The author of the multiplayer for Skyrim quit work on a similar mod for Starfield, because “this game is rotten garbage”

We could get a large -scale cooperative mod for Starfield from the team that created Skyrim Together, but there is one problem: Modder, who started work on the project, believes a cosmic role -playing game "Fucking garbage" (Orig: “Fucking Trash").

One of the developers of the Skyrim Together entered the project Discord server to tell everyone how this short-lived project appeared. Cosideci explains that they liked the idea of ​​Starfield Together so much, that on the day of launch and after it they conducted a reverse engineering of space RPG and transferred the gameplay hecks from Skyrim to collect a cooperative mod.

But only after they transferred to the Starfield project about 70% of the revered Skyrim Together code, they faced a problem: "This game is fucking garbage".

I understood this only after I started playing this damn game a week after the launch. The game is boring, tasteless, and the main attractive power of the Bethesda games – the study of the living and manually created – completely disappeared.

In general, everyone already knows this, most agree with this. There is no need to repeat this, just read any of the dozen reviews on the network. Therefore, I will not continue to develop Starfield Together. I’m not going to invest my soul and heart in a mod for such a mediocre game as this.

However, the work of cosideci will not be in vain. He posted all his work on the network if someone wants to finish it. True, according to him, "finish" – This is probably another 100 hours of work. The developer also says that Starfield Together is now inset, despite all the work done.

I started work on Starfield Together, but Starfield is an ass, so I stopped working on it. I made her open source in case someone wants to finish her. No, you cannot play it yet.

Despite the fact that Starfield has shared many opinions since the release, there is still a lot to do a cosmic role -playing game. Bethesda claims that more than 12 million people have already played the game and that we are only at the beginning of the journey, and the DLC and updates are already preparing. More recently, the Xbox boss Phil Spencer said that Starfield will become a 12-year hit, like Skyrim. However, there is one thing that Starfield does not seem to receive, like Skyrim, is a large cooperative mod from one specific team.