpectedly “falls” to 35–45 frames, the player perceives worse than stable 30 fps

Well, they don’t laugh at least someone, but in general is true.

It would be better if they did not laugh, and they learned to make games, even the same gazebo.

Starfield will be released on September 9-11, 2023 on torrents.

I have already made a pre -order. Xatab Edition

For me, not fundamentally 30FPS or 60FPSB, but all the same – worse, more – better, whatever one may say. But if the game is broken on a certain amount of FPS, then it’s okay, I won’t whine about this.

Well, yes. It is better to release plasticine graphics ala 4, but in 4K and 60 FPS. The industry stagnates in terms of graphics. Sent 4 looks, in general, damage. But 60 fps. Starfield with his open world and not standing nearby.

Love the people feces

Goveyuno. Not otherwise

In what sense? Computers are hanging? Vidyakha buggy. Please specify if you can.

To attack such a tremendous work as Starfield, because of technical problems, and even give a reason to compare games, which is frankly absurd, given the huge differences between them.

And this is generally similar to "Boil" Disassembly.

La gasemmanders who write "makes a 25 -year game and at the same time what he says," I can advise generally dumping from this site to the booth that they built in their entire life) Offendedly offended from their beloved seller Skurim and they are anally copper for the fact that he could not express his opinion because the Sedaver did not roll them out – you then blame Kuyle then?

1080r 30fps are eternal and endless. They are enough for the average graphic expirence during this 10th anniversary.
And so, of course, the norm would now for graphics and for the next non -stgen is 2.5-4k 60 FPS But for the sake of it you will have to fog a graphone and still enjoy the tile tile of the texture when the distance of the shredding of the travoon ends and there will be lonely dull bushes without shadow and lighting where in the Full PD would simply have gobbled up objects and all kinds in excess of nanite details until you are point -blank.

By the way 30 FPS on the old radio monitor and on the LCD, big difference

It is necessary to start selling monitors and TVs 30 Hz again

Well, let’s be objective. 30 FPS are made to please the fluidness of the GP and graphone . I am silent about XSS, they didn’t prepare for this, but still this product was stuffed into this baby . I am glad and 30 fps with my XSS . For all good

And in the latter, you can generally jump? Or still, in 2023 it is categorically impossible.

And then I am annoyed by stories about a red scantropus, which is not able to climb over a curb or garden fence exactly knee -deep, as was the case in the third part.
(I, by the way, used it exactly twice – the first time I went out, and the second year later, when I had already forgotten – I set it up, I tried to climb over a light fence, a garden fence, a railing on the stairs in the hall where you need to hold out of the lope of time , broke off, removed and crossed out of the lists)
Before causing other people’s possible shortcomings, it may be worth doing work on your own mistakes?

They even completely could not release the game for so many years. Who is someone, but they do not know how to yell the right.

50 FPS is a great compromise.

Type which is better than 1080r or 4K. Take 2k and there will be normal.

Almost all Monica support 60 hertz, not 50. And play them so not comme il fog.

The main thing is that Frisink is, any. And this is already easier.

Let me, and I will drive the known mass to the known mechanism.

Who are these "runners" ?

What have they done in recent years? They released Betta a test and gathered from the dusty Olds of the Donates for nostalgik? Well, yeah.
But they did good? Their division works on 60 FPS on all platforms? May be. Do you know why? Yes, because it cannot give out anymore.

Personally, I believe that the original has been sent 2 highly overvalued. Why? The humor is flat, most of the jokes are clear only regional, a bunch of sorties and bugs of the utilized community. Even ours "The corkscrew is burning" was many times better. I understand that I say this through the prism of the entourage close to me, but you think about it – for the corkscrew they recorded a separate soundtrack and invited the stars to the voice acting, which in the original one was not in.

Yes, it is impossible to deny the fact that they released a completely tolerable paradise of the blossom, but they did it in 10 years!
That is, these characters showed grandmas from delivered 2, then sold the rights to continue the one who was ready to pay at least something (Akella) and, the planned grandmas released 3 of their dls to the exit.

And now, when they have just got out of the abyss of oblivion and the narcotic (well, the Camon, right there is exactly) fucker, they begin to wave with the microdicars? They compared their indie raises with people who have already moved the entire industry 3 times (here I am already talking about the gazebo)?

Like the battle of fleas with an elephant. "The elephant never found out that the battle had already taken place".

And now what I think, according to the star field. 30FPS on consoles? And what’s the problem, for the game of class AAA? If it will work at 30 stably, without a bunch of bugs and sorties, and do not offer a DLS package for overprais – why not? Yes, this is already outdated purely physically, because it is inconvenient to play in 30fps on modern teliks. But, make a discount on the gazebo. They were just bought, Spencer lugs with a pitchfork in *lo, there is no new engine. If I remember correctly, then they still saw on their old, familiar to us with Morovind (. ) Creation Engine. Yes, they stuck a number 2 to him, but, frankly, after Folych 76, the reputation of the engine and the company is not very. Personally, I hope that they will again set the milestone in Gamdev, so that the games are not equal to Skyrim and the Witcher, but to the Starfield.