Hawken Reborn drowned in negative reviews for the intra-game P2W store, monotonous gameplay and error

Five years after the servers were withdrawn from the network, the Hawken fur-fingers series returned with a new part, but she is very hated for adding a Pay-to-Win store.

This is far from the only complaint about Hawken Reborn, judging by the reviews. Both critics and users of Steam are generally dissatisfied with the revival, and the most common complaints are numerous mistakes and performance problems, repeating gameplay and, of course, this damned store.

People hate Pay-to-Win shops, and not in vain. In the best case, these are places where you can spend real money on useless cosmetics, and at the worst, which happened to Hawken Reborn, they are designed to encourage you to pass the game, simply throwing your wallet into it. Reviewers also note that the price of one pack of premium boost is slightly less than the cost of buying furs, that is, you will have to buy two packs, and then you will have a bunch of money that you can use only to buy new things.

At the moment, out of 1042 reviews in Steam 814 are negative. "They killed Hawken, and then use his corpse to create a new game, which is actually not Hawken", – reads one of the reviews.

Another big problem that people with Hawken Reborn experience is that, at least in its current state in early access, this is only a single-user PVE game, while the series is really better known for PVP. This fact exacerbates the problem of microtransactions, since donate stores and microtransactions are usually found only in multi -user games.

"This is Hawken in the models of furs and only in the name", – reads another negative review in Steam. "The artistic style is completely different (and worse), the game with weapons and movement is completely different (and worse), and it already plans to extremely rest on monetization! She is smaller than a children’s pool in the middle of the desert".

To be just fair, Hawken Reborn is still a game in early access, and just left the furnace. There is still a lot of time to start to deal with the store and take into account other comments of the community, but this, of course, is not the best start for the long -awaited return of the series of games about furs.

Project Zomboid developers talk about animals and hunting

This week, developers will talk about three of the main four columns of Build 42 – work on the fourth, inventory of players on the server side and a general improvement of MP, was enough "ordinary" Over the past month or so, not so much can be told about what would be juicy enough for public consumption.

Animals and migration

Wild animals will be important for B42 both because of the atmosphere and because of necessity – this will make your experience more exciting if you see deer, skipping through the tree line, and will also make the hunt for the viable method of survival – and necessary for some advanced craft recipes, when society will disappear for a long time.

This week one of the developers under the nickname RJ worked, in particular, on the movement of animals on the map – their migration.

What do we see here?

Basically, during the day, deer will walk along the paths that developers designers (and modders) can outline the Worlded tool – and you can see the virtual animal walking along the path in the video.

Now one virtual animal is a group of animals defined in the Lua file. The current group, for example, consists of one male, several dogs and several deer. Although it is obvious that when they are fully realized, the variability will be greater, and will also depend on things such as the time of year.

As soon as the players come close to the encoded "virtual animal", These deer will appear in the world as real animals – and as soon as you move away, they will return to their virtual status so that the game can take control of their movement and actions again. If the group was divided at this time, they will unite again when their paths intersect.

In their virtual form, animals will move on the map, performing potential actions in different places. They have several periods "sleep" And "food" – Currently, they sleep half an hour between 12 and 16 hours, eat between 5 and 7 hours in the morning and eat again within an hour between 16 and 18 hours.

(Obviously, all this is easy to change at the development stage, and you can also adjust to any other animals that developers will want to add in the future).

To help players who want to become hunters, deer will leave evidence and traces of where they were and what they did. So, there will be traces (indicating the direction), poop, broken branches and undergrowth – while crushed plants will indicate a place for sleeping, and pastures – to the place for food.

The way to which the developers will present all this in the game is currently being worked out, but so far (and, possibly, later) they will provide this in the search mode, which was introduced into B41.

Then the player’s goal may be to walk in the wake and determine the possible places of sleep or food, mark them on your map, and then wait for these places at the right hours and hope that the animals will look at them.

Developers are also working on how to integrate the skill into this skill "Surveillance", but, since the design is still being discussed, they will probably talk about this later. The developers also know that it is necessary to take into account the smell of a person and the direction of the wind that can scare away animals, as is the case in real life, but the developers plan to add this layer a little later.

Finally, here is another video about how the survivor defeats the camp with new tents and other (this time without deer) to give an idea of ​​what the surrounding gameplay will be.

Improving the game engine

The game optimization goes very well, easily reaching several hundred FPS on the hardware of developers when a scale is reduced.

However, at the moment, they still need to study the optimization of the work of fog and puddle – both of these operations are intense graphic operations requiring the framework of the frame. Thus, at the moment they make our cachied fragments invalid and reduce some advantages from optimization.

Therefore, later – either before the first public release, or, very possible in subsequent assemblies – developers plan to return to these systems to optimize them for their new rendering system. This is especially true for the fog system, since the presence of a depth map will make visual effects much better, since the developers will have a reliable representation of surfaces and depth, which will significantly improve the interaction with objects in the scene.

Crafts update

Now all the craft systems are already on the spot, the developers begin to fill the recipes tree and want to show what is being implemented now.

The developers resemble those who may not be so interested in the long -term craft and survival systems that they introduce, that they will be completely optional, regardless of whether you want to engage in them.

If you are more interested in evading hordes of zombies in the center of cities and villages, you can do it.

However, in order to solve the problem of a weak late game, to provide many role -playing capabilities and provide the depth of gameplay out of interaction with the zombie, the developers do everything possible to make craft opportunities as exhaustive as possible. In addition, they create new and more powerful craft systems, in which modders can really bite.

Remember, the landmark guide – a group of players should be able to build a functioning village, even if they appear on a map of wild terrain without signs of civilization. The developers want to make sure that all aspects of the craft are covered in order to allow multiplayer communities to build and prosper, as well as provide the modders with tools necessary to create cool, damn expansive technological mods, as in minecraft, which will allow Zomboid to become a more diverse platform for survival, crafts and automation of game modding in the future.

