The secret of Venoma from Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 was a meme

In the Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 fans community, a new hilarious meme has appeared, associated with the disclosure of the personality of Venom. Over the past years, dozens of different characters infected Venom with a symbiot of Venom, and fans have fun, trying to solve this secret for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

The origins of this meme go back to Summer Game Fest 2023. During the show, Insomniac confirmed the release date of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, and also told one detail that caused curiosity in all fans. Brian Horton from Insomniac confirmed that Venom in the game is not Eddie Brock, the most popular character who wore a black symbiote. Given this fact, it is natural that fans of Spider-Man are wondering who can be Venom.

The general essence of this meme – "Anyone can become a Venom". Some proposals are quite practical, for example, the main villain Miles Morales Simon Crieger. This theory has a small meaning, since Simon could turn to the symbiot to take revenge on Miles for throwing him in jail. There was also the opinion that it was Craven himself. Other assumptions, for example, that the best friend of Miles Gank is Venom, do not converge at all. Despite the fact that some of these assumptions can be far -fetched, whole stories are often created to justify the theory, for example, Ganka is so jealous that he is the third superfluous that goes in search of power.

The meme itself quickly got off the rails when it came to serious assumptions, since many suggestions are either random, or you should not take them seriously. For example, Gloria Davil, the head of the shelter for the homeless f.E.A.S.T, or a side quest guy in Marvel’s Spider-Man. But the most hilarious assumption of the identity of the Venom should be the cat from the Marvel’s Spider -Man’s wine cellar: Miles Morales – which, due to the fact that the symbiote can take any form, is technically possible.

For players who have passed the game Marvel’s Spider-Man, the answer to the question of who Venom is already received. After the credits went, the scene was shown in which Norman Osborne helps his son Harry Osborne in a water tank, and part of Harry’s body is covered with a black substance. Because of this scene, it is likely that Harry is Venom, but players will learn about this only at the end of this year.