Starfield is so broken that even modders experience big problems

Starfield has become the largest Bethesda release today, and it was very pleasant to realize that the game will have the least mistakes than in any other role -playing game of the studio. However, it seems not everything is so simple.

A model of modders, working on a project known as Starfield Community Patch or SCP, took on the work to correct all the obvious problems and mistakes in the game. However, in an interview with Eurogamer, they said that the modding in the game is also broken.

One of the founders of SCP, Timothy Halgary Boldridge, said:

The team decided to eliminate all the mistakes and problems that the players prevent Starfield players from enjoying. Their only goal is to constant improvement of the game. However, it seems that the design of Bethesda prevents the team from achieving this goal.

Halgary added that the team was able to achieve rapid progress so easily only because they "They know what to do"

Modder explains that Starfield modding support is something secondary for Bethesda. He also claims that until official tools for the game are released, the Modder community will not develop for it.

The team claims that Bethesda is quite capable of solving more than 400 problems accumulated in SCP, but their support and feedback leave much to be desired, creating obstacles to these people devoted to their work.

I wonder that various mods have already been released for the game. DLSS 3, visual processing and seamless space travels are added to them. Therefore, despite the fact that a strong community has already formed in the game, according to the words of the team, this may not last long.

The positive point is that Bethesda is working on official support for mods, so this criticism will ultimately be eliminated. Todd Howard said that mod support will appear next year, along with additional content for role -playing game.

3 and 4 confused ^)

so on the regional, the phallut 3 and New Vega even on the GOG Versions fresh ton of fixes and patches with PCGAMINGWIKI tedious to put.

There is not enough picture of the Nexus Mod, so that there is certainly a complete set. Millions of mods, any winching game and the game is ready.

Moders and fans rummaged in Starfield.

More precisely, cheaters like you in every news about this game – so many comments are not collecting – but even with a fictional story there is a full house.

It would be there that "Heyit" For such grandmas. The game is empty, without soul, without interest, without life. Even Cyberpank at the start, although he was with problems, was much more lively than this gossip.

Reminds ANTET at the start. And the finish. The idea is fire, but the performance of shit.

And until normal, official tools are released, or (for the most funny, cheap) the gazebo will not take the ass in his hands and will not begin to correctly correct the game, "Hate" in her direction it will be really justified. They spent on her (!)EIGHT(!) years!

There is a video on the Tyubube where the dude made alpha version of Starfield on another engine, but with animation, battle, "nominal" AI, which was hiding in shelter, take -off and landing on the planet in 48 hours! Yes, crookedly! Yes, not professionally! But, eat, sly! 48 hours! AND 8 years!

The same Space Engineers has been processing planets with an atmosphere for more than three years for more than three years, which can be flooded and landed. Without downloads!

Yes, even the same Star Citizen, with abnormal development, has a landing on planets without loading! In addition "Simulator of brewing teas in a mug". (With)

And I played Starfield, if exclamations start now, like "Yes, you didn’t even see the game, Hater!" and t.D.

I went through it, gritting my teeth from lags and glitches, which should not be with my system; from constant loads and painting from scratch. I spun two weeks of life on THIS. And after the first passage, something was not pulled to play further. The smell probably prevented. And she is stinking deliciously! Worse than a village toilet in the heat.

For me personally, the situation with Starfield was perfectly described by the former designer of the gazebo, who was given out in an interview:

However, adding the ability to create their own spaceship, the team was faced with the need to make complex decisions. Some research elements were not so well implemented due to a change in priorities.

In other words, the gazebo was stubborn in the creation of ships and the designer is really good. That’s just the role component that the rest does not pull. And the designer is not enough, given that this game is not a cosmoverfi simulator.

Empyrion Galactic Survival Cool game

3 transport foundation of total

4 there are various servers

5 many times cheaper Starfielda

7 there is a Steam workshop

8 there is a survival system

9 there is a cooperative

and much more

And Starfield Fuflo

Who knows the history of scrolls well, they know and remember that Betesda with Starfield has already steps 2 times on the same rake
There were 2 releases – Elder Snroalls Batlespire and Redgard, where they decided "experiment" After the success of the Arena and Daggerfall, they almost went bankrupt almost, saved their creator Betesda by creating Zenimax and poured a bunch of dough
After that, they changed their minds and released Mordovind
And damn it, the situation is repeated again, after the dizzying success Skyrim Todd decided that he had nothing to do and now, no 6 scrolls of the game norms.