An example can be work with clay. Clay can be mined near rivers, and it will be used for the manufacture of bricks, tiles, roofs, pottery and many other items and tiles for accommodation in the world.

Those who live on a barren map and want to build a reliable house will be incredibly happy to use bricks and tiles to make a normal dwelling, so that the zombies could not penetrate inside. Similarly, even on a small scale, this craft will be vital when the survivors do not have access to modern cutlery or liquid storage facilities.

So, this is a small video (so far very WIP, the developers have a lot of work on the balance, user interface and polishing), which will demonstrate some craft systems when working with clay.

Running with Scissors laughed at Starfield developers: “People still protect 30 FPS in 2023?”

Running with Scissors, a recent Postal 4: No Regerts development studio, as well as the Postal series in general, wrote a strange message on Twitter to make fun of Starfield and choose Bethesda to release it at 30 FPS on Xbox Series X and S.

The message is quite clear and very direct:

Running with Scissors also indicated in later tweeting that Postal 4 works at 60 FPS on all platforms.

It is difficult to say what caused this caustic remark between the developers studios. According to some, the reason was a recent skirmish between Running with Scissors and Microsoft due to the refusal of the Redmond company to publish Postal 4 on Xbox.

Others note that this is not entirely in the good taste for the studio that created such a game as Postal 4, released in very unstable technical conditions and not quite loved by critics and the public, to attack such tremendous work as Starfield, due to technical problems, Yes, and give a reason to compare games, which is frankly absurd, given the huge differences between them.

Starfield will be released on September 6, 2023 on PC and Xbox Series X/S.

I am already used to 60 FPS, and I try to play even to the detriment of the schedule reducing the settings of the graphone, so they are right in something

And many are accustomed to 30, and even the bup for this fall off, and this is the main thing.

I’m already used to 20 FPS at low settings 😁

I had the first passage of Cyberpanka just on the old AMD Radeon HD 7950 just at 25-30 FPS, but sometimes it fell and right up to 20, and above 30 only in closed locations it rose, and nothing was comfortable then))

And on the contrary, I donate FPS, I put at least 40 – this is enough . Resident 4 in 4K at least 40 goes on my non -top card

It was just a dull excitement, it is stupid to say such a thing.

And what is he wrong?

What is the right developer of the worst game of 2022 according to Metacritic? Hm.

Running with Scissors also indicated in later tweeting that Postal 4 works at 60 FPS on all platforms.

Interestingly, minecraft developers also praise their game for 60 or more fps?

On the fact of what he said, you will answer or is not enough substance and the head? For 30 frames per second.

"Argument" damage in the dispute, you need to indicate "Problems" The critic)))

Metacritic of the pack of stupid degenerates))) Although 4 and the truth is the garbage.

Who is praising here, they issued the base, no one needs 30 fps on%No

Well, he says everything correctly.

Base, 30 fps Lock is a disgrace

It is very interesting for everyone to know the opinion of the Chuvaks, who have been picking a simple jester for 25 years and he is still the same shame))

Surely 60 FPS, the game is 22 years old))

What difference does it make who said it so? Moreover, more than yours, probably, people understand in this. What is the right comrade in fact? 30 FPS norms with this power of computers?

This is twice of the phakap, because it is to justify 30 FPS in 2023 Zashkvar)))

If I did such a slag, then on the 1st part I would shoot myself))

Listen to a dude who has been doing such crap for 25 years.. this is definitely a backbone)) but when there is no of his brains, then any bomzara is authority.. It’s clear)

Listen to a dude who has been doing such crap for 25 years.

And this is not important he says the truth, this is what the main thing ! And attempts to poke into the problems of the criticizing already weak position initially.

Yes, and only such outfits can criticize the rest of marketing so that rejoice in such comments, otherwise you would eat playing in 20FPS on PS5 without criticism.

Well, especially gifted won, they are excitements from the DF. Although now the LOK for 30 FPS is simply a sign of those. inept developers.

30 FPS in the game with the shooting component? They hit the head there completely?

The frequency of 60 FPS provides a much more “smooth” image. However, stable performance is more important. A tall frame of it, which from time to time unexpectedly “falls” to 35–45 frames, the player perceives worse than stable 30 fps

Well, they don’t laugh at least someone, but in general is true.

It would be better if they did not laugh, and they learned to make games, even the same gazebo.

Starfield will be released on September 9-11, 2023 on torrents.

I have already made a pre -order. Xatab Edition

For me, not fundamentally 30FPS or 60FPSB, but all the same – worse, more – better, whatever one may say. But if the game is broken on a certain amount of FPS, then it’s okay, I won’t whine about this.

Well, yes. It is better to release plasticine graphics ala 4, but in 4K and 60 FPS. The industry stagnates in terms of graphics. Sent 4 looks, in general, damage. But 60 fps. Starfield with his open world and not standing nearby.

Love the people feces

Goveyuno. Not otherwise

In what sense? Computers are hanging? Vidyakha buggy. Please specify if you can.

To attack such a tremendous work as Starfield, because of technical problems, and even give a reason to compare games, which is frankly absurd, given the huge differences between them.

And this is generally similar to "Boil" Disassembly.

La gasemmanders who write "makes a 25 -year game and at the same time what he says," I can advise generally dumping from this site to the booth that they built in their entire life) Offendedly offended from their beloved seller Skurim and they are anally copper for the fact that he could not express his opinion because the Sedaver did not roll them out – you then blame Kuyle then?

