The creators of The Sims 5 are interested in the appearance of multiplayer in the game

The Sims 5 has been in development at Maxis (Electronic Arts Studio) for several years, and from time to time we get fragmentary information about how this game may look in the end. The game is created under the name "Project Rene", and it is called the next generation of The Sims, both from the point of view of technology and in terms of gameplay.

In a recent interview with Lindsay Pirson, Vice President of the Creative Development of The Sims franchise in Maxis, talked about new elements that will be used to create The Sims 5. In particular, she touched on the theme of multiplayer mechanics, which they strive to embed in the game before her inevitable exit.

In the interview, the Radio Times Parson spoke about the desire of the team to bring on the Sims 5 online multiplayer, which will be more or less first for the franchise:

We definitely want to introduce a multiplayer game. And not a multiplayer game in the sense that "Jump into a world full of strangers". But literally, as you and your friends want to play together. And there are many different options here, so we will explore the most diverse possibilities.

Parson explained that the Maxis team "Explores all these opportunities with pleasure", because the "Social can mean a lot". There are many ways in which the Maxis could introduce multi -user mechanics in The Sims 5, and Pirson took the opportunity and gave an example of Animal Crossing, as an indicative example of what can be done. In the game Animal Crossing, players build their own "island" At their discretion, and other players can visit this island.

It is possible, it is still unknown how the multiplayer game in The Sims 5 will work, but it can be confidently assumed that it will appear in the new generation of The Sims, which has been more than two decades.

On the one hand, the multiplayer would definitely like, for example, it would be possible to realize that each of the 8 family members is a character of each real player, while one could configure the relationship in the game and the like. It would be good for Sims. However, given who the developer and publisher. In the case of multiplayer, we are waiting for DLS for 999.999 $. Where the innovation will be, for example, a new color of cowards for the character.

Times Parson spoke about the desire of the team to bring on the Sims 5 online multiplayer, which will be more or less first for the franchise

Where the multiplayer is – there are paid services (((

This is an official photo for the preview?

Naturally not. In the current maxis, although the broken SJWshops are sitting, but not so broken down.

Multiplayer means – minus fashion. Since for accurate adjustment all users must have one content, only cosmetic changes are possible. That the online concept is difficult to understand what the authors think about it, but if they add a chat, it will no longer be the Sims as we are used to seeing it. And if you just leave everything as it is, but give players the opportunity to track the actions of other players, it’s even difficult to imagine what it will result in.

I remember one single ideal implementation of mods that was only in Starbound. If you want local cosmetics? Keep and do. Half -Claintic mods? Take it! Everyone will see them nearby. Caste items that you draw, animate, program yourself or someone for you and they carry not only a cosmetic, but also a gameplay function? Perfect!

Not to mention real mods that can be realized both through half a client and simply by adding to the server. True, the disadvantage in the game was that some managed to destroy the planets, spoil the preservations and generally destroy the server with their castes, but protection was created from such things on still living servers.

You draw, animate, something like an avatar when creating household items. A kind of designer who has already been built into the game. But this is just a constructor. The same as we can see in any sandbox. Serious modification changes: scenario, models, textures, and some mods, authors bring to mind for years, and only the authors of assemblies know how fashion to work together. But, suppose they created the base, they invited specialists to edit the mods of the server created by users, and someone did not like some mod. But it cannot be disconnected because it already interacts with other mods. Dissatisfied responses low rating outflow of players to other projects. So, even if you dream, the picture is not too rosy.

You draw, animate, something like an avatar when creating household items. A kind of designer who has already been built into the game.

No. Third -party resources, third -party things unplanned by the game. Whole scripts used in the game on your side, and the performance of which everyone else see. Fashion tied on this. It’s all about Starbound. But not about the script and texture, 2D game.

In Sims, I see the implementation of this only through a selective modding, you can put a mod on the client, and you can fulfill the interactions with other people either if the player has the same mod, or in the case when this is an interaction can be reproduced.

Scenarios can be implemented through the intra-game editor, provided that it will be created, and the models-models can be allowed to be displayed directly in the game, taking them on the go due to the client of their installed (not even a host), without the need to install others. And then there will be a question only regarding their functionality. Yes, again, debatable, and "Classic" Modifications will not go anywhere – all the same, not everything is possible to perform through this selective modding. There will be a problem of ethics and safety, because if any client can reproduce any content or its replacement, this will lead to unpredictable consequences.

