The developers of the domestic RPG “Trouble” talked about the system of “images” in the game

At the beginning of next year, an ambition role action will be released on the PC "Troubles" from the English studio Cyberia Nova. One of the key features of the project, in addition to the interesting setting of the XVII century, will be the system "images" For the character of the player. They will influence both the gameplay and the playing of the game, so the developers decided to tell in more detail about this mechanics.

It is important to note that the system "images" In the domestic game "Troubles" has nothing to do with the appearance or skins, where only the appearance of the character changes. They are of practical significance and are closely related to the gameplay. Reportedly, the game will have several "images" character: Shish, warrior, mercenary and Sagittarius.

Mechanics "images" V "Troubles" resembles the usual classes from other RPG projects, however, Cyberia Nova insists that they cannot be compared.

"Image" It is impossible to directly compare with the classes familiar to us in games, since the first determines, inter alia, the attitude of the characters in the world of the game to the player’s character, and the second – only a set of characteristics of the character and the possibility of owning certain types of weapons.

Selected by the players "image" will form the attitude of the surrounding characters to him, because of which it will be possible to go through the same situations in various ways. Only one will be available at the beginning of the game "image", But during the passage, access to new ones will be opened, which can be changed in special places. They will be distinguished by the main weapon, abilities and, in general, the style of the battle. Some "Images" will allow it to be better treated, while others stand out better endurance or the ability to shoot from a pistol. In addition, with their help, developers will try to convey the spirit of the XVII century.

At a time when, in appearance, the belonging of a particular person to any estate and, as a result, his social role was quite read – how he is dressed, what weapons under him, and so on – all this already determined the relationship of this particular individual with that the environment in which he was at a certain point in time.

More about everyone "image" Developers promise to tell closer to the official release of the game. Exit "Troubles" scheduled for February 26.