The head of the development of “Troubles”: “5 historical consultants are working on the game”

The head of the Troubles Development, Alexei Kopsev, told Playport Fest 2023 at the Playport Fest 2023 festival about the details of the game from the Cyberia Nova studio. According to him, the developers are carefully approaching the historical reliability of the life of the early 17th century. Five historical consultants work on action-RPG, including architecture and weapons.

Kopsev also answered the question about a shield with a hole from a concept art, which the players criticized. It was his idea to show the experiments of gunsmiths of that time.

With this shield is a very funny story. What my thought was? What is the beginning of the XVII century? This is the time when the cold weapons have not yet gone, it has not sunk into the past, and firearms are already starting to be used. And this image of this tarch, this shield, he illustrated this business vividly. We, in fact, took an engraving that in the weapons chamber is located. And here there is no one and there is no longer. Well, yes, this was rarely used. Yes, it could be a shield not of English production, but some Dutch. It was used in order to put a hand in some fortified holes and shoot such an adversity. Nevertheless, there is no schizophrenia here – Alexey Kopsev.

Other interview details:

  • In Cyberia Nova, 75 people work over the “Troubles”;
  • The development team has “completely legendary people” who created “allods” and “truckers”;
  • Initially, the game was created for the international market, but due to the events of 2022, plans changed;
  • The target audience of “Troubles” – young people from 17 to 21 years old, who like history;
  • Players from other countries can also be interested in the game because of its “colorful” picture and a bright love line;
  • Now developers are engaged in optimizing and testing the game. In the studio they want it to be launched on PC with average performance, as well as on gaming laptops;
  • “Troubles” will be released in VK Play. Demo version will also be available to players;
  • In the near future, the authors will show many videos on the game.

The release of “Troubles” is scheduled for 2024. Action-RPG will only be available on PC.