There is one condition, mods should be workers on any PC. On the console where the parameters are alone, it is not difficult to implement this, but on different configurations.

In Sims, I see the implementation of this only through a selective modding, you can put a mod on the client, and you can fulfill the interactions with other people either if the player has the same mod,

The described above resembles the system used in Ark: Survival Evolved. In other words, they again came to the standard designer. Perhaps we will get one in Sims 5. It is possible, but when there will be modding control by the publisher, it will be not much different from DLC.

Obviously, there will be many girls in this mode.
We already have whole games for dating in the person of MMORPG. The quality of such dating can be discussed for a long time, but they are.
It is too early to speak then, but if the social part is optimized, it will be cool.

The only offer for dating in which there will be more young women than married men.

Well, if, like in the past parts, mods will be available, then enthusiasts will quickly make something like a WW fashion for full sex with animations, actions and the like. In the end, this is not just a dating simulator will be. Although, it depends on how multiplayer is realized and modding. Since it is possible that the modders will burn the ass with each update of the game, since players, to play with these mods, will have to update them every time. And if my memory serves me, in the previous parts of the fashion it was impossible to make autonomous in terms of their updates. In general, it is worth following the game, if only because they are curious, what will be done? But now, will we play in this 5 part on an ongoing basis? This is a question. Many people, for example, prefer to play in 3 part, it is understandable, the game gameplay is better than 4 part, the only thing in which it is inferior to 4 parts – graphics, well, a little optimization. In general, it would be better if the developers did not engage in the creation of a new part and simply made a remaster of 3 parts for modern systems with all the old content. If they love money so much, then for such players they themselves will enter the money in the cashier.

They have already given the opportunity to update mods through the course, but it still works crookedly, and many even basic mods are not there, or updates come late.

It will be possible to do floor change operations?

Lord, they spoiled the graphene even worse. Probably more precisely the style and humanity of the characters

it’s not shots from the game.
The game itself will be on the contrary more with emphasis in realism, judging by the merged screens

I translate: fuck you this real world, socialize under beer/juices/water with pizzas at home!

And if there are people who are disabled even to the toilet interferes with walking, they also socialize on the street?

Many of them live on online communication.

And there are also most of them? I generalize. Moreover, there are friends – and they are friends – they can go to visit by playing. But no, let’s go online right away.

It was time to make it online from the second part of the TC like a single – too stuffy

I would not say that it’s stuffy. Rather – specific. Just each part had its own gameplay. For example, The Sims had a rather interesting addition to magic. For example, I played very often and I liked playing purely because of gameplay, The Sims 2 is also good in itself, but there is another gameplay, and the second for the most part developed by the fact that it had many unofficial additions, including With sex, like the same sex Addon Emmanuel and one more, I forgot the name. The third part is good for the fact that it is gameplay better than the previous parts and 4 parts. Yes, in The Sims 4 they began to transfer the gameplay of previous parts. But damn it, how many times I have tried to play The Sims 4 without mods and cheats, the game becomes unrealistically tedious to me. In past versions, I was happy to play without cheats without even knowing about them, it was interesting to develop the character. In The Sims 3, I especially liked the possibility of studying martial arts, a game for a vampire, magician, I am silent about the fact that I consider the DLS with adventures the best that they added there. And what do we eventually have in The Sims 4? Some rare stub of what was before. Vampires in The Sims 4 – sucks in greater accounts, although there are cool skills there. Mages are technically better than in The Sims 3, but gameplay is worse and not very interesting. And werewolves. I’d rather keep silent about them. So, it’s hard to say that it will end in the result in The Sims 5? I do not exclude that Kal will come out, knowing the developer and the publisher and people will still feed DLC for 999.$ 999, however, look at the very declared implementation of the multi -user regime, is still worth it, at least from a technical point of view.

So they already had experiments with a multiplayer in sims, at that time unsuccessful

Farewell video Phantom Liberty “Bad City, Bad People”

Fans decided to give away such a steep end history by releasing a fan farewell video dedicated to the events of Phantom Liberty.

