Star Wars Jedi: Survivor allows you to play for Darth Vader with unique power abilities and attacking movements

Modder ‘Jedijosh920’ has released a pretty good mod for the game Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, which allows you to play for Darth Vader. Moreover, Modder added unique power abilities and attack techniques that players can use.

Since this mod allows you to sow chaos in the image of the lord of the dark side, it will completely change your attitude to the game. Therefore, it is recommended to use it in the second or third passage of the game.

Unfortunately, this mod is behind the paid wall Patreon. It is not yet known whether Jedijosh920 plans to release its public version in the future. So now we can safely assume that this will not happen, but it is likely that other modders will also eventually release their own free mods for Darth Vader.

In any case, you can at least look at the mod in the video below. This video shows new abilities and attack techniques that Dart Vader has.

although ENT FREMDLI, but the plot of the game then does not join at all

Why is it impossible to make a mod on a zipper of force = _ =

There would be no solo game about Vader finally released.

You are a well done, but you can do something more so that you really want to give money for him. Sureness by force, for example, there is more combo and show the parkour for it if possible .THANK YOU.

Not cool at all. Namely, the heimpley himself limits Anakina. Namely the grab by the throat, and its exclusive fencing. Plus, if we talk about strength, it should exceed by almost all the parameters of iodine. And his method is waving a laser is determined by prostheses. Therefore, he learned another style. Here, like a Drago in Rocci4, strong blows on the struck and subsequent Crete strokes to finish. The style of the battle of Darth Vader has plot reasons. If you carefully watched classic episodes and understand something in fencing, you could notice that Vader was moving (performed by the rack) very slowly. Slowly. He chopped the hatch so slowly that if his son had not waved his sword like a stick, he was at least a little sophisticated in combat fencing (t.e. If a classic Jedi school went through) – then, if you do not take the strength, I would have had every chance to hack my father in the third second.This is due to the fact that Vader is essentially a cyborg, and an extremely imperfect by the standards of the technology of the universe ZV. After the battle with Ob Van on Mustafar, and especially after contact with the hot lava, his body was monstrously damaged. Half of its internal organs, including one of the lungs, was replaced by synthetic. He breathed and ate with the help of tubes implanted into the throat and replaced the larynx and trachea. His arms and legs are prostheses, and again, imperfect by the standards of medicine of the Galaxy. On the back under a raincoat is a non -removable backpack, in which there is part of the equipment necessary for life. Other equipment is built into a wide belt. All this limits him in waving laserpalk. Therefore, he was invented by the style (or rather, they borrowed from the Japanese) where every blow is fatal for the opponent.

It’s gorgeous, in the second part of Vader was not brought (which is, of course, it is very sad, how could it be really possible to make a cool antagonist and a bunch of epic moments, in the first part the ending was simply a dump of the boshka) so at least play for it, it is still very cool that breathing did.