1080r 30fps are eternal and endless. They are enough for the average graphic expirence during this 10th anniversary.
And so, of course, the norm would now for graphics and for the next non -stgen is 2.5-4k 60 FPS But for the sake of it you will have to fog a graphone and still enjoy the tile tile of the texture when the distance of the shredding of the travoon ends and there will be lonely dull bushes without shadow and lighting where in the Full PD would simply have gobbled up objects and all kinds in excess of nanite details until you are point -blank.

By the way 30 FPS on the old radio monitor and on the LCD, big difference

It is necessary to start selling monitors and TVs 30 Hz again

Well, let’s be objective. 30 FPS are made to please the fluidness of the GP and graphone . I am silent about XSS, they didn’t prepare for this, but still this product was stuffed into this baby . I am glad and 30 fps with my XSS . For all good

And in the latter, you can generally jump? Or still, in 2023 it is categorically impossible.

And then I am annoyed by stories about a red scantropus, which is not able to climb over a curb or garden fence exactly knee -deep, as was the case in the third part.
(I, by the way, used it exactly twice – the first time I went out, and the second year later, when I had already forgotten – I set it up, I tried to climb over a light fence, a garden fence, a railing on the stairs in the hall where you need to hold out of the lope of time , broke off, removed and crossed out of the lists)
Before causing other people’s possible shortcomings, it may be worth doing work on your own mistakes?

They even completely could not release the game for so many years. Who is someone, but they do not know how to yell the right.

50 FPS is a great compromise.

Type which is better than 1080r or 4K. Take 2k and there will be normal.

Almost all Monica support 60 hertz, not 50. And play them so not comme il fog.

The main thing is that Frisink is, any. And this is already easier.

Let me, and I will drive the known mass to the known mechanism.

Who are these "runners" ?

What have they done in recent years? They released Betta a test and gathered from the dusty Olds of the Donates for nostalgik? Well, yeah.
But they did good? Their division works on 60 FPS on all platforms? May be. Do you know why? Yes, because it cannot give out anymore.

Personally, I believe that the original has been sent 2 highly overvalued. Why? The humor is flat, most of the jokes are clear only regional, a bunch of sorties and bugs of the utilized community. Even ours "The corkscrew is burning" was many times better. I understand that I say this through the prism of the entourage close to me, but you think about it – for the corkscrew they recorded a separate soundtrack and invited the stars to the voice acting, which in the original one was not in.

Yes, it is impossible to deny the fact that they released a completely tolerable paradise of the blossom, but they did it in 10 years!
That is, these characters showed grandmas from delivered 2, then sold the rights to continue the one who was ready to pay at least something (Akella) and, the planned grandmas released 3 of their dls to the exit.

And now, when they have just got out of the abyss of oblivion and the narcotic (well, the Camon, right there is exactly) fucker, they begin to wave with the microdicars? They compared their indie raises with people who have already moved the entire industry 3 times (here I am already talking about the gazebo)?

Like the battle of fleas with an elephant. "The elephant never found out that the battle had already taken place".

And now what I think, according to the star field. 30FPS on consoles? And what’s the problem, for the game of class AAA? If it will work at 30 stably, without a bunch of bugs and sorties, and do not offer a DLS package for overprais – why not? Yes, this is already outdated purely physically, because it is inconvenient to play in 30fps on modern teliks. But, make a discount on the gazebo. They were just bought, Spencer lugs with a pitchfork in *lo, there is no new engine. If I remember correctly, then they still saw on their old, familiar to us with Morovind (. ) Creation Engine. Yes, they stuck a number 2 to him, but, frankly, after Folych 76, the reputation of the engine and the company is not very. Personally, I hope that they will again set the milestone in Gamdev, so that the games are not equal to Skyrim and the Witcher, but to the Starfield.

Fallout London will become a “cherry on the cake” for Fallout 4, studying on mistakes and disadvantages of the basic game

Fallout: London will correct and redo some aspects of the basic Fallout 4 that the players criticized to make the mod "Cherry on the cake" for Game.

Fallout: London is a large -scale modding project that will allow you to leave the Commonwealth and explore the ruins of the English capital. Work on it has been underway for several years, and the team standing behind it has repeatedly talked about interesting fractions and locations that will be presented in it.

In a recent interview, several members of the Modu team – project manager Dean "Prilladog" Carter and leading 2D artist Emily "Saffron-Rice" KAMP – talked about how Mod seeks to learn from some less popular aspects of Fallout 4 and offer their improvement. Adding some functions that people wanted to get, but did not receive in this game, Carter calls the mod "a kind of cherry on the Fallout 4 cake, unlike just to tear everything out with the root, and then do what we wanted".

Among the main changes are the refusal of the voice acting of the protagonist in favor of the soundless and the inclusion of more inspections of skills in conversations, which, undoubtedly, will appeal to fans of New Vegas and earlier games of the series. You can also expect a number of thinner, but very useful changes, such as the addition of animation from the NEher Modder, which will allow your character to climb the stairs and swim more realistic.

Carter also said that the team decided "a little more risk and do what people may not seem very interesting, but someone might like", When it comes to quests design, using freedom proposed by the lack of need to worry about restrictions, such as the peace of shareholders. Although the couple holds his tongue behind the teeth on the question of how it will affect Fallout: London, they still said that the couple of their favorite missions includes.

For example, Kemp spoke about the quest in which you have to solve a puzzle to open a bunker containing tips about the character "The man is a war", which seems to be inspired, at least partially, Harold from Fallout.

Meanwhile, Carter mentions a small funny quest that he developed using the mechanics of moving objects in the Creation Engine, paying tribute to the nameless quest Fallout New Vegas "The last chance for Esteban". Fortunately, this time, it seems, you will carry/move barrels, and not the remains of the deceased Ranger of the NKR.