The video was very sad, emphasizing the most important events of the game

"Bad city, bad people" – The name of the farewell video history "V". DLC Phantom Liberty was the first and last DLC for Cyberpunk 2077. Now a fat point in history has been set "V"

All the stench and hat to the magnificent cyberpunk come from those who could not be iron. Vaughn, Deus ex mamkin sofa is already lifted with might and main to the rank of religious, although at the time of the exit, they were watered with slop. And about what a non -optimized piece of feces was this sofa. 1070 did not export it in principle, I was able to play normally only on 3080ti, how many years have passed since the release? So with cyberpanm. The game is already cult, but will become a legend, when fully, all sections of the population will be able to play with all the rays and buns in it. There are no offense here, not everyone can afford iron on the floor of Lyama, so that in some kind of game there is a play there, albeit a worthy.

Everyone meets with panama, in good resolution =)

Again a show -off cards. On 3070 and RX6900 XT passed and the game does not make anything straight. Of course, it is not a dispute, of course, it is beautiful – but gameplay is the average luter -player militant about the formation with well, an extremely unrefined story about the formation of a guy of the opposing large corporation.

Very meager mindset to write like that!

If you could not notice that only after 3+ years, the super developers were able to bring the expected project of millions of fans to a fifth state, and only now after large changes and large patches, the game has become worthy and fully, namely, that the CD PR itself to everyone They promised!

Yes, he pretended to be on the console (PS4 and Xone) who they are and for the hell to make optimization for them, they do not have powerful iron!

I see you only a fraud, about who and what can afford from iron, about which one who has a powerful vidyuha and the processor, that well, even if you are generally optimized and the amount of content, the main thing is iron, the founding iron that could be, yes to put on the optimization as a whole to whom it is nada, and the fact that the game is a funny piece of govna and the absence of most of the content on the release this does not make the game not finished or bad, the main thing is powerful – powerful 💪 iron.

P.S – in general, at all to steam about optimization, why is it needed, why do a finished project at all, why to release what they promised, why release a polished project on the release, why strain if they are already ganging up, because it is – CD PR, why This is all, why if Bratyuni has a powerful 💪💪💪 iron.

Belgian Embassy: Baldur’s Gate 3 sales in Steam exceeded 5 million copies

Even before the full exit of Baldur’s Gate 3, it became known that 2 2 early access was sold.5 million copies. Immediately after the release, the game became a major hit, but the new sales figures were not announced and yesterday the Belgian embassy in China reported that the total circulation of role -playing game, in Steam alone, exceeded 5.2 million copies.

According to this figure, it turns out that since the release, the game diverged with a circulation of 2.7 million copies. It should be noted that while Larian Studio has not given any comments about this information. So while this should be perceived as a kind of hearing.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is a large -scale role -playing game with the creators of the Divinity series: Original Sin. The game reached the PC on August 3 and turned out to be a big hit – players around the world praise it and developers. The version for PlayStation 5, meanwhile, is slightly delayed until September 6, and the versions for Xbox Series X and S are left without the release date (more about the delay of Baldur’s Gate 3 on Xbox here).

Glad for Larian, respect for such a game. As they say: "Good game good sales". And the game has no protection, a good game itself is sold.

I agree, I bought myself the game even a declux bought it), and the price of 2k is simply not really pleasing

During the pre -order, Deluxe would give

But who bought before the release received Deluxe.

Larias handsome) So you need to make games and not shove there a day))) Let’s continue to DLS in the Valley of Ice Winds))

Well, they gave everyone.

Update the calculation, +1 today from me, after 10h torrent Nosn, my internal parasite ordered to buy the game, I resisted as best I could and threw the cube of the inner toad, but a critical miss fell out

I can’t delve into. And step -by -step kills the gameplay. Well, purely for me

I’ll try to leave my review here (I rarely write about at all in the internet, I decided).

I also never loved the DND (there are such among friends, I have for the most part from this hobby for the most part), and Orijinal Sin Sin I went through – I didn’t go very much, the grind of the gloom of the dull, static parameters of the character like +5 to conviction. So the prepared player or fan of the series / genre cannot be called me.

In the BG3 there is no such jerk -shock with a shmot as in divinity + the narrative is magnificent.

