The creators of The Sims 5 are interested in the appearance of multiplayer in the game

The Sims 5 has been in development at Maxis (Electronic Arts Studio) for several years, and from time to time we get fragmentary information about how this game may look in the end. The game is created under the name "Project Rene", and it is called the next generation of The Sims, both from the point of view of technology and in terms of gameplay.

In a recent interview with Lindsay Pirson, Vice President of the Creative Development of The Sims franchise in Maxis, talked about new elements that will be used to create The Sims 5. In particular, she touched on the theme of multiplayer mechanics, which they strive to embed in the game before her inevitable exit.

In the interview, the Radio Times Parson spoke about the desire of the team to bring on the Sims 5 online multiplayer, which will be more or less first for the franchise:

We definitely want to introduce a multiplayer game. And not a multiplayer game in the sense that "Jump into a world full of strangers". But literally, as you and your friends want to play together. And there are many different options here, so we will explore the most diverse possibilities.

Parson explained that the Maxis team "Explores all these opportunities with pleasure", because the "Social can mean a lot". There are many ways in which the Maxis could introduce multi -user mechanics in The Sims 5, and Pirson took the opportunity and gave an example of Animal Crossing, as an indicative example of what can be done. In the game Animal Crossing, players build their own "island" At their discretion, and other players can visit this island.

It is possible, it is still unknown how the multiplayer game in The Sims 5 will work, but it can be confidently assumed that it will appear in the new generation of The Sims, which has been more than two decades.

On the one hand, the multiplayer would definitely like, for example, it would be possible to realize that each of the 8 family members is a character of each real player, while one could configure the relationship in the game and the like. It would be good for Sims. However, given who the developer and publisher. In the case of multiplayer, we are waiting for DLS for 999.999 $. Where the innovation will be, for example, a new color of cowards for the character.

Times Parson spoke about the desire of the team to bring on the Sims 5 online multiplayer, which will be more or less first for the franchise

Where the multiplayer is – there are paid services (((

This is an official photo for the preview?

Naturally not. In the current maxis, although the broken SJWshops are sitting, but not so broken down.

Multiplayer means – minus fashion. Since for accurate adjustment all users must have one content, only cosmetic changes are possible. That the online concept is difficult to understand what the authors think about it, but if they add a chat, it will no longer be the Sims as we are used to seeing it. And if you just leave everything as it is, but give players the opportunity to track the actions of other players, it’s even difficult to imagine what it will result in.

I remember one single ideal implementation of mods that was only in Starbound. If you want local cosmetics? Keep and do. Half -Claintic mods? Take it! Everyone will see them nearby. Caste items that you draw, animate, program yourself or someone for you and they carry not only a cosmetic, but also a gameplay function? Perfect!

Not to mention real mods that can be realized both through half a client and simply by adding to the server. True, the disadvantage in the game was that some managed to destroy the planets, spoil the preservations and generally destroy the server with their castes, but protection was created from such things on still living servers.

You draw, animate, something like an avatar when creating household items. A kind of designer who has already been built into the game. But this is just a constructor. The same as we can see in any sandbox. Serious modification changes: scenario, models, textures, and some mods, authors bring to mind for years, and only the authors of assemblies know how fashion to work together. But, suppose they created the base, they invited specialists to edit the mods of the server created by users, and someone did not like some mod. But it cannot be disconnected because it already interacts with other mods. Dissatisfied responses low rating outflow of players to other projects. So, even if you dream, the picture is not too rosy.

You draw, animate, something like an avatar when creating household items. A kind of designer who has already been built into the game.

No. Third -party resources, third -party things unplanned by the game. Whole scripts used in the game on your side, and the performance of which everyone else see. Fashion tied on this. It’s all about Starbound. But not about the script and texture, 2D game.

In Sims, I see the implementation of this only through a selective modding, you can put a mod on the client, and you can fulfill the interactions with other people either if the player has the same mod, or in the case when this is an interaction can be reproduced.

