Scientific and fantastic VR Advent Hubris will appear on PSVR 2

In the near future, a lot of exciting games will be released for the PSVR 2 headset, one of which is Hubris from Cyborn. The developer recently said that the science fiction adventure will really come out this month.

When exactly in May, is not specified. Nevertheless, now we have confirmation that one of the most beautiful games for virtual reality will soon please the owners of PSVR 2, fully using the PlayStation 5. Hubris was originally released for PC VR in Steam in December 2022.

Cyborn said that the video games for PSVR 2 were included in the version of the video games “Significant improvements“. Thus, players must experience “improved graphics and gameplay“. One of these improvements was the addition of fooveal rendering. This function was used in many games for PSVR 2, working in combination with tracking the gaze of the headset to improve visual effects. Hubris textures and models were finalized, plus “The frequency of personnel remains stable“, Notes Cyborn.

As for the gameplay, Hubris will use the tactile sensations of the DualSense controller to even load players into the game. Each action has its own feedback, whether it is shooting at enemies or swimming in pure blue waters. As for the weapon, the weight was adjusted to improve the sensation. Adaptive triggers should also make alternative fire modes more responsive.

In addition, there is a redesigned mechanism for reloading weapons, improved sights, new variants of enemies, re-balance the complexity and capabilities of 3D-sound. So there are many PSVR 2 players who can be looking forward to.

As for the VR PC version, these improvements will ultimately appear. In Discord Cyborn, the developer notes: “All changes will return to the VR PC, but probably not on the same day as the release of PS VR 2, since it will take much more tests on different headsets“.