And here most likely it was played by the fact that various versions of Skyrim, for the mass based on fan mods continued to buy. Well, if they continued to buy the same game with small changes, then they could very well have a new one in any condition. But it did not skate.

I would say typical 50 evil haters from the pegach, who need another stuffing every day =)

You with Denis G, Hiruko14 and Ain Grimm Beatter need to create a gachkvartet. Such frostbitten fans of the middle game must be searched. And all the same – as 3-4 fanatics remained, the game seems to be not revealed to anyone.

Well, at least you need to create a couple with you and discuss your mental abilities, you really think that someone will really protect the games (good or bad – yes, everyone does not care) except your mini world. Grab the name of the Haters business, like you, what your post said.

Hi Denis G, he is regularly "With yourself" Something is discussing and leads it like "Indisputable facts", and sometimes "thoughts" the opponent himself imagines the opponent himself as the thoughts of the opponent himself. Probably not even understanding the difference. And what is the discussion "With yourself" – The premise to schizophrenia. Normal people are discussing with others.

There are people who, instead of clarifying the situation, are sculpted by those who do not admire the subject of their worshiping label "Hater", They are clearly visible in the news.

And then the gazebo will unite all the works of models in "Some kind of edish there" With a new price tag. Good intentions.

– How to understand when Howard is lying?
– Then when he begins to move his lips

"I will not repair it myself and I won’t give others"))

The game is doomed to the campaign if Falaut 76 had a frame in which it was possible to add anything and rectify the situation, it will no longer help here. Small, dull illogical background and the plot cannot be changed.

Follaut 76 – a network mod on four, and it was not bad. Starfield as another attempt to pull a new setting on Skyrim failed.

I remember how Haipozhora and herd were rotten by Fallout 76, this is that the game was really very problematic, both in marketing and in the network component, and now it turns out 76 folich had some kind of makings there and it turns out not so bad at all, Lord what kind of Lord what You are all hypocrites, the next evidence that a herd has gathered in the Bethesda circle without an opinion that will spread rot anything, if only there is something to crap and seem smart.

So it’s just about the assessment of retrospectives, ordinary analytics. If the Starfield manages to get out, the flag is in his hands.

I remember how Haipozhora and a herd was rotten by Fallout 76, this despite the fact that the game was really very problematic

So "hype" And "Dreams" or "The game was really very problematic"?

Because as it turned out, you can make it even worse. What is the problem?

Zadornov correctly spoke about Americans. In America, the game is very well sold, but in Europe and we have a lot of satisfied and therefore Bethezda does not give a damn about us, they have everything is fine, they have good sales and they sincerely do not understand what they want from them. They made a name for themselves and now many people do not buy games, but you are from these developers under a familiar brand and are happy with everyone. Imagine what the following scrolls will be?

Zadornov was joking about the Americans in an ironic manner, but part of the English -speaking community, including the campaign and you, take all this for a pure coin, and who after that is stupid (better to say not far), you still need to understand.

And these are these many from Europe with us on the same planet? Since I am sitting on English-speaking forums and watching reviews on YouTube in English and such a tough heit as in a community, I did not notice something there. Criticism yes, but not heit.

So here is criticism. The game is bad and does not cost its 70 dollars even 40 for it will go a lot for 20, but it’s more interesting to run in the same farcro. It is interesting to run in Falaut without even delving into the plot. Space setting, travel, island is strangled and poorly implemented . It is not clear that there was so much time developed there, if the plot is primitive and empty, as well as the registration of the characters in this game, you do not even have a single thought of empathy, interest in someone will not arise. There is nothing to do in the game, except for the shelling of space marines with pirates. From transport only spaceships, which are terribly in terms of stimulation. There is no ground transport. Huge space stations the size of an entire city in outer space is not. The shooting is better than the Falaut. There are no dissects from the Falut, like some kind of destruction of the area. The local flora, which is on generated planets, can always be ignored in the majority it is generally neutral to you. They do nothing particularly either between themselves. A bunch of identical dungeons and outposts (2-3 templates for a bunch of planets), on which bugs are even repeated, this is generally something new for the gaming industry. Such a tedious game about a space trip can make not only everything.