The game is half dialogue, and here all the aspects of the absolute are erected – insanely high -quality Voice Acting from voice actors, excellent atmospheric music (honey in places, ominous in places very much), the characters of all the characters of the main ones are set, there are a lot of facials in the dialogs, the scene is set – well It is a pleasure in dialogues to participate and listen to them. In any case, in the original voice acting of the voice of the narrator and Astarion, this is candy, delight for the ears.

Add here the huge variability of the passage of most of the quests (well, that is, conditionally, you can force the quest reward from the Chelik without passing its quest, you can confuse some enemies to "suicide", deceive everyone around and t.D.) + The really great influence of your solutions \ way of passing quests on the general composition of the world (I found Shiny LEGA, decided to stifle – UPS, accidentally demolished half the location \\ The partner caught the uterine rabies in the quest and did the garbage – could not convince him – somewhere from -through your acts, a whole settlement with the NECCESS necessary for the plot died) and we get a very lively and responsive world, where it is nice to run and literally talk with every person he met.

A step -by -step fighter with cubes – yes, this is rather a tribute to the DNDSHIDS than a mass player, but surprisingly there was much more than a system from divinity. In DOS II, every 2 levets (and at the end each left -handed) should be shifted by the whole gear for each character, otherwise you are just anihilace mobs with dials. Here, there is no such stop on the dials, the Fights are more won by the mind, using the environment (like throwing heavy chandeliers or blocks on enemies), combining spells / attacks of team members, dialogues. You can steal his weapons in front of a fight from the boss and he will be kneaded with you naked with you)))

In general, the totality of variability, the living world and the beautiful in all aspects of the design of the design was fiercely bribed me.

! Yes, in the third act, the game is still cracking from bugs, but the guys work actively. If you start now and not play 8h per day, then until you get to the third act, then most likely there will be the first big patch where a lot of things are laying.
!! Yes, cubes are made a lot of random, but this only adds to the game of immersion. IMHO much more exciting is a system that increases your chances of success than a system from the divinity of the same "Well, I bit the belief on +5, now I can convince everyone to help me, yygygs". You still have a chance to crap with your conviction, it’s just scanty. But when this happens, it delivers real.
. The main thing is not to engage in such moments Sevskaming, just forget about him. It is clear that if you have unsuccessfully entered the file, then you should roll back 5 minutes ago and replay, but you should not twist the dialogs and decisions with saves – then the game does not lose its charm.

The performer of the role of Astarion claims that the players of Baldur’s Gate 3 have not yet found a carefully hidden two -hour section

One of the actors Baldur’s Gate 3 claims that there is still about "Two hours of content", which no one has yet discovered, and it is almost impossible to find it.

The performer of the role of Astarion, Neil Newbon, regularly conducts live broadcasts on which he signs printouts and answers the questions of the fans, and in one legendary moment on Twitch he was killed by the same vampire that he voices in a role -playing game, and in the video from the Newbon broadcast below, on Twitch on August 31, he talks about something very intriguing. The actor talks about the scene that he vowed to keep secret and which, apparently, no one has yet disclosed. Actor Baldur’s Gate 3 says there is "Two hours of content", which no one has yet disclosed, and to find it, apparently, is almost impossible.

"There is even something that I know, but what you will not get to, until you do what, I think, no one is going to do", – Says NewBon with easy mockery. "They told me this in secret", – He adds, firmly deciding that he cannot reveal a single detail regarding this moment. He can not even say whether this applies to his own character.

"I think I’m one of the few who knows about it. It’s just damn insane", – The actor continues. Newbon clarifies that its content is about "Two hours", And he cannot even give "foggy hint" About him – this is his secret, carefully protected status.

It is obvious that this video has been almost three weeks, so it is possible that one of the players of Baldur’s Gate 3 has already opened "secret", which Newbon is talking about. Nevertheless, so far there were no obvious messages or confirmations of this. But if you consider that we are talking about a role -playing game with a huge number of choice options for hundreds of hours, then who knows where this two -hour sequence in the Baldur’s Gate 3 sea is located.

The audience who watched the video above tried to unravel the main secret of Newbon. Some believe that it is "Romantic scene of SHEDOUHARAR from early access", which, obviously, was "impossible" Get the game last month. Others believe that this is not connected with the main characters such as Astarion, since Newbon mentions that he "They said about this in secret".