For the PC version of The Last of US Part I, update 1.0.4 with improvement in graphics and performance

Naughty Dog and Iron Galaxy Studios, as promised, released a fresh update for the 3rd person of The Last of Us Part I. This update includes the optimization of the frequency of personnel, the accuracy of graphics and textures, correction of failures and much more. Developers will release additional improvements in the optimization of CPU, personnel frequency and accuracy of textures in the following patches.

  • The use of the processor and graphic processor throughout the game is optimized.
  • Improved texture accuracy and resolution with low and medium game settings.
  • The graphic accuracy in the pre -installation of the “low” graphics in the game, in particular, water surfaces no longer look black.
  • Fixed a failure that could arise during the construction of shaders.
  • Fixed a failure that could arise when going out to the main menu.
  • Fixed a failure that could occur at death after a fight.
  • Fixed a bug due to which players could wait longer at the first load.
  • Added the opportunity for players to simultaneously block and unlock performance statistics in the HUD menu (parameters > HUD).
  • The descriptions are added to the Graphic menu to better explain when some settings can affect others (parameters > Screen).
  • Added setting speed of streaming of texture (graphics > Texture settings).
  • Fixed a bug due to which the skill of rollers during a critical download could lead to a hanging of the game.
  • Fixed a bug due to which a warning about the loading of shaders did not appear when the game is restarted.
  • Updated a video memory strip for a more accurate display of the use of OS and applications.
  • Fixed a mistake due to which the reading tool from the screen read the values ​​for blocked settings, which could mean that the same blocked settings were active.
  • Fixed a mistake due to which aiming down when using the keyboard and mouse (KBM) could increase the sensitivity of the camera.
  • Improved processing of certain teams that assigned the same KBM key combination.
  • Fixed the Brazilian Portuguese, Croatian, Dutch, Finnish, French, Greek, Hungarian, Latin American Spanish, Spanish, Thai and traditional Chinese translation for several menu items.
  • [Super -fingered displays] Fixed the position of the pressure range for onions.
  • Fixed a failure that could occur on AMD processors with a binding limited to X3D nuclei.
  • Fixed a bug due to which textures could be displayed incorrectly on AMD graphic processors.
  • Fixed a mistake due to which the achievement of “this cannot be for nothing” did not work, despite receiving all other achievements.
  • Fixed the problem in Steam Deck, due to which the reset of the display settings on the default values ​​no longer turned on AMD FSR 2 (parameters > Display).

Well, how is it a sense?(Users of the 40th series and everything was fine before) – please do not disturb.

User 3090 Ti
The same lean, non -optimized x **** I was on the release.
Already the 7th reboot of the shaders in the account since the release)))

This is what I understand the comment on the case.

Even did not notice "Freshly cooled" Proce of workload of 80-90% damn..And I wanted 90%

On and how else? And this is despite the fact that I love the 1st part. Fuck knows how many times I went to the console. But this PC port is just a tryndets. Unopetemized piece of feces. And those who protect this – I refuse to understand such people. You were sold a frank piece of shit that you eat and smack, also on others who do not eat that they do not eat.
"Optimization" does not mean that I have to buy even more new iron because of one game. I have a computer literally everything, except for this non -optimized crap.
Take the recent failure of Cyberpunk 2077 – at that time I had 2080 Super.
I really was one of the lucky ones who were lucky to play without problems. Here is straight from the release, but I actually did not go to people who had problems, on the contrary, I tried to somehow help with problems. But then after the release of Patch 1.3 – I experienced all the bugs of which people reported. There was everything and t-puses, and random departures. Just all bugs.
Back to TLOU – whether bugs will correct in the near future? Don’t think. There are still work for a good half a year. And the reboot of the shaaders after each even small patches – already slightly, to put it mildly, z ****** o. From 4 hours "Played" I played only 30-40 minutes. The rest of the time loading the shaaders.

But what is there. Bezenny will yell that I have a weak computer, yeah. Three times.

Fuh. Sorry, buried.

Developers will release additional improvements in the optimization of CPU, personnel frequency and accuracy of textures in the following patches.-And the fuck, in general, was to release this update, if the most important thing is not again.They gathered to patry her all year, the creatures of the squint.

Yes, Sony’s company is mocking the bakers, she hates the PC platform that is not clear, it is necessary that everyone plays on PS5 and PS4, they are already shaman in full there that simple games will not be pulled soon, these are the real nervous trains of time and the bokings that the dosihpor cannot leave PS3 platform alone and they throw up an update on it, greedy people what can be done and cunning, they want the whole world to be at their feet

And as a result, everything will be and on the contrary with an apology

So how to play the game on the usual 6 -nuclear proceed of 5 years ago on patch 1.2. In general, it is clearly weaker than the fact that in PS5) but everything is fine, nothing slows down and does not fly out, there is not even a load above 90%. It feels like people did not launch the game)) or want to optimize maximum settings for iron levels PS4)))

Especially, so that we bought a game on sale for 300-400 lire

No – this is not Sonya. This is specifically noti DOG and their porters, the famous Kryvoruki – Iron Galaxy. I have FX 8320E (yes old, yes, I understand about systems) and the same weak GTX 1050TI and DDR3 opera only 12 gigs (well, and the pumping machine gun), but at the same time I played and God of War 2022 with normal FPS and on medium days Gone – 45-60 FPS. And also 1080p. But ANCH 4 and Last (who, moreover, also port with PS5, not PS4 (there would be no problems on my old pro -regser and vidyuha – transfer them PS4, not PS5, GOD and Days – as exactly from PS4) so with anch 4 – it was a arctic fox, I had a sound lag and a sweetie, ITP fries at all settings (at the lowest and with FSR even on performance), and sometimes the FPS was still 40-60, but sometimes 30-35 and below and even slideshow, and frizes of sound, and frieza pictures. At the same time, Ancha 4 has a miracle of the port with the PS5, for some reason it is indicated in the systems of as much as the fermented 3,200 (this is that we have Rysen 3,200 more than my old, but 8-feminine FX-8320E)? So that it is not Sonya, this is specifically noti and Iron Galaxi. Other ports of Sony can also play on old computers completely weak even normally. And in Anchy 4 is right, the percent does not pull (TC reset the settings did not save at the very indigenous), although the fermented baked milk is 3 – the starter is straighter than my 8 8 nuclei, well, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Porters are bad.

