The authors of Skyblivion are not going to throw a project due to rumors about the official remake of Oblivion

The Skyblivion developers team said that the fan remake of The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion, despite the leakage of information about the official remake or remaster. Skyblivion has been developing for more than ten years as Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion on the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim engine.

In 2012, Modder ZILAV (which was engaged in the reconstruction and remaster of the video game from The Elder Scrolls series called Renewal Project) began the Oblivion Asset to the Creation Engine engine Bethesda, at which Skyrim was created just a year before this. Various versions of the fan project were developed until 2014, and the developers decided that the assembly of version 0.2 will serve as the basis for further development. The current leader of the Skyblivion, Rebelzize project, which changed the project development path, proposed not to transfer the assets, but to remake Oblivion. This idea was approved, and Rebelzize called on other modders and developers from Nexus Mods to help in the development of Skyblivion in 2016. The development of Skyblivion is still ongoing, and, apparently, it is not planned to stop it in the near future.

Despite the fact that the recent information leakage from Microsoft and FTC notes that the official Oblivion remaster may appear in the future, Rebelzize in an interview with IGN promised to release Skyblivion. After many years of development, Rebelzize is looking forward to the Oblivion remake in 2025, and the developer believes that the official Oblivion remaster will be useful for both the Skyblivion project and fans "Ancient scrolls". According to Rebelzize, these rumors – "good news for everyone", since more people will be able to get acquainted with Oblivion for the first time. The developer also confirms that the official remake/remister Oblivion will differ from Skyblivion.

According to Rebelzize, such remakes as Skyblivion are a creative approach to Oblivion. The main goal of the Skyblivion developers team is to make Oblivion feel as a completely new game released today. Rebelzize believes that the official Oblivion remaster should bring improvements and modern opportunities to the game, while preserving the original game. The developer does not expect to stop cooperation, since his team has been negotiating with Bethesda for many years about Skyblivion, so in the near future these two projects can coexist.

The official Oblivion remaster from Microsoft and Bethesda should be focused on fans passionate about the current Xbox ecosystem, while Skyblivion attracts PC Gamers who like to experiment with new mods for Skyrim.