Theoretically it can pass for many more years before someone reveals this "Crazy" Two -hour sequence in Baldur’s Gate 3. What strange decisions will have to make players to find something completely new?

With certain characters in the player’s group, Baldur’s Gate 3 allows you to join the orgy with five characters at once

Baldur’s Gate 3 is stuffed with sexy scenes than any other role -playing game before her. Based on a system of romance in other games, such as Dragon Age and Mass Effect, sex in Baldur’s Gate is not just a reward at the end of the game. He can be anything – from a hobby to a sign of fidelity. Either both. Everything that your heart wishes.

If you want to see how far Larian Studios has gone to create sexual scenes, pay attention to the delightful rende. At a certain moment of the game, you can sleep with two, not with three, but with four partners at once. Including a player, this turns a meeting into a full -fledged orgy. And most importantly, no one needs to persuade anyone, because the characters are excited no less than their associates.

This video belongs to the user of Pancakes, who managed to create an orgy of five characters. With the help of a drow, Astarion and Halsin join the player.

If for some reason you decided to click on this video at work, do not worry, you will not see anything. But this is not an ordinary transition to black. Instead, the storyteller leads you along the stage, describing the individual moments of what is happening in the dark. Although five participants, the storyteller spends most of the time to follow the performance of Astarion. But when it was all over, it is Halsin that has something to say about the meeting.

Devoted Dragon Age fans will not fail to notice that this is far from the first game that allows you to arrange a depraved orgy with the right approach to the organization of Pati. In Dragon Age: Origins Threesome or four was a great way to open a new combat class. Just find Isabel in a border of money and convince her to agree to sex as a fee for mastering the skills of a duelist. If your party has a duel, he will object – until you offer him to join either. Everyone except Morigan will not refuse. Better yet, if you spun an affair with Leliana, and your group has Zevran, he will ask for a company, even if you are not in a relationship, and will allow four characters to participate in the fun.

Maybe Larian specially tried to surpass Origins in this regard? The game has a lot from the 2009 role -playing game with its party camp and the ability to kiss a partner on demand, so it’s not so unlikely that this Kuteria with Isabeli prompted Baldur’s Gate 3 developers on this idea.

Be that as it may, Baldur’s Gate seems to keep many sexual secrets that we have to open. Someone can find out if it is possible to get the same scene if you start an affair with Karllah? I ask for a friend.

Officially: Final Fantasy 16 will receive a translation into Russian

Square Enix updated the official website of the Final Fantasy 16 support, including the answer to the question of which languages ​​the upcoming role-playing game will be translated. The company published a consolidated table of all supported languages. Thus, it became officially known that Final Fantasy 16 will receive support for the English language in the form of a translation of subtitles and menu elements.

In addition to the English, Final Fantasy 16 will be translated into 12 more languages, of which English, French, Italian, German, Spanish (Spain) and Japanese will receive voice acting, and Arabic Chinese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil) and Spanish (Latin America) will acquire subtitles.

Final Fantasy XVI will be released on PS5 June 22, 2023. The six -month period of exclusivity will operate, after which the game may appear on other platforms.

Oh Lord – they descended to us, to the plebeians.

Well, how would they Russify new license plates from the 15th. It is also a pity that the 7ki remake and the coming second part of the remake were also not translated.

You already know about the translation of the second part of the seven?

After 15 there were no license plates yet) then there was generally an experiment, even the voice acting on a PC was screwed up for sophisticated popularity and promotion in this segment. But taking into account that the localization was again absent in the remake, plus (or rather minus) full departure from the market of the English Federation, where the main English -speaking audience, questions about the Sabs were.

What to know is obvious that it will not. The only plus is that the language in the finals is so simple that the dictionary is not needed from the word at all.

I don’t even know the simplest, you can localize?

Thank you anyway.

we can bow to their feet ? throw subtitles like a dog’s bone, and many are happy with what they have come to 🙁

FF almost everything was always without translation, so thank you that they made a translation of subtitles, but if you think differently, then apparently they only throw bones for you. Translation for large games is done almost always and this is the norm now, the English language is not the last in the world and they understand this, although in the current situation not everyone adds it because of pressure from the side.