It is difficult to highlight advantages in the game against the backdrop of past games of the gazebo, but cons.. Every time do the same thing and try to protect the gazebo for it for me is stupidity. Others are trying to develop in some kind of development, and the gazebo was hung in 2005 and does not try to change the approach in games

Yeah to call Starfield Calfield under every news about Starfield or in the news in games about space is criticism, not a stupid Hein, I understood you. As I wrote above in the English -speaking community of a similar bottom, I did not see, and in Ru everywhere.

I also don’t like loading and empty planets, and for me to pack all the content of 10 systems would be better. And about the Falaut, I can’t play it, it just doesn’t delay all this topic of post-apocalypse, but the Starfield has completely come in, because of about space themes.

Yeah to call Starfield Calfield under every news about Starfield or in the news in games about space is criticism, not a stupid Hein, I understood you.

Considering that not everyone calls it that and that some Starfield fans fly any criticism to Hait – what is the problem?

Kalfield. At the same time, I do not have hatred for the game, therefore, Hait cannot be considered Haith. And it means that you are mistaken and not everyone who calls Starfield Calfield are cheaters.

Feces he is feces

Uh huh to remove and forget

An article was published on the nexus about how there is a problem with modding at the moment, with the comments of the author of Xedit, but all this has nothing to do with the scope, since officially "modes of mods" There is not yet, it is declared only for 2024 and obviously in the engine there will be changes for this "support"

While the main experiences due to separate ESL loading flows and ordinary mods, all the rest of the temporary costs (not everything can be excavated with reverse)

Well, you can read such a nagging, but you can just go to the nexus and download any of the 5.3 thousand mods for Starfield. And this despite the fact that the tools and support of mods did not essentially come out)

What does the modders actively write mods. And the fact that there will always be dancers who interfere with their legs is far from news.

When the game just came out, I really liked it, open space, you can visit any planet, I spent a clock of time walking along the Moon, Mars, Europe, and T.the G.S. The further I went, the more I understood that the game "Flafiforonnaya" like plastic fruits on plates, beautiful but not edible, as well as a game where the character dresses and takes a spacesuit in a second, in an unusable planet runs without "helmet" (and this is not a bug, but so conceived) where the terrible animation of the characters is simply (okay it would be about 15 years ago, but now it is simply not acceptable) which with bulging eyes go like a zombie, looking into your soul, in addition to everything millions of bugs, then Vasco is the bordered in the passage of the ship and it cannot be circumvented, then it flies on the roof, etc.D from the last that I was infuriated by this mission when the 200 year -old king and its inhabitants needed help, and this ship was the same as modern, the same decoration, cabins, computers, even the operating system on computers did not change in 200 years, in addition to us It seems like a 24th century. But the techno seems to be from the beginning of the 2000s, the design is just bastard, people on the streets throw brooms. In the 24th century. And the most thing is that the outfits do not notice this, they think that the game is magnificent, even the patches are extremely small and they have to wait for a long time

How did you run, without a helmet? It is literally suffocating if the environment does not fit.

The second about the ship of the millennium well, yes, but we will write off on convention. Still, there is no hyper engine and piloting chair.

Or you didn’t play at all.

"How did you run, without a helmet?" There, even a mission was needed with the head of the crimson fleet, go to prison, on one cold planet, on the street shows -57 But everything is without a helmet, it also happens on different planets your wards run without a helmet, there is a building where there are large holes in the floor, large doors are opened, but the game believes that all the norms can live

"The second about the ship of the millennium well, yes, but we will write off on convention. " This is not the convention of this laziness of developments, just like shitty animation, and blocks of NPS, all this kills immersion in the game, my brain does not believe. Because of what to play is simply not interesting, it’s how to watch a horror movie, but instead of the excessing music to put music from the Benny Hila show, the speed is to increase https: // www.YouTube.COM/Watch?v = nslejyedmiw

Eh Todd, what are you so, the main audience of your games in mods to hold on, but even here you have been done. I hope you Todd change your mind and 6 scrolls will become your work on mistakes.

Todd campaign just a six said, then he does))))

yeah, yes, of course
you even believe in it yourself))))

KMK, the main audience is already on marketing. And from a high bell to the world oligopolists of Gamdev for an audience.

Yes, it’s real, he sometimes carries such nonsense, but he always reads on his face "What do you want from me? I don’t understand anything at all, just leave me alone"

Quite, since I do not care at all, so I look at everything from the side! The game is complete slag, tried)

One hundred pounds of Denis G, it will surely go on and will again daffs this division and paint again about a masterpiece with science fiction for adults and fools of modders.

