The second season “Arken” will be released at the end of 2024

"Arkyn", The famous animated series on League of Legends will return with the second season at the end of next year.

At the conference of Video V Vision Conference, organized by Tencent, the Chinese maternal company League of Legends, was announced the release of the series in the 4th quarter of 2024. According to the assumptions in the game community, the release will most likely take place in November, which corresponds to the release of the first season, as well as an event dedicated to the 15th anniversary of League of Legends.

Thus, from the moment the first season is released, three years will pass. This is a large interval, but the developers of the game from Riot made it clear that, despite the success of the first season, they will not rush with the release of the continuation.

The focus of the series is the stories of several League of Legends characters. The series has become a real hit, having received Annie Awards Award and winning all nine nominations. He also received two awards "Emmy" For the animation and award of The Game Award for the best adaptation.

I just remind you that the first season has been created for more than 6 years. Fortunately, the authors now have experience, tools and the necessary financing, therefore, the period is half as well as justified. The main thing is that the quality of all aspects of the series is still at a high level of performance, without rolling into templates, simplification and repetition.

I just remind you that the series of all time and peoples were shot for season a year. And here pictures are drawn for decades. Когда выйдет третий сезон уже забудешь, что было в первом, так как возраст возмёт своё.

There is no excuse for such a long -term construction. Let at least five episodes per year release, or something.

If you need pictures, then see the annual chewing gum by type of Rick and Morty in a digestible format taken using an affordable 2D-drawing. Although, if there were not 20 minutes there, but twice as long, you would not have seen it every year. Arkyn was originally positioned as an expensive, spectacular, cinematic series, but only animated, they compete not with corns, but a full meter. You can see the documentary about creating or interviews, where the authors explain everything on the shelves. They only worked on the image of the hairstyle of the heroine for a week, there is no need to talk about other large -scale concepts. There is practically no statics on the screen, a bunch of details, dynamic lighting, palette, special effects, you can not notice this only if you looked at the ass.

Again, directing, history, scenes, installation, sound, complete feeling that you are observing a real movie. There are of course disadvantages, but against the background of the rest of the simple, the project here is straightforwardly distinguished. And this is one of the best adaptations of video games or even the best that is generally a rarity. There is no point in reducing the level of quality and chasing the number. It is good that there will be a continuation at all, because the first season has taken a lot of effort and time from the developers, the benefit that they accepted it perfectly. Yes, and they do what they love, it is also noticeable, and do not milk, like some, to the delight of lovers of annual consumer goods, in any case.

P.With. about "You will already forget", generally a complaint about nothing. Now and feature films, the continuation of the series come out with decent pauses for two or more years. Some games do not appear under a decade, although there were enough for three years. Time, expenses and competition has grown decently, marketing and shooting service take more time and means.

However, in the old days there were similar cases, to take at least a number of writers whose books were clearly not annually, one George is not in a hurry. Things, do not flash the newspaper. If you are interested in this reading/film, then it is easy to refresh the memory, you can always re -read or revise the original with interest, you don’t have to talk about all sorts of short contents.