No, they throw it to you, they taught you, and you are satisfied, but I don’t, and I don’t think so, while you are even happy with the bones in the form of subtitles and they will throw them, they want to show that English, which are more than more than more than more Italia and Japanese women are different, it is from some kind of third world country and they will come down, let them haw, they will also be grateful, accustomed like slaves, such as a slave should know what the owner says and understand him, well, rejoice at this.) Without voice acting strictly only from a torrent, if possible.

No, they throw it to you, they taught you, and you are satisfied, but I am not, and I think so, while you are even happy with the bones in the form of subtitles and they will throw them,

That is, you have a domestic PC, a telephone and all the devices of the house are produced in UK and there is nothing imported? Just if not, then according to your logic, you had to refuse them, since not a slave and you were not tamed, but I doubt it))). If not, then the whole house has already been boiled by the manufacturers, you sit on an imported device and make a tail, you present the money on a saucer and ask for additives on torrents in the form of a foreign d. And you let the drool at it when you look. You will still buy, download, watch and play in a foreign semblance of a bone, because even wrote about it yourself. No would say that at all to play this foreign g. I won’t have anything to have in common with them (I would have understood it then), but no, you are a slave who prefers to hail in a different form, you just have not yet understood this, but in fact you have been tamed for a long time))).

You have been mild with warm, and you won’t understand this unfortunately, I don’t go to kiss a cow and a pig in a hollow, cheese, or lard with a ham, and I won’t start to mumble and grunt to get it and use it as I want, I I buy this in the store, and here I have earned money and I buy what I do not have, but I want a quality product and I completely understandable to me.) Here are the French, Spaniards, Italians, Germans, Japanese, they respect the Japanese, they are almost always made voice acting and we are all talking and understand English, and there are many of them, no respect. Or the French, Spaniards, Italians, Germans, and the Japanese slaves of the Anglo -Saxons ? Although I think it is, they decided to make globalism. So do not laugh so loud at the end, you were messed up with a warm.)

Yes, alas without voice acting. But I think ours will do)

Hardly. The maximum will collect the money and write a couple of videos with progress. There are full of dialogs

Where have you divorced you, who think that high -quality voice acting per day is done, this is a very sophisticated and difficult job. From people like you is sickening.

And where he wrote that they will do it per day? The Jedi is the last example. Grandmas scored on Hogwartz in 3 days, they still collect and barely gained a million on the Jedi. Nobody will give so much money to the FF, this is not such a popular game in the CIS, many know it only by 7 and 15th

Judging by his comment, he generally believes that the voice acting will never come out. Read more closely, you have troubles with information processing.

Well, then you will not have to utter a miracles for a translation. Thanks to all the gods, if they exist, for the fact that my prayers about English official localization were heard. Praise to heaven!

In general, the English language is not only the English Federation and Belarus. The same Ukrainians and Kazakhs think they play on English? Not really. In English they play games. And in general, large publishers, if in a good way, should make a rule a priori support in all games the top 10 most common languages ​​of the planet. English is also included in this number. In principle, I do not understand situations when some TOP-10 languages ​​are absent in the top AAA Games from major publishers. Although, if quite in a good way, ideally, all the top 20 languages ​​of the planet a priori could maintain large publishers in their games.

There will be no English. News Fake. Go to the source there is no English.

And someone knows, in the Turkish ps stroke, it means there will be English? Or also you have to wait for confirmation?

To begin with, English will not be in it at all. The news is fake. In the source in the list of localization of English there is no and was not.

Just the game has been done for a long time, they decided to leave. In general, now this is a rarity and this will be less and less until the official translations are removed.

They did not make a translation. In the primary source of the English language in the lists is not.

But only in the original source there is just no English in the list of localization languages.

This was known in the winter of 2023

thank you no need, we will not buy your enemy feces ahaha

Lol Olololo. Yoke just, it’s just a joke! UK right now in Hype, so they made a translation! Well, you are the birdhouses just pi-pi.

And this second game will be, which they will officially translate. Yes, there were other official translations, but these games of the Dandy level, very old and after 20 years they were translated only. Just go nuts.

They did not make a translation primary source News look at the English.

Meanwhile, SE games are still inaccessible in Steam, if the regional is standing: D

Year of the thief at PC is waiting!

The translation is not needed. I know English normally. Release on the English without sub. Who does not know – let him teach.