FPS fell, got worse than in the last patce of Hah, they let patches there every time only for the worse chtoli?!

Until I update, there are no textures on high problems, I would like +10-20 FPSA increase, but it is unlikely that it will be done. Almost already passed the game in 40-60 FPS for 1070

FPS fell by 3-5 frames, worked well on raising FPS and loading memory))

Developers will release additional improvements in the optimization of CPU, personnel frequency. So this patch is then then

And not why, it also flies away with the mistake of the driver, not to play. Well, her.

We are waiting for the next patch … You can relax until the summer

if it crashes, then there is not enough RAM

All these quality of the textures, the conflict of FPS – this is all garbage. Make it so that there were no fucking fries and stutter.

There are no frizes on the map with 12 GB.

Well, of course, there will be no frizes ** on 12 GB, but what if 4 GB of video memory?

Accept everything as it is, for this is the way!)

And what should I do with RX 570?

Change the card or accept the fact that you can’t play modern games normally. 4 GB has long been not relevant, now 8 on the verge and is more likely.

As it flew out with the driver’s mistake and flies away, the compilation of 2 hours was. The nightmare is complete and not the port, I delete it.

Once passed and enough, the plot checked more the game is not needed.

I hope porting to the PC of the new god of war will be given the same who portended the first part, and not these curvature.

Patch did not personally change anything with me, it still turns out.

I was just thinking to the bucket to transfer.

You already have a bucket, from the release at all the game did not fly out with me, passed calmly

So you decide, trough or bucket. YouTube does not fly out to anyone 🙂

The compilation of the shaaders should be completely removed, as in Horizon Zero Dawn.

yeah, my pato was so boomed that I started it on the huts

So she, at the first launch, occurs or removed with subsequent patches?

and then cry the youngster that the game lags or the textures are loaded before your eyes

Better let the textures load before the eyes than the way, as it is now, the compilation is not needed.

Callisto Real Protocol and Gotham schoolchildren have not taught you anything?

Hellenica is not quite happy yet.

Nothing, it will be soon)

And after each update, shaders are optimized for an hour. Well, they released a hat and not a game.

Reading people, it looks like everything is left as it is . Well, not surprising.

Each patch is a bunch of changes. And the processor in the game as fried by 70-80 percent, and continues to fry. The first point is especially surprising: the use of the processor and the graphic processor throughout the game is optimized. In what place? Nothing changed(

Many say that it has become worse – so I do not advise updating. I have left the game at 1.0.3 versions so far. I am waiting for an adequate patch, if any!

And I play on patches, although it was normal, well, since I downloaded a new version, I will not change it to a more new one, I will not!

Yeah, I have with this last underput 1.3 also in compilation the percent for an hour fried. So also fly out the beginning more often after this patch. That there these crookedly donkeys were at all not clear) well, well, I only had laughter through tears. And now this 1.4 will not change anything radically sure. The curve and weak optimization is certainly unlikely to change.

Well, it depends on which processor. some loads up to 100% and some less than 50%

Nothing lays down to me, does not fly out, only a couple of freezes sometimes + 1 freezing in 20 hours of game.
Computer (3060 RTX + Ryzen 5 5600) 16GB RAM
Minimum FPS 40 (at Loka with rain at night)
Average 60-80 (on the ultra FHD settings)
Shaders at the first launch loaded in 30 minutes without departures and after playing

Bethesda refused Obsidian proposals for the development of the spin-off-off of The Elder Scrolls

If you are a devoted fan of Fallout franchise, then most likely you already know something about chaos and disorder that noted the development and exit of Fallout: New Vegas from Obsidian.

Disputes around a ridiculous short time for developing the game and all this unpleasant story with an estimate of 84 points on Metacritic have been known to the community for many years, which has led to the contempt of many fallows of Fallout to Bethesda and forced thousands of people to guess about what kind of game pearl could appear if Obsidian would have received the necessary time and resources.

However, as we all know, despite the failures, the team still managed to create a game, which, according to some, corresponds to the original Fallout games, if it does not exceed them, but the opinion prevails that the New Vegas exceeds all Bethesda games. Some to this day believe that the absence of Fallout: New Vegas 2 is a consequence of the pettiness of Bethesda and its unwillingness to admit that the 3D version of the Fallout from Obsidian was an order of magnitude higher than the new Fallout 3.

As it turned out, in this theory there really is a share of truth, given that almost two years ago, Chris Abellon, a well-known game designer and one of the key figures in the history of Fallout, spoke about it almost two years ago.

In one of the old Twitter records, which was recently discovered by the Nuke_lea user, Avellon said that the team introduced Bethesda many ideas for the new Fallout game, but, unfortunately, they were all rejected. Moreover, Abellon claims that Obsidian even turned to Bethesda with a proposal to develop spin-offs like FNV, for the Elder Scrolls franchise, but these proposals were rejected.

Unfortunately, more than ten years have passed since then, so we are unlikely to ever learn the reason Bethesda has rejected Obisian’s repeated proposals for the creation of spin-features for its franchises. Was it the indecisive of Bethesda, which did not want to allocate resources for a new project, especially considering that at that time Skyrim was in active development? Or it was due to not the highest sales indicators of New Vegas? Or maybe the aforementioned theorists are right, and Bethesda simply did not like that Obsidian surpassed them with FNV? I suppose we will never know the answer.

