The launch of Battlefield 2042 in the Xbox Game Pass was the “important point” for Dice

In an interview with Gamesradar, the senior producer of Dice Ryan MacArthur talked about how great the Xbox Game Pass played on the long journey to the rescue of Battlefield 2042 and how he pushed the developers’ team to improve the quality of the game.

Despite the fact that the Battlefield 2042 was one of the most anticipated games of 2021, because of a number of problems at the start, she did not find a response from the players who soon left the servers of the game. Over the debut of the months, the Dice team, having rolled up their sleeves, offered regular updates to improve the quality of a multi -user shooter, which is in much better condition today.

One of the main points along the correction path was the launch of Xbox Game Pass through EA Play as part of the 3rd season in November 2022, which for the developers team has become an excellent incentive for further improvement of the quality of the game, taking into account the huge number of users signed for the Microsoft service, which will first try Battlefield 2042.

"I am a big supporter of services such as Game Pass, and for us it was an important point that we noted on the calendar", – MacArthur said.

We talked a lot about the fact that if we come when we open this game for many new players, then it should be good. She should be the way we wanted to see her when they launched, and this prompted the team to approach this date

Apart from Game Pass, MacArthur explained that the base of Battlefield 2042 players is growing with each new season, which stimulates the creative potential of the developer team and their determination.

I think that this is why every season was better than the previous one. You look not only at the basis, but also at the weapon that we did, that we processed all the cards that were at the start of the game – we have never done this before. Although it was difficult, we enjoyed. Looking back at my career, I, perhaps, are most proud of this journey.

MacArthur added that Dice will continue to strive to make Battlefield 2042 the best game of all possible before releasing the next series game.

People stumble and make mistakes. I think it’s good that we have the opportunity to follow our actions and do what we consider to do better. It was nice to see how the players returned to the game and gave us another chance.