Scenarios can be implemented through the intra-game editor, provided that it will be created, and the models-models can be allowed to be displayed directly in the game, taking them on the go due to the client of their installed (not even a host), without the need to install others. And then there will be a question only regarding their functionality. Yes, again, debatable, and "Classic" Modifications will not go anywhere – all the same, not everything is possible to perform through this selective modding. There will be a problem of ethics and safety, because if any client can reproduce any content or its replacement, this will lead to unpredictable consequences.

There is one condition, mods should be workers on any PC. On the console where the parameters are alone, it is not difficult to implement this, but on different configurations.

In Sims, I see the implementation of this only through a selective modding, you can put a mod on the client, and you can fulfill the interactions with other people either if the player has the same mod,

The described above resembles the system used in Ark: Survival Evolved. In other words, they again came to the standard designer. Perhaps we will get one in Sims 5. It is possible, but when there will be modding control by the publisher, it will be not much different from DLC.

Obviously, there will be many girls in this mode.
We already have whole games for dating in the person of MMORPG. The quality of such dating can be discussed for a long time, but they are.
It is too early to speak then, but if the social part is optimized, it will be cool.

The only offer for dating in which there will be more young women than married men.

Well, if, like in the past parts, mods will be available, then enthusiasts will quickly make something like a WW fashion for full sex with animations, actions and the like. In the end, this is not just a dating simulator will be. Although, it depends on how multiplayer is realized and modding. Since it is possible that the modders will burn the ass with each update of the game, since players, to play with these mods, will have to update them every time. And if my memory serves me, in the previous parts of the fashion it was impossible to make autonomous in terms of their updates. In general, it is worth following the game, if only because they are curious, what will be done? But now, will we play in this 5 part on an ongoing basis? This is a question. Many people, for example, prefer to play in 3 part, it is understandable, the game gameplay is better than 4 part, the only thing in which it is inferior to 4 parts – graphics, well, a little optimization. In general, it would be better if the developers did not engage in the creation of a new part and simply made a remaster of 3 parts for modern systems with all the old content. If they love money so much, then for such players they themselves will enter the money in the cashier.

They have already given the opportunity to update mods through the course, but it still works crookedly, and many even basic mods are not there, or updates come late.

It will be possible to do floor change operations?

Lord, they spoiled the graphene even worse. Probably more precisely the style and humanity of the characters

it’s not shots from the game.
The game itself will be on the contrary more with emphasis in realism, judging by the merged screens

I translate: fuck you this real world, socialize under beer/juices/water with pizzas at home!

And if there are people who are disabled even to the toilet interferes with walking, they also socialize on the street?

Many of them live on online communication.

And there are also most of them? I generalize. Moreover, there are friends – and they are friends – they can go to visit by playing. But no, let’s go online right away.

It was time to make it online from the second part of the TC like a single – too stuffy

I would not say that it’s stuffy. Rather – specific. Just each part had its own gameplay. For example, The Sims had a rather interesting addition to magic. For example, I played very often and I liked playing purely because of gameplay, The Sims 2 is also good in itself, but there is another gameplay, and the second for the most part developed by the fact that it had many unofficial additions, including With sex, like the same sex Addon Emmanuel and one more, I forgot the name. The third part is good for the fact that it is gameplay better than the previous parts and 4 parts. Yes, in The Sims 4 they began to transfer the gameplay of previous parts. But damn it, how many times I have tried to play The Sims 4 without mods and cheats, the game becomes unrealistically tedious to me. In past versions, I was happy to play without cheats without even knowing about them, it was interesting to develop the character. In The Sims 3, I especially liked the possibility of studying martial arts, a game for a vampire, magician, I am silent about the fact that I consider the DLS with adventures the best that they added there. And what do we eventually have in The Sims 4? Some rare stub of what was before. Vampires in The Sims 4 – sucks in greater accounts, although there are cool skills there. Mages are technically better than in The Sims 3, but gameplay is worse and not very interesting. And werewolves. I’d rather keep silent about them. So, it’s hard to say that it will end in the result in The Sims 5? I do not exclude that Kal will come out, knowing the developer and the publisher and people will still feed DLC for 999.$ 999, however, look at the very declared implementation of the multi -user regime, is still worth it, at least from a technical point of view.

So they already had experiments with a multiplayer in sims, at that time unsuccessful