With certain characters in the player’s group, Baldur’s Gate 3 allows you to join the orgy with five characters at once

Baldur’s Gate 3 is stuffed with sexy scenes than any other role -playing game before her. Based on a system of romance in other games, such as Dragon Age and Mass Effect, sex in Baldur’s Gate is not just a reward at the end of the game. He can be anything – from a hobby to a sign of fidelity. Either both. Everything that your heart wishes.

If you want to see how far Larian Studios has gone to create sexual scenes, pay attention to the delightful rende. At a certain moment of the game, you can sleep with two, not with three, but with four partners at once. Including a player, this turns a meeting into a full -fledged orgy. And most importantly, no one needs to persuade anyone, because the characters are excited no less than their associates.

This video belongs to the user of Pancakes, who managed to create an orgy of five characters. With the help of a drow, Astarion and Halsin join the player.

If for some reason you decided to click on this video at work, do not worry, you will not see anything. But this is not an ordinary transition to black. Instead, the storyteller leads you along the stage, describing the individual moments of what is happening in the dark. Although five participants, the storyteller spends most of the time to follow the performance of Astarion. But when it was all over, it is Halsin that has something to say about the meeting.

Devoted Dragon Age fans will not fail to notice that this is far from the first game that allows you to arrange a depraved orgy with the right approach to the organization of Pati. In Dragon Age: Origins Threesome or four was a great way to open a new combat class. Just find Isabel in a border of money and convince her to agree to sex as a fee for mastering the skills of a duelist. If your party has a duel, he will object – until you offer him to join either. Everyone except Morigan will not refuse. Better yet, if you spun an affair with Leliana, and your group has Zevran, he will ask for a company, even if you are not in a relationship, and will allow four characters to participate in the fun.

Maybe Larian specially tried to surpass Origins in this regard? The game has a lot from the 2009 role -playing game with its party camp and the ability to kiss a partner on demand, so it’s not so unlikely that this Kuteria with Isabeli prompted Baldur’s Gate 3 developers on this idea.

Be that as it may, Baldur’s Gate seems to keep many sexual secrets that we have to open. Someone can find out if it is possible to get the same scene if you start an affair with Karllah? I ask for a friend.