What an interesting character you are, it’s right for you all the English -speaking community to drain. I think you didn’t scuff it with a big mind.

Nah. it is needed, it’s better then to play Korean or Japanese, it’s much more pleasant to play, I know them too. I’m wondering what you have in your head, if you have it, of course, you will always have a native language for people, in any works by many factor, but apparently it’s more convenient for you not your native language, but a stranger, although probably English is no longer English Native language all the same.

It is most pleasant to play in your native language.

Translation into English is not needed. I know Japanese normally. Release on _Yapanese without sub. Who does not know – let him teach.

Update release 1.48.5 for Euro Truck Simulator 2

On the eve of the release of DLC, Western Balkans released update 1.48.5 for Euro Truck Simulator 2. The version of the game is not increased to the whole number, since mainly we are talking about the adaptation of some data.

Since the DLC release Western Balkans are already close, the developers work hard behind the scenes, correcting mistakes and bringing the addition to perfection to make sure that everything is in place for smooth release. This includes a tireless redemption of several databases with the global economy and topology of access to routes, and sometimes making appropriate changes to the game code.

In addition to hidden changes in data, there are several more noticeable features in this update – the inclusion of a new contents of the card! Players can look forward to acquaintance with the recently added city of Trieste, as well as with updated cities Ancona and Bari.

As you can notice, the technical update ETS2 1.48.5 is an important step in preparing for the release for Western Balkans, since it contains not only corrections of errors, but also the exciting new card content, which will better connect with the new part of the Universe of the game.

However, this is not all: in this update there are some changes that were initially not part of the open beta version 1.48.5, including the fact that American Truck Simulator will also receive update 1.48.5 Later this month. This is because the developers will introduce two new changes that, according to them, will benefit the players. This is a faster boot time and FPS limiter.

Accelerated loading

After updating games, it usually takes some time for re -caching and updating navigation data. Recently these data managed to optimize and significantly accelerate the process. Thanks to this update, the loading process has become about 6 times faster! This also includes the time of loading the company catalog, which is loaded with each launch of the game, which is 23 times faster than in previous assemblies!

Personnel frequency limiter

This function was very in demand by the community. This limiter is mainly intended for owners of powerful video cards. It was reported that when the Alt-Tab was pressed outside the simulator, the video card worked 100%, since they still tried to draw the maximum possible number of personnel. For this reason, the developers set a limit of 300 frames per second to limit the use of video cards., without limiting most monitors.

Update 35 for Dead Cells is available in alpha version, brings a new damned weapon and much more

Update 35 for Dead Cells is already available, at least in alpha version. It will bring new elements of cult mechanics of curses, as well as new legendary affixes and much more. Naturally, you can access the alpha version of Dead Cells only on a PC, so you are not lucky if you play a recently released version for PS5.

However, PC players can count on new weapons and mechanics associated with the curse. The first new weapon, the anathema, is a throwing weapon that curses you if it gets into something, and the second, indulgence, causes critical damage if you are not damned.

The third new weapon is Mizerikord, which delivers a critical blow, if the enemy you attack has less than half of health. If your attack does not kill the target, you get a curse. Better be careful with this weapon.

Three new enemies were also added in the update 35 Dead Cells. The first is the full loser, “”who cannot harm you“, But which will cling to you and fly through you. If you kill him, you will accumulate 3 curses.

Meanwhile, the bearing fate curses you with every attack, which he amazes you, and if you have 50 glasses of curse, you are dead.

Finally, there is a curse that produces a shell that, as you have already guessed, adds curses and causes damage to you if it falls into you.

There are also three new mutations. The damned flask gives your bottle of health endless charges, but you will receive 20 glasses of curses every time you are treated with its help.

Cursed energy is a mutation that saves your life for 2 seconds with 1 HP, and if you kill something during this time, you will stay alive. Otherwise, you will die instantly after these 2 seconds.

The last new mutation is “demonic force”, which increases your damage by 30%if you are cursed, and this bonus increases by percentage point for each stack of curses.

This new Dead Cells update also adds several new legendary affixes, as well as a couple of balance sheet corrections and some new head settings for the decapitated.

New Gangs of Sherwood trailers introduce the heroes: Robin Hood, Marian, Little John and Brother Tuku

Nacon and Appeal Studios shared new details about the four heroes of the Gangs of Sherwood adventure game in the new video described by Andrea Di Stefano, director of Appeal Studios.

