The actor who gave the voice of Arthur Morgan, ridiculed the desire of the Florida Joker to dry Rockstar

You probably already know about a person who considered that the developers from Rockstar were inspired by him when creating one character shown in his debut trailer. The similarity was noticed not only by him, but also by many other users.

Lawrence Sullivan, real name "Florida Joker" Already recorded a video to share his thoughts about the similarity in the GTA 6 trailer and called on Rockstar to talk with him and explain himself.

These words of Lawrence forced the fans to assume that he believes that he was due for inspiration.

Since then, the Joker has published several more videos that people see the similarity between him and the character from the GTA 6 trailer. He also shared his awareness about the stories covering him Tiktok, where he wants to talk with "GTA".

Since then, Joker has published several more videos about this situation. Sullivan demanded from Rockstar Games a compensation of $ 2 million for use "his appearance", Although, apparently, the lawsuit has not yet been filed.

GTA, we need to talk. Or not, you have to give me a million or two. "Florida Joker" This will not tolerate. You all appropriated my appearance for yourself.

Roger Clark, who played Arthur Morgan in Red Dead Redemption 2, answered Joker in a new video. When the Joker said: "GTA, we need to talk", The beloved actor answered: "No no need. You don’t need to talk to them. They are not going to talk to you".

Then he said:

People like you have been trying to sue them for decades. They know a lot about the lawyer. They know for sure that they can get away with them and what is not. In your place I would use the fame that they have just brought down on you, in their interests. Somehow monetize it! Because with such a mug you will definitely not find a normal job for yourself.

If Mr. Sullivan believes that he is dealing with, then it will be a quick business that will not end in his favor. In 2016, actress Lindsay Lohan lost the lawsuit against Rockstar Games. She claimed that it was she who inspired her to create a cult beach tourist who makes a selfie on the cover and the GTA V boot screen. Another argument was that she inspired the character of a game named Leisi Jonas. In 2018, she also lost his appeal.