Starfield discovered a bug, because of which players are forced to change the floor to shoot from weapons

According to Starfield players, the game has a mistake due to which they cannot shoot from their weapons. As a solution to the problem, it is recommended to go to radical measures – change the sex of the character. Information about this was reported by the 404 Media portal..

If at the beginning of the game you had a male character, then changing it to a female in one of the genetic laboratories of the game corrects the error, and the opposite is also true, the author of the article that personally had to face this problem.

In genetic laboratories, players are given the opportunity to change their appearance, for which it is necessary to return to the menu of creating a character at the start of the game. In this menu for 500 loans, each player will be able to change all the details of his appearance: hairstyle, facial features, type of figure and gender.

For some reason, when changing the floor in the game, the settings are reset, as a result of which an error is eliminated, so that players can again shoot from firearms. Moreover, they can also easily change their floor back, ”the author notes.

Errors in Bethesda games are not uncommon. In Starfield, a huge world with a huge number of characters, locations and systems that can behave in relation to the players are so unpredictable that it is simply impossible to test all options to test. Therefore, the emergence of numerous mistakes in the game is simply inevitable.

It is even easier to fix this error on the PC: here players can introduce console commands to directly change intra -game settings and, if necessary, cheating. As one of Reddit users noted, this is not the first case of the appearance of such an error and its correction in Bethesda games.

According to the discussion branch on Steam from 2017, in Fallout 4, released in 2015 and using the same game engine, players also sometimes could not suddenly shoot from their weapons. As one of the players in this topic noted, if you call the console team and enter "Player.Sexchange", then the floor of the character will instantly change, and the error will be eliminated. The same can be done in Starfield. If the player wants not to change the floor of the character, which he chose at the first launch of Starfield, he just needs to enter the same team twice.

In addition, players talked about other teams with which this problem can be solved, but some of them lead to a discharge of the level of character experience or violation of his abilities. Of course, there are other ways to reset the error, both in the game and with the help of the team, but so far the floor change is the most optimal solution.