P.S. A. Already jumped, sorry, Hiruko14 also joined

Yes, that’s humor, I don’t need to jump here, I’m sitting on the forum of the game that I liked.

But why is those who are trying to imagine the game of unworthy attention for two months on this forum for two months (despite the fact that they spent on its cut more time than most players for full passage) – this is really a mystery.

Kerrot you write your nonsense more than anyone under every news, no one is surprised at your presence, you are like a local madman in a small town that repents about the end of the world, and then shits into your pants and goes to sleep.

The same crooked, broken and dull division as Cyberpunk 2077 was, the case when I simply could not pass the game until the end of.To. All desire repelled the prohibitive number of shortcomings and jambs, only in fairness I must say that Cyberpunk 2077 even at the start (despite the fact that there was really a bunch of broken mechanics), by many components, it was better from graphon and optimization (in Starfield it stupidly no) and ending with quests, even a ton of stupid activities of the anniversary level, at least somehow filled the game, unlike the huge empty distances between the locations in Starfield, well, in general, Starfield is the worst game of the gazebo that is not needed for free, although all the games of the gazebo (well except F76) before that I bought and passed with great pleasure.

Cyberpank was broken but the start but was never dull and the optimizon was.The world there is more interesting than in Starfield and the plot is not bad, although a lot was cut out a lot "At the request of the workers".Cut the content of underground levels of type in the subway a lot.In the Starfield Optimization 0, the plot and the implementation of the cosmos as well as the game mechanic are made on from from. s.

The whole world in Cyberpanka is a hundred times dull than any of the locations of Starfield. Unless Starfield’s uninhabited planets are at the same level. Both on the release and now – this is a dull plastic fake, with a zero level of interactivity, where there is only one see activity – stripping outposts, and only one interactive object – a machine gun with a flagella, and the bots are subsidized and descended when turning the cameras. I have not seen such a disgrace as the world in Cyberkal from the beginning of the zero.

Well, only those who did not look at Johnny Mnemonik, where this plot was stolen, and have been bugged with the plot of the punk.

Wake up, you are crap – yes, I don’t sleep.

What needs to be plowed to write like this? Compare manually worked out locations and for the mass of primitive, procedural and extensified. Who were justified inadequate "NASA-panka". The design of the city is one of the few really serious advantages of Cyberpan.

Where in Cyberpanka avanposts? You probably outplayed the Starfield, and capital.

Yes, forget it, this is Starfield’s stubborn defender

What needs to be plowed to write like this? Compare manually worked out locations and for the mass of primitive, procedural and extensified.

Time after time the same VSYER. Empty plugnets, procedural planets. Once again, someone drives someone there?

Manually the worked out part in Starfield is huge, and in terms of interactivity and interest, each of these locations shoves the cheek to all this cardboard world of Cyberpan, which is a miserable set of colored boxes, which you can’t even go into. With whom it is impossible to interact in any way. Do not even sit on a bench on the street. The stupidly open world from the late 90s, although there were worlds and more interesting, with a much more interactivity.

Wipe your eyes and look at the map "Mira" Cyberpank. 99% all this yellow and green garbage – "Stripping avanposts" In Jubisoft style. However, it is already clear that you did not play in the Communist Party either, you just went to finish.

Todd Howard said that mod support will appear next year, along with additional content for role

So next year we will buy – Starfield, unless of course what happens. Skyrim still somehow pulls mods due to a significant difference between requirements for the game and modern iron. Unofficial Skyrim Patch still correct and who knows how many years it will take for now Unofficial Starfield Patch will appear. But the main thing is neither the modmeckers nor the creators of the assemblies, there is no one to delve into what in itself: fresh, lifeless, has no potential.

I am waiting for a mod where they will make a more or less seamless world and make this gazebo initially, then Hayit would be smaller

But the gazebo still does not change itself.😆

There are still no official support for mods, and the editors and cheaters have already decided to write about a bad Starfield. Ilyustration

Hope is still alive.

Another topic to bother the game from scratch

You yourself are not tired?

I understand when Starfield is scorched on the case and there is something to criticize for, but some kind of insanity has come with this criticism.

You are more observed that you can’t make a normal mod for a game for which a tool for mods has not yet been released!

Well this is already insanity.

And the most sad thing is that people in the comments do not even turn their heads – stupidly like a herd that saw that one wise guy poop on the game and they immediately have a thought – it means I should poke!