The actor who gave the voice of Arthur Morgan, ridiculed the desire of the Florida Joker to dry Rockstar

You probably already know about a person who considered that the developers from Rockstar were inspired by him when creating one character shown in his debut trailer. The similarity was noticed not only by him, but also by many other users.

Lawrence Sullivan, real name "Florida Joker" Already recorded a video to share his thoughts about the similarity in the GTA 6 trailer and called on Rockstar to talk with him and explain himself.

These words of Lawrence forced the fans to assume that he believes that he was due for inspiration.

Since then, the Joker has published several more videos that people see the similarity between him and the character from the GTA 6 trailer. He also shared his awareness about the stories covering him Tiktok, where he wants to talk with "GTA".

Since then, Joker has published several more videos about this situation. Sullivan demanded from Rockstar Games a compensation of $ 2 million for use "his appearance", Although, apparently, the lawsuit has not yet been filed.

GTA, we need to talk. Or not, you have to give me a million or two. "Florida Joker" This will not tolerate. You all appropriated my appearance for yourself.

Roger Clark, who played Arthur Morgan in Red Dead Redemption 2, answered Joker in a new video. When the Joker said: "GTA, we need to talk", The beloved actor answered: "No no need. You don’t need to talk to them. They are not going to talk to you".

Then he said:

People like you have been trying to sue them for decades. They know a lot about the lawyer. They know for sure that they can get away with them and what is not. In your place I would use the fame that they have just brought down on you, in their interests. Somehow monetize it! Because with such a mug you will definitely not find a normal job for yourself.

If Mr. Sullivan believes that he is dealing with, then it will be a quick business that will not end in his favor. In 2016, actress Lindsay Lohan lost the lawsuit against Rockstar Games. She claimed that it was she who inspired her to create a cult beach tourist who makes a selfie on the cover and the GTA V boot screen. Another argument was that she inspired the character of a game named Leisi Jonas. In 2018, she also lost his appeal.

Gollum bought for 29 rubles was taken from Steam users

On June 8, on the official website of The Lord of the Rings: Gollum PC version of the game for Steam instead of 2900 rubles, it was temporarily worth 29 rubles, later the error was corrected. Some users took advantage of this and purchased the novelty key from Daedalic Entertainment.

However, today, June 9, thus activated copies of Gollum were seized from accounts. Such a step caused indignation among users – they began to leave negative comments in reviews.

At the time of writing, the Lord of the Rings: Gollum in Steam has 284 reviews, of which 35% are positive.

And no need for free

Neighing, guano was seized from the shits, we went to erupt Call into reviews)

This game should be worth it.

Well, instead of raising online and the number of sales, the guys decided to stay with nothing. Apparently, they are quite happy with the user assessment and daily online at 50 players. = D

29 rubles The most fair price for such a game level 2003.

In general, normal companies if the error on their part does not select anything, but people did not bought keys and officials, buyers have every right to swear.

Well, duck bought Zano, they returned the money, but no two -faced ones ran to buy those mistakes and took advantage of the Baguisers with unknown bugs, take and buy now when the mistake is already strange

For errors you have to pay. They just plunged their reputation even more in Gomno! They would not have lost anything .If they left this feces to the few that they managed to buy, but for a small money they would at least slightly cleanse their reputation and honor, but they have nothing of this!

Said from passing this misunderstanding..

They themselves deliberately bought the game for 29 rubles

And the outfits deliberately saved users who went astray by buying this disconnect

Interesting, and if you have already launched the game, and it was taken? will throw out or there will be a game until you pass? Well, until the bug is sure)

If in offline mode there is an AKK constantly, you can pass

In fact, the alarming trend in the discharge of the bought games is loosened. First EGS, now Steam. Cancel the seller paid goods is a violation of the law on the protection of consumer rights. An error in the set price is no exception.

Steam began to select the games at the same time, when the exam, if not earlier.

The money was returned to you? They returned it, so they did not select but canceled the transaction committed during a technical error, please make a purchase by a new one when a technical error was eliminated

Kapets you blurted out, how else to end you at home.

Come on? Is there really a legendary failure again when prices in bucks were transferred without conversion to regional currencies?

EMNIP, actually in Steam I can recall only 2 similar points: with Valiant from UBASOFT and the original Dark Suls. Both times then ended up in the flight T_T. But as far as I know, they did not dispossess the lucky ones.

No, the site was 2900 rubles, apparently a couple of zeros were deleted.

This is called real greed for an unsuccessful game (a piece of d), they should have understood in conscience, but they did not have shame.

The developers should be satisfied that someone bought this parach for 29 shirts

yes it is so worth! Exactly 29 rubles, also as a gift, the video card should give

Only Gollum should go to the charm and no one else.))

Where did you find this charm?

There are so many toxics in the comments, I laugh

I thought so, it was expected. Therefore, he did not even try. I have any dubious actions on Akk, they will also give a plus according to Balda, and not just take the game (͡ ° ͜ʖ °)

And you can’t forbid the reviews from the received: XD: XD: XD

Why select? The best game of the year)

If there is no game on the account (and those who have not been recalled) – the review is not taken into account in the total percentage.

This is not their charm))

They considered that even 29 r are a lot of masterpieces for this and decided to repeat the phrase of Gandalf run the fools, it is not worth it. We want to keep your psyche

And the grandmothers returned?

Poor thing, did not allow to dry.

