Titanfall 3 was in production for 10 months, and then the developers changed their plans

Vince Zampella is a legendary game developer who raised the Call of Duty franchise to a new height after developing a multiplayer for the most famous games of the series, COD4 and COD: MW2. Zampella in a few years turned Call of Duty from a niche game with a name in a home giant. Infinity Ward created an incomprehensible game, and finally appeared the market competition of Battlefield from EA.

However, the fairy tale turned out to be short -lived: Activision fired Zapopell, and a large -scale judicial lawsuit began. Zampella created Respawn Entertainment and promised to create a game that was not like any other, which he succeeded. Titanfall came out as an exclusive for Xbox One and PC with a reservation: it was only a multi -user. Titanfall was accepted by critics and fans in 2014. With all this, fans wanted a real solitary campaign, and received it.

A few years later, Titanfall 2 came out with a real solitary campaign and an updated multiplayer. Titanfall gave fans exactly what they wanted was the unique experience of a single play with a multiplayer that developed what was given to us earlier.

All this leads us to Titanfall 3, which never happened for a number of reasons and one of the former developers Mohammad Alavi told a little about what happened behind the scenes.

  • Titanfall 3 was in production for 10 months, had slight improvements compared to Titanfall 2, but was not a revolutionary.
  • PUBG came out and the developers added the regime of the royal battle.
  • It was decided to change the direction and turn Titanfall into Free 2 Play Royal Battle.
  • They did not even say anything EA for 6 months, until they had something to boast.
  • EA just bought them for Titanfall IP, waiting for the game for $ 60, which they have now turned into a free royal battle.

And then there was APEC Legends, which became a real hit. At the moment, gamers can only dream that we will get something unique and special as Titanfall 3. Despite the recognition that Titanfall is the basis of the Respawn DNA, the team seems to not make Titanfall 3 a priority.