The host of the Starfield quest designer left Bethesda and will work on a role-playing game from Skyrim and Fallout New Vegas

Will Shen, the leading quest designer Starfield, as well as the Bethesda Design Director, leaves the studio. Shen worked on Bethesda role -playing games starting with Fallout 3. Shen confirmed that he joined the team of Coemping Weird Games, a studio founded by another former head of Bethesda. Now the company’s team has many experienced Role -playing veterans: former employees of BioWare, Bethesda and Obsidian work in the new studio.

In an interview with Game Developer, Shen said that his new role will be to overcome the gap between the teams of designers and scriptwriters of the studio and help the game to achieve a more holistic vision.

I think that one of the things that makes AAA role-playing games really unique is when you feel that the game has some kind of single direction.

The debut game Someting Weird Games is a new role -playing game called WYRDSONG, combining a gloomy fantasy setting with real myths and historical horrors.

Director General of the studio Jeff Gardiner in an interview with GameSradar last year said:

I am a big fan of contrasts, so there are times when [game] is more relaxed, cheerful and serene. And there are moments of horror.

The curtain also compared "gloomy but cheerful" The atmosphere of the game with the world Fallout, which is destroyed, but can still make you laugh.

Recall that Bethesda was also forced to say goodbye to Pete Hines today.

Let’s be frank. Absolutely all games of recent years from the giants of the game industry were ruined by the deadlines and the intervention of managers in the development, the plot and other components of the games in which these same managers are simply incorrect with their knowledge. The maximum that they can bring is the wishes of the agenda and so on. In outline.

All we have heard in recent years – we did not have enough time. How much content is cut out.
If this very team of veterans will have resources to make the game as much as they want. We can get candy.

This will be the first game that they will declare themselves. They just have no right to crap.
You can guess anything, but these are developers with hands and knowledge.
Mixing them with mud we will still have time.

On the one hand, it was true, but there were many games ruined by excessive ambitions. Sometimes development without hard deadlines and competent management can turn into hell and confusion. And it’s good if such a project has a good budget and developers, even in case of improper distribution of resources, will be able to complete the game. Although it will be obvious where they did not skimp with the budget, and where they finished in the piles and for a penny. It also happens that with poor ambitions, they go so much over the edge that the budget ends in the middle of the development, and all investors or donators remain with nothing.

There were always unfinished games in the industry, earlier due to lack of control, now due to excess. And the industry has not yet digested that amount of money and responsibility (to investors and players), which came to it. So with almost any entertainment content, it doesn’t matter this sport, cinema, music or video games as in our case. There is always a moment when a bunch of an incompetent people with thick wallets come to the industry, burns about this and leaves, and the industry remains mostly competent (or those who know how to earn money, which is also a kind of competence).

Not if you take the talented and give them unlimited resources, then the games will never be released, since in most cases the ambitions do not correspond to the level of capabilities.

Logic s "non -interference" Both T -shirts and Embracer and Cheto somehow did not work out wild hits. At best, just good.

Here the problem is rather not with what they do, but how they do. People who can establish the workflow and distribute the load adequately need, but you need competent, not effective managers who do not know about the games, about how they work, but are guided by the principle "the witch brings a lot of money, let’s make the sorcerer and we will also be baguas".

And if you go deeper, you can see that the game industry is now a crisis associated with generations. The old generation can no longer, and the new one cannot yet.

You might think that all creative geniuses are sitting under the managers, with which the wings are cut. Rather, everything is just the opposite – in the current conditions it is impossible to demand anything from irresponsible loafers, because the main thing is that the poor thing would not be overwhelmed and not feel the slightest stress at the workplace.

There is one fear. As a result, the chance of getting a game on an ancient engine that does not meet modern requirements sharply increases sharply. Which, in fact, happened to the Starfield. For example, I do not suit me at all to play in a completely modified game, but with some pixel graphics of the level of the first Duma. Or, as an option, the game will never come out at all due to constant corrections and renewals.

And I will remind you that the gazebo unconditionally good quests were the last time in Oblivion, just before the arrival of this "Talent". Coincidence?

Fashion for quests has gone. Future behind the quests of the Luzian generator. There is nothing to do in Oblivion if the gate closed everything or by chance the game earlier

Classic. The famous person left the bottom games to make other bottom games, but to declare that they will definitely do Sydevr.

Create your own studio and make games better.

What setting will they pose in g"This time?

I thought there the quest also made a neural network, it turns out that no it was people. Well good luck is clearly talented

This is clearly what is better not to include in your portfolio. Most likely he did not leave the conversation, but he was asked.

If anything, this is the one that worked on Far Harbor and Fractional quests in Starfield.Yes, they are also not masterpiece, but compared to his work, everything else is in terms of the plot – fierce feces.The campaign in Tes 6 will be at Starfield plot level

As for me, this "leading" Starfield started so far that his "talents" It is enough to ditch another thread for another thread.

The question is that exactly he "led", Excellent atmospheric quests and in the field and in FOL4, but the main plot is that there is designed there, apparently, for the generation of completely repulsed Zumers, however, even they did not appreciate
And I somehow poorly believe that in "plot turns" The main quest is to blame for some deadline

I don’t even know who to be afraid for the gazebo or for the new studio for whom.

The quest tolive ore ? Or give it ? who dushnilovo in space made everyone there on planet x

bite, newly roller playing from the former from Bethesda

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