The one who still has not learned to delete reviews from those who do not have a game is to blame.

maybe people bought the game returned the money and wrote his pitch’s opinion. () Although it would be able to track some kind of purchases in Soria)

I mean that how in the normal world you can leave a review (or left it until the return) and then return the game and it will remain hanging?Anyone can be bought to put a game and withdraw.This is the fault precisely Steam that there is no banal script that would delete such reviews.This is time.And secondly, those who leave such reviews do not think a little that these are reviews to the game and not to developers and store.This is in the style of the game inaccessible in your region.If you want to cries and pour out the soul, then it is unnecessary to shit anywhere.PS according to statistics in the reviews in the stiman of this kind of reviews, so to speak, for some reason always in the same language.Even I do not see bombing and lowering the rating of the game from other languages ​​in the style of eruption of dumbasses that they did not sell me the game or in this style.

In this case, the system of reviews, in principle, is a conceptual nonsense because – let’s say I ran into a game with some problems and the review will hang klya will no longer be valid. either in the game there were some problems there is my positive feedback or for some reason I decided. either the review is not informative or does not correspond to the subject or facts or I just did not like the game and I do not recommend it. or on the contrary, the game received a like. here, in general, the neural networks will not help.
Similarly, rob of bombing somewhere on Methacritic, a rather abstract thing too.
And it turns out that a store without a social part is better than a pek-pek

Yes, nothing in the first hours you can find out if there are critical bugs that do not let the game for example.But on Methacritics, you need to enter the connection of launches Alya Twitch to check the availability of the game for a long time.Well, again, you need to enter some kind of system of reports for non -informative reviews or something.Although who needs it.The main thing is to sell the game.

They just can do this and do it, this is their mistake then do not have the right to pick up if the disks were then to go home. The game and the truth is the real DRMO.

Epica delete certain games from ACKs at the request of copyright holders – "Fi, the one how they could, the most garbage platform."

Steam delete games from acks – "Yes this is the norm! And generally Gaben Holy Man, protects us from bad games."

It is one thing to do the cancellation of the transaction when the weeks of a month or more (this epic) have already passed the other thing when the transaction is canceled immediately during the day that was made during a technical error, you did not encounter how they happened to the puddles when paying or crossing money, they They hung somewhere in the system, and then you had to return them back, in fact there was those system mistakes and those who took this mistake immediately rolled back on the transaction back due to errors, now, after the error, buy a calm game, if there was a sale of something the material where to cancel the transaction is not possible OK, but here you can cancel it calmly, read the license agreement before fluffy and whine, there is no product here to provide access to the game,At any time, they can close the input for any reason for which, under the licensed agreement, they should not report to anyone, and the Dengi return the norms everything, so if they ban, do not say money, not the money is not a gale

At first they ached that the feces. but for 29r no longer feces))))))))) everything is clear with you. The child was taken away, he began to cry.
What a shame

Many are so double. they are whipped that I was ecupo the game and I took it away from me, and not what to bought it just when there was a technical mistake and you took advantage of it to get benefits, they returned the money, it was returned, which means they didn’t take it away, but canceled the transaction during the technical Mistakes, if they really wanted to recruit the game, then let them buy now when the technical error is eliminated, but they don’t want to buy a game and they are simple with a bug and those mistakes in their benefits are unfair, baguzers are banned, and they would like to ban them too These are their accounts so that Yen is a rampant to be engaged

Here you are the two -faced ones, you didn’t take it away at all, but canceled the purchase of a made -up of a technical error, but they returned your money, returned it, make a purchase of Zano, select it when you gave the money, but they didn’t give you the money, and they took the game, or they took it away, or когда прошло пару месяцев и покупку отменили и не вернули разницу в цене, а тут всё честно, была ошибка техническая по типу бага, и те кто воспользовались багом получается недобросовестные багоюзеры как и в играх таких банят, скажите спасибо что просто отменили покупку, моглибы и ban the AKK with your games for the tanker with the aim of monetary fraud in the real world, and not in games, this is at least a crime, it is like if you find gold but not to inform the government and hide and sell it yourself, and if you find out the criminal, or you see An open storage to the bank and went to take money, and then you say that they were taken from you and put them in the Turma,But if you can openly take money if you can’t take money in the bank, so do not replace the concepts, didn’t take it away, but they canceled the transaction due to a technical error, so you didn’t take the game for 2900r, and then you ran immediately for 29r when you realized that you realized that you realized that There was a technical failure, because if you really wanted to buy a game and do not use a bug, then it’s kind to buy a game now for 2900r when there is no longer a technical mistake, but there is no two -faced whiners

They want to go back and do not buy home to throw money in the face and pick up the goods by force 🙂

Do not confuse the concept, there is no product, there is a service of access to the game non -material service, it is spelled out in the licensed agreement that you get in essence the rental of the game service, if you can take away at any time without any understandings, since the ban on the whole AKK for a shift for example a region or a purchase of an unfair, or something else, Nick Oen selected since there is nothing to select. The transaction that occurred during an error was simply canceled, when the money is in your bank when paying or someone when you throw it and do not come and do not come, then they are muddered to you, you don’t yell that you have taken something from you, if from the moment the game was purchased from the moment you buy I would have passed at least a month or a week Okay, but then the transaction was canceled at once within a day, that is, in fact, everything was done correctly, but there was no freebie from Ditishki and they ached

God, by what principle do Diza put on this site, I do not understand (

Check out the concept of the joystick, please)

Again, collectors of garbage express dissatisfaction.

I also thought about it. At first "This feces and nothing is in vain!", and then "oh the game was selected which I snapped for 29r! Scoundrels! Ugh! And the game is crap! This is not even needed for nothing!"
Hypocritical and stupid. But the publisher could really leave these keys to the bought, it would be better to raise the sales online. But most likely the whole point is that they bought "Englishs" Keys. 😄

Lol, it is obvious that there was a bug and a high probability that they would recall the key. Run to leave reviews that "Uhh s ** and the key was withdrawn to the office. Baga site as they could. " – Funny, clowns of course. They will make a refund, so what is it.

