Update 35 for Dead Cells is available in alpha version, brings a new damned weapon and much more

Update 35 for Dead Cells is already available, at least in alpha version. It will bring new elements of cult mechanics of curses, as well as new legendary affixes and much more. Naturally, you can access the alpha version of Dead Cells only on a PC, so you are not lucky if you play a recently released version for PS5.

However, PC players can count on new weapons and mechanics associated with the curse. The first new weapon, the anathema, is a throwing weapon that curses you if it gets into something, and the second, indulgence, causes critical damage if you are not damned.

The third new weapon is Mizerikord, which delivers a critical blow, if the enemy you attack has less than half of health. If your attack does not kill the target, you get a curse. Better be careful with this weapon.

Three new enemies were also added in the update 35 Dead Cells. The first is the full loser, “”who cannot harm you“, But which will cling to you and fly through you. If you kill him, you will accumulate 3 curses.

Meanwhile, the bearing fate curses you with every attack, which he amazes you, and if you have 50 glasses of curse, you are dead.

Finally, there is a curse that produces a shell that, as you have already guessed, adds curses and causes damage to you if it falls into you.

There are also three new mutations. The damned flask gives your bottle of health endless charges, but you will receive 20 glasses of curses every time you are treated with its help.

Cursed energy is a mutation that saves your life for 2 seconds with 1 HP, and if you kill something during this time, you will stay alive. Otherwise, you will die instantly after these 2 seconds.

The last new mutation is “demonic force”, which increases your damage by 30%if you are cursed, and this bonus increases by percentage point for each stack of curses.

This new Dead Cells update also adds several new legendary affixes, as well as a couple of balance sheet corrections and some new head settings for the decapitated.