In Gangs of Sherwood, you can choose between four characters: Robin, Marian, Little John and Brother Tuk, each of which has a completely unique and customizable style of the game to fight against the evil armies of the sheriff.


Robin from Loxley is a resistance leader and an archer who never misses. He has a wide range of skills and combinations with which he can defeat the most powerful enemies as soon as he reaches his maximum potential, and all this is at a distance.

With his special shots, Robin can hit several enemies at the same time, punch shields and throw enemies into the air, revealing his allies the opportunity to make a combo.


Marian is the notorious daughter of Sheriff Nottingham, and many deadly abilities are hidden behind her deadly elegance. She is a killer who can fight equally well both at a distance and close, using her retractable chain sword.

Regardless of whether you use her sword to destroy large groups of enemies, or aiming her daggers to more distant enemies, the Marian is extremely universal and can effectively inflict damage throughout the combat arena.

Brother Tuk

Brother TUK-a healer monk playing a key role in resistance. You will never see him without a pin and barrels with honey. TUK is a close -up specialist and an excellent protective tank for your team. Waving the macer to inflict huge damage in the square, and expand the giant shield to protect your allies from the most dangerous enemies.

Clock gameplay is to charge his attacks in order to increase their damage and give them destructive properties, such as the creation of shock waves or deadly fiery pillars. His smoker can also heal all the closest allies.

Little John

Little John, the former leader of the Sheriff Army, is the most experienced member of the gang. Its courage and power have no equal. He is a ferocious scandalist capable of applying quick destructive blows.

Its destructive steel fist inflies great damage in close combat and accumulates heat, which he then can release the “overheating” with a powerful attack. He inflicts heavy damage to his opponents, grabbing them or emitting powerful laser rays crossing the battlefield.

Each character has a wide range of special abilities. They can be customized using various fragments that can be found during the adventure. These fragments change the attacks of the characters in accordance with the preferred player’s battle style. When our heroes are faced with enemies-bosses, they can use their unique skills, called the “abstracts of the rebels”, or temporarily improve their skills using the special regime “Instinct of rebels”.

Gangs of Sherwood is a plot joint adventure game for 1-4 players with a dynamic gameplay and high reiglable in a rethought world based on the legend of Robin Hood. Using the power of philosophical stone, the Army of the Sheriff Nottingem gained innumerable power and depress the people of England more than ever. In the unique science fiction version of the legend of Robin Hood, explosive battles await you, impressive combo and a joint gaming process for fans of epic battles and tests in amazing conditions.

Gangs of Sherwood will be released on October 19 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S, Steam and Epic Games Store.

Scientific and fantastic VR Advent Hubris will appear on PSVR 2

In the near future, a lot of exciting games will be released for the PSVR 2 headset, one of which is Hubris from Cyborn. The developer recently said that the science fiction adventure will really come out this month.

When exactly in May, is not specified. Nevertheless, now we have confirmation that one of the most beautiful games for virtual reality will soon please the owners of PSVR 2, fully using the PlayStation 5. Hubris was originally released for PC VR in Steam in December 2022.

Cyborn said that the video games for PSVR 2 were included in the version of the video games “Significant improvements“. Thus, players must experience “improved graphics and gameplay“. One of these improvements was the addition of fooveal rendering. This function was used in many games for PSVR 2, working in combination with tracking the gaze of the headset to improve visual effects. Hubris textures and models were finalized, plus “The frequency of personnel remains stable“, Notes Cyborn.

As for the gameplay, Hubris will use the tactile sensations of the DualSense controller to even load players into the game. Each action has its own feedback, whether it is shooting at enemies or swimming in pure blue waters. As for the weapon, the weight was adjusted to improve the sensation. Adaptive triggers should also make alternative fire modes more responsive.

In addition, there is a redesigned mechanism for reloading weapons, improved sights, new variants of enemies, re-balance the complexity and capabilities of 3D-sound. So there are many PSVR 2 players who can be looking forward to.

As for the VR PC version, these improvements will ultimately appear. In Discord Cyborn, the developer notes: “All changes will return to the VR PC, but probably not on the same day as the release of PS VR 2, since it will take much more tests on different headsets“.