You need to understand the feelings of buyers. They didn’t deceive anyone.
Even in five are given at a price on a shelf. For a solid publisher, it should be ashamed to lead due to his own mistake. Even if the 99% discount turned out to be.

Listen, I myself wanted to buy, but I perfectly understood that it was a bug. It was clear to anyone, there are no 99% discounts on the output of the game and no matter what bad game was.

Run out of this situation leave reviews "oh the bad were selected, I bought a price because of a bug, and they selected!!" – that’s funny.

Apparently you are unfamiliar with the conditions of a public offer, which is understood to be the sale of goods precisely according to the price tag, so the claims of the people whom you called "clowns" Quite justified. This is equivalent to if you buy the goods on a sale of 75%at a discount, and the entire amount will be unexpectedly withdrawn from your card. In that case, you will also call the barnsador Shapito? So, in the framework of a free legal educational program, I propose to delete your low -intellectual commentary and apologize to the people of which you insulted, in order to be shameful, henceforth think seven times before expressing an opinion below zero below zero.

Apparently you are unfamiliar with the conditions of a public offer, which is understood to be the sale of goods precisely according to the price tag, so the claims of the people whom you called "clowns" Quite justified.

Oh, these wise men with public offers. Forget that the public offer is usually compiled by the seller and includes such points as "The seller has the right to unilaterally change the price for any position of the goods"

This is equivalent to if you buy the goods on a sale of 75%at a discount, and the entire amount will be unexpectedly withdrawn from your card. In that case, you will also call the barnsador Shapito? So, in the framework of a free legal educational program, I propose to delete your low -intellectual commentary and apologize to the people of which you insulted, in order to be shameful, henceforth think seven times before expressing an opinion below zero below zero.

No no tantamount lol. Because there is one discount, and the other is – a bug with valuable.

You are our low intellectual. Compare the bug and discount. I watch the supernight.

I’ll add it, if the seller cannot do as much as you say under the terms of the public offer, then how Valve selected the bought gta v for 5 rubles? How EGS took Detroit taken for free, but at the same time designed as a purchase for 0 rubles with a check. How?)

The author of the multiplayer for Skyrim quit work on a similar mod for Starfield, because “this game is rotten garbage”

We could get a large -scale cooperative mod for Starfield from the team that created Skyrim Together, but there is one problem: Modder, who started work on the project, believes a cosmic role -playing game "Fucking garbage" (Orig: “Fucking Trash").

One of the developers of the Skyrim Together entered the project Discord server to tell everyone how this short-lived project appeared. Cosideci explains that they liked the idea of ​​Starfield Together so much, that on the day of launch and after it they conducted a reverse engineering of space RPG and transferred the gameplay hecks from Skyrim to collect a cooperative mod.

But only after they transferred to the Starfield project about 70% of the revered Skyrim Together code, they faced a problem: "This game is fucking garbage".

I understood this only after I started playing this damn game a week after the launch. The game is boring, tasteless, and the main attractive power of the Bethesda games – the study of the living and manually created – completely disappeared.

In general, everyone already knows this, most agree with this. There is no need to repeat this, just read any of the dozen reviews on the network. Therefore, I will not continue to develop Starfield Together. I’m not going to invest my soul and heart in a mod for such a mediocre game as this.

However, the work of cosideci will not be in vain. He posted all his work on the network if someone wants to finish it. True, according to him, "finish" – This is probably another 100 hours of work. The developer also says that Starfield Together is now inset, despite all the work done.

I started work on Starfield Together, but Starfield is an ass, so I stopped working on it. I made her open source in case someone wants to finish her. No, you cannot play it yet.

Despite the fact that Starfield has shared many opinions since the release, there is still a lot to do a cosmic role -playing game. Bethesda claims that more than 12 million people have already played the game and that we are only at the beginning of the journey, and the DLC and updates are already preparing. More recently, the Xbox boss Phil Spencer said that Starfield will become a 12-year hit, like Skyrim. However, there is one thing that Starfield does not seem to receive, like Skyrim, is a large cooperative mod from one specific team.

ASGARD’s WRETH 2 will provide 60+ hours of high-budget VR explosion on Meta Quest devices this winter

After the announcement of Meta Quest 3 and other games, such as Vampire: The Masquarade – Justice, the last announcement of yesterday Meta Quest Gaming Showcase was Asgard’s Wrath 2.

The newly designed by Sanzar Games (the famous Sly Cooper franchise, Facebook was purchased three years ago to become part of the Oculus Studios), it is a direct continuation of the sensational action of 2019.

In ASGARD’s WRETH 2, the space guard (the main character) is busy pursuing the tricster god Loki in Egypt, where players will have to defeat the Egyptian gods, monsters and warriors to prevent Loki’s goals from unraveling the fabric of the universe.

Sanzaru is trying to create a large-scale three-dimensional action-RPG in VR. According to the representatives of the studio, only more than 60 hours will be required to pass the main campaign. In addition, there are various types of side content, such as temples and caves, as well as a separate mode called The Uncharted Rift. This mode, inspired by Rogue-Lite games, will check the player’s ability to survive as long as possible as a procedurally generated dungeons. All types of loot mined to Uncharted Rift can then be transferred to the main campaign. In the mode, there are also elements of asynchronous online multiplayer, allowing players to send their character to the aid of other players or to interfere with them. In any case, participating in the asynchronous network mode The Uncharted Rift, you will receive additional prey.

AI of enemies was also improved. According to Sanzar, they have the opportunity to cause reinforcement, and some enemies can also treat their allies or increase their damage.

Fights – this is not all in Asgard’s Wrath 2. The developers promise a huge world for research, filled with interesting NPCs that you can talk with, and side activities, such as craft, cooking, fishing and mini-games.

The game will be available for Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest Pro and Meta Quest 3 in the winter of 2023.