The merged gameplay fragment Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty confirms the old fan theory

The Cyberpunk 2077 demo version: Phantom Liberty, which CD Projekt Red brought to Summer Game Fest 2023, confirmed the long -standing fan theory of the upcoming expansion.

The first and only extension was shrouded in a secret from the moment of its announcement in April 2022. Although the second teaser, released in December, announced the participation of Idris Elbe in Phantom Liberty, this promotionalik still gave more questions than answers than answers. Summer Game Fest 2023 was the opportunity to interrupt the silence for the DLC for CDPR, but the participation of the developers has so far limited the demonstration of additions to people who are physically present at the presentation in California.

Be that as it may, some shots from the demo yet got into the network. And although at first glance the short video is not shown in the short video, in these few seconds, when vi goes along the corridor, there is something more than it seems at first glance. Firstly, the personnel confirm that in Phantom Liberty it will be facing face with Rosalind Mayers, since the goal of finding the current president of the NSCH appears on the screen closer to the end of the video. The original teaser to DLC began with a crashed aircraft, but it was still unclear whether Mayers really was on board the aircraft when it was shot down.

Secondly, subtitles show that vi is talking with a certain Songbird (Singing Bird), passing through the wreckage of the aircraft at the very beginning of the plot of DLC. This is very important, since it increases the trust in the large leak of information about the DLC, which occurred in mid -2022, which revealed some of the main plot points of the upcoming expansion and was the first evidence that the singing bird will become one of the central characters of Phantom Liberty.

And the last thing you can understand from the video is a noticeable change in the user interface; Namely, players will soon be able to assign grenades and ability of cyberimplants for different buttons thanks to several slots that are clearly visible. As a result, Hud now always displays the implant chosen by the player, and the video also shows that the tips of the phone buttons and car were processed.

It is likely that these changes will not be exclusive for Phantom Liberty, but will appear in update 1.7, since CDPR previously confirmed that various improvements